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Doing our common business for the love of God 
An event called 'Start:Stop' -enabling working people to start their day by stopping to reflect for 10 minutes.
Transformation Rosario Argentina 
In 2011, Barrio Las Flores in Rosario, Argentina, was overrun by battling drug cartels. Then Gregorio Avalos, a Christian, ran for president of the neighbourhood association and won by four votes.
Change the World Course 
The Evangelical Alliance have created a 4 week 'Change the World' course for small groups. This course is intended for anyone who is interested in playing a role in transforming society,
Marketplace vocation
How do we labour? Through the practise of vocation - using our gifts and our talents to contribute, to not only the flourishing for our own lives, but for the world around us.
Thank God It's Monday 
How do you take a church focused on the few leaders to a church of the many helping people in the marketplace know Jesus? A pastor's story.
Healing on the Streets 
The story of the church powerfully expressing God’s love in the market place in Husby, Stockholm as they reached out to the lost and hurting on the streets.
What is the purpose of business? 
Is it to 'maximise shareholder value' or something else?
How could faith-based organisations do good, better? 
Theos report explores different aspects of religious social innovation. Organisations and individuals who are thinking and acting innovatively.
Preparing for the 100 year life 
Envisage - a social enterprise helping individuals, businesses and community harness benefits of an ageing society and change way we transition into later life.
A new Bible study resource from Navigators UK celebrates work as a crucial part of the life for which we were made.

Events (3 found)

Changing Light: Start Work Well - London
@LICC, St Peter's, Vere St, London W1G 0DQ
Looking to start work well as a Christian? Start with God and with others. Go deeper in exploring a theology of work. Get the big picture of God’s purpose for your work and all the ways he empowers you to make a difference wherever you are. Changing Light is hosted by LICC with a range of guest speakers, including from The Zacharias Trust. Speakers and sector-specific ‘mentors’ will be joining us for the different sessions.
National Work Life Week Conference 2017 - London
@Allen & Overy LLP, One Bishops Square, London E1 6AD
Top Employers for Working Families Best Practice Showcase; Supporting employees including mothers, fathers and carers using innovative policies, Flexibility including recruitment, embedding flexibility into the workplace and flexible working initiatives, Benchmark Research.
New Parish Conference UK - Birmingham
@Saint Martin in the Bullring Edgbaston Street Birmingham B5 5BB
What happens when followers of Jesus who have been fostering life giving roots in their neighbourhood begin weaving connective links with one another across places? Encouragement happens... Collaboration happens… Transformation happens. A Movement Begins! Are you a ministry or community leader that wants to grow the fabric of love and care in the neighbourhood? Join hundreds of practitioners for the 4th annual New Parish Conference.

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