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Creating a world where every child can access education 
The key barrier is not a lack of infrastructure, but continuous and rigorous support for teachers.
We are trying to be masters of the universe while we are not masters of ourselves. Jesus has immeasurable power but channels it into care, kindness and courtesy.
SENT: grow transformational leaders 
SENT is a new small group course from the Evangelical Alliance to help churches equip public leaders in their congregations to be transformational in the workplace.
God is there and enough
Sonny Vu and Christy Trang Le, co-founders of Misfit Wearables, have had their faith tested as entrepreneurs. But relying on their faith, they helped build up a company founded on servant leadership.
The benefits of admitting that you don't know 
How much is intellectual humility associated with learning outcomes?
Beyond CSR - personal social responsibility 
With the PSR model, employees drive their own social good footprint and the employer follows their lead.
A life of impossibilities
We desire for transformation to come to those around us and the places we occupy. But what role do we really play in those results? How does God’s power intersect with our passion?
Generation rising 
In an age of globalisation, rapid change and hyper-connectivity, what do aspiring young leaders want the future to look like?
Lessons from churches in deprived areas 
Flourishing estate churches are right at the heart of what the gospel means, and if things work on an estate, then they can work anywhere.
Change the World Course 
The Evangelical Alliance have created a 4 week 'Change the World' course for small groups. This course is intended for anyone who is interested in playing a role in transforming society,
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Growing in Leadership: An Audience with Jody Jonsson - London
@LICC, St Peter’s Vere St, London W1G 0DQ
What does it take to grow into a long-haul leader in the challenging contemporary finance sector, or any sector for that matter? What difference does it make to be a woman in leadership, and a person of faith at that? Jody Jonsson chose investment because she loved the intellectual challenge, the drama of the market, and the human psychology at play. And she chose that sector precisely because the pace and content seemed sustainable for a career. During 30 years in finance, there have been counter-cultural decisions along the way about work, about family, and about what really matters in life. She and her family have often taken roads less travelled. She’s seen how God has used challenging circumstances to make her a more effective leader, better able to model Christian vulnerability and transparency, and better able to serve her clients and colleagues.
Power & Purpose on the Frontline - London
@LICC, St Peter’s Vere St, London W1G 0DQ
Since the Church was born, Christians have debated how to engage with power. Is it ungodly to seek influence? Surely it’s better to seek the lowlier places? They’re challenging questions and many Christians conclude that withdrawal is the best policy: from politics and indeed from the wider public sphere. Michael Wear is convinced that this view couldn’t be more wrong. Catapulted into the West Wing in his early twenties under the Obama administration, Michael experienced first-hand the highs and lows of working as a Christian in government. He helped manage The White House’s engagement on religious and values issues and directed faith outreach for President Obama’s historic 2012 re-election campaign. We may be unlikely to find ourselves inside the halls of power in the American administration, but many of us are in places where we do exercise power in the public space: in education, local government, business, the arts, media, science, indeed the Church. How do we use our places of influence to work for the common good in ways shaped by our faith in Jesus Christ? How do we be the kind of people who know how to use power well, whatever formal authority we have?

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