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If you are a business person and want to run your own business, why not consider an impact franchise?

Impact franchises are commercial franchises that have social impact beyond that of job creation.

Examples are found in franchises for Elderly Care, Child Development, Education, etc.  As well as being commercial businesses, they have the potential to do a great deal of good.

So, for example, a Child Development business will help in Early Years Development, building confidence in the child and engaging parents in the activities.

I've identified a number (34) of such franchises which I hope are a help. I've set up a separate Impact Franchises website. I've only shown those franchises that are full or associate members of the British Franchise Association (bfa) with more than 10 franchisees i.e. more established businesses (and therefore less riskier?)

Franchises in each sector have been grouped. Each group has an explanation why these franchises have social impact.So if you want to run your own business and also create social impact, there may be something here that you may wish to investigate further.

Profits can obviously be taken but they can also be used to offer to subsidise services to disadvantaged people. For example, reduced fees for places at sessions for children e.g. a sports franchise.

In effect, they could create a sustainable social action.

Take a look at the website here

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