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Building resilient, responsible, sustainable businesses in a post-Covid world 
How are personal and professional challenges experienced going to impact future? How will this reshape our economy and society? What does that mean for businesses that emerge?
Becoming a world-changer
Why do we hold back from the inner-knowing that we are created for something bigger than ourselves? What keeps us from stepping out into the unknown-yet-thrilling adventure of what God has called us to do?
My job is caring for people
Jamie was very task focused but now understands he has to lead in a relational way - praying "Lord, break my heart for my team." Result is an incredible workplace where people feel loved and supported.
Creating a world where every child can access education 
The key barrier is not a lack of infrastructure, but continuous and rigorous support for teachers.
We are trying to be masters of the universe while we are not masters of ourselves. Jesus has immeasurable power but channels it into care, kindness and courtesy.
SENT: grow transformational leaders 
SENT is a new small group course from the Evangelical Alliance to help churches equip public leaders in their congregations to be transformational in the workplace.
God is there and enough
Sonny Vu and Christy Trang Le, co-founders of Misfit Wearables, have had their faith tested as entrepreneurs. But relying on their faith, they helped build up a company founded on servant leadership.
The benefits of admitting that you don't know 
How much is intellectual humility associated with learning outcomes?
Beyond CSR - personal social responsibility 
With the PSR model, employees drive their own social good footprint and the employer follows their lead.
A life of impossibilities
We desire for transformation to come to those around us and the places we occupy. But what role do we really play in those results? How does God’s power intersect with our passion?
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Events (3 found)

Online - In Conversation: The Authentic Leader
Will Van Der Hart is an author, Bible teacher and vicar who is passionate about equipping church leaders to look after their own emotional health as well as managing the emotional needs of their congregations. He joins us in this vital conversation which aims to explore the shadow side of leadership and offer a means by which we can lead vulnerably and authentically.
Online - Business Connection - preparing for the new post-Covid norm
As we we come to terms with the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic and its far-reaching implications for those working in business and contributing to the financial wellbeing of our country. Over a series of monthly interviews with a range of interesting people from across different business sectors, we will be considering the following themes:

• Resilience (covering things like physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing; self-esteem and values; and clarifying what’s important to you )

• Re-skilling (covering lifetime learning, communication skills, the digital revolution, what’s your unique selling point and the transition towards a green economy)

• Relationships (covering your networks – personal and business, role models etc.)
Online - In Conversation: Leading Through Minefields - Identity Politics
Join London City Mission’s Efrem Buckle for this important conversation, designed to help leaders explore the missional minefield of identity politics, and how to lead others through it.

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