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Justification and justice are joined at the hip 
Tim Keller speaks into possible polarisation between 'justification people' and 'justice people'.
7 steps to become a church of and for the poor 
In his talk at New Wine, Philip North, Bishop of Burnley, suggests the answer to Church decline is a straightforward one. It’s because we have forgotten the poor.
Actions speak louder than words 
A study shows that the more that people were exposed to faith-based actions, the higher their religiosity and the more certain they were of God’s existence.
'Jesus is close to the poor and dwells among the broken hearted and down trodden' 
Christians moved into Holbeck - the most deprived area in Leeds 9 years ago. Their experience..
Refresh - Fresh Expressions
Church for people right where they are in the middle of everyday life.
Tradition - ballast for the voyage or an anchor? 
A radical break from tradition led to something on the order of an evangelistic tsunami so powerful that many Corinthians “were believing and were being baptised” (Acts 18:8).
The Happiness Course
Everyone wants to be happy… yet what exactly is happiness? A short course which connects with your community whilst being a safe place to explore tough issues.
The missional impact of fresh expressions 
In November 2016, the Church Army published research about fresh expressions of Church - an initiative of the Church of England. What did they discover?
Online Church - extending gospel reach
Everyday Church based in south-west London launched an online church in September 2015. Everyday Church has planted many churches and the online church is seen as another church plant.
Talking Jesus - perceptions of Jesus, Christians and evangelism
What do people in this nation know and believe about Jesus? What do they really think of us, his followers? Are we talking about Jesus enough? These are just some of the questions asked

Events (3 found)

New Parish Conference UK - Birmingham
@Saint Martin in the Bullring Edgbaston Street Birmingham B5 5BB
What happens when followers of Jesus who have been fostering life giving roots in their neighbourhood begin weaving connective links with one another across places? Encouragement happens... Collaboration happens… Transformation happens. A Movement Begins! Are you a ministry or community leader that wants to grow the fabric of love and care in the neighbourhood? Join hundreds of practitioners for the 4th annual New Parish Conference.
Missional Training Morning - Harpenden
@Highfield Oval, Harpenden, Herts. AL5 4BX
In preparation for the HOPE Year of Mission in 2018, HOPE and Cell UK are offering a training morning to empower churches and individuals who are seeking to take the opportunity to be a part of this amazing church wide initiative. Roy Crowne, the Director of HOPE, and Laurence Singlehurst, who is involved in both Hope and Cell UK, will run sessions.
On the Road - 3rd national Anglican Fresh Expressions Conference - York
@The Belfrey Low Petergate York YO1 7HH
The conference is for everyone committed to evangelism and growth. It is an opportunity for those involved in fresh expressions of church, growing our parish churches, church planting/grafting and pioneering, or who are interested in knowing more. We will gather to be encouraged and inspired by listening to others and their experiences and sharing our own. There will be workshops covering a range of topics, from well-known leaders in their respective fields.

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