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Opportunities and challenges in the debt advice sector 
Some highlights from a July 2017 report on research on the debt advice sector commissioned by the Money Advice Service.
7 steps to become a church of and for the poor 
In his talk at New Wine, Philip North, Bishop of Burnley, suggests the answer to Church decline is a straightforward one. It’s because we have forgotten the poor.
NUJ guidelines on reporting poverty 
A film emphasises guidelines for journalists to use when reporting poverty. This builds on a pack launched in April 2016
A Church for the Poor 
A new book presents a vision for and practicalities of becoming a church where people from all sections of society can find a home and play a part.
Learning to Thrive - Beyond Inequality + Poverty 
Poverty is simply a symptom of what is going wrong. Rather than fixing what is going wrong, we have to imagine what we would want.
Credit Cards - the minimum payment trap 
In April 2017 the FCA estimated that there are four million credit card accounts in what they call long-term, persistent debt.
Global poverty 2 - Poverty Inc. 
When a film wins 30 worldwide Film Festival honours and 11+ awards and it's about poverty, we should sit up and take notice. Such a film is Poverty Inc., drawn from over 200 interviews filmed in 20 countries.
Dads want to succeed as fathers but parent relationship needs to be strong
There is a narrative of absent fathers who had multiple children with different women and abandoned them. However, research on those fathers offers another, more uplifting story.
Global poverty 1 - a test
How informed are you about global poverty? Answer 3 multi-choice questions and see how much you know.
A community powered by its own renewable energy 
A small town in Austria became a net energy producer—generating more energy from renewables than it uses and this has brought prosperity.

Events (4 found)

Webb Memorial Trust - Launch of Rethinking Poverty - London
@Shaw Library, London School of Economics Old Building LSE Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE
In our society, a wealthy minority flourish, while around one-fifth experience chronic poverty and many people on middle incomes fear for their futures. Social policy has failed to find answers to these problems. Rethinking Poverty argues that we need to start with the society we want, rather than framing poverty as a problem to be solved. Based on an extensive research programme, a key theme is to increase people’s sense of agency in building the society that they want.
Churches that Change Communities 2017 - Cambridge
@City Church Cambridge Brickfield's House 12-14 Cheddars Lane Cambridge CB5 8LD
Becoming a church for the poor. Churches across the UK are at the frontline of caring for those in need in our country. Thousands of Christians give hours of their time to volunteering in social action projects. But how do we go from helping the poor to becoming churches where people of all backgrounds not only worship God together, but experience genuine community with one another that crosses divisions of class, status, wealth and more?
Church of the Poor/God of the Poor Consultation - Manchester
@Luther King House, Manchester
The National Poverty Consultation will seek to stimulate new thinking about the theme of ‘Church of the Poor/God of the Poor’ drawing on the work of Church Action on Poverty, the Centre for Theology and Justice and a proposed collaborative research study. Findings of research carried out with local churches in Manchester, Sheffield, Stoke and beyond will explore ways in which local churches, denominations and Christian agencies more widely can be enabled to respond, understand,, enable.
Large families, poverty and welfare reform - Bradford
What do we already know about large families’ experiences of poverty and welfare reform? What more do we need to find out if we are to better understand their experiences and to provide the best forms of support? How might future waves of welfare reform affect large families? And what can we do to help families living with the consequences of on-going benefit changes? This conference will bring together policy makers, voluntary sector organisations and academics.

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