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Learning to Thrive - Beyond Inequality + Poverty 
Poverty is simply a symptom of what is going wrong. Rather than fixing what is going wrong, we have to imagine what we would want.
Within My/Our Reach - an opportunity to improve relationships 
Workshops birthed out of 30 years of research in the field of relationship health given to over 300,000 people. Results; lower divorce rates, better communication skills, reduction in violence.
Want a long-lasting relationship? Turn towards one another 
Such kindness makes each partner feel cared for, understood, and validated—feel loved.
Couples relationship quality higher if both or just man attends services
What is the association between regular religious attendance and relationship quality for married and unmarried couples?
Relationships and good health the key to happiness, not income 
Results of a study of the Origins of Happiness, analysing survey data from four countries. What were the findings?
Adverse Childhood Experiences - a doctor's story
Gabor Maté has worked worked in a palliative care and in an area challenged by hard core addiction, mental illness, HIV and related conditions. He talks about the importance of early years' development.
Sustainable community development: from what's wrong to what's strong
How can we help people to live a good life? Instead of trying to right what's wrong within a community, start with what's strong.
Where is the village?
It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, but where is that village today? Bill Milliken, now 75, reflects on lessons he has learnt from helping troubled students in the USA stay in school, graduate, and succeed in life.
How can churches best respond to loneliness? 
In July 2016, CUF published a briefing paper 'Connecting Communities: The impact of loneliness and the opportunities for churches to respond'. The information is helpful for creating effective actions.
The marriage gap between rich and poor parents 
The Marriage Foundation has found that a marriage gap between rich and poor parents exists throughout Europe, contrasting marriage rates between top and bottom income quintiles.

Events (1 found)

Relationships and Sex Education Conference for Christian educators - London
@Oasis College 1 Kennington Road London, SE1 7QP
A day of learning, networking and empowerment for youth workers, youth pastors and other Christian educators who want to help young people navigate the cultural and personal pressures around relationships and sex. Hear from experts in the field, as they share their insight on a range of topics.

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