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Transforming lives of resettled refugees through entrepreneurship 
How can we best help them start afresh? We can offer refugees the opportunity and the means to shape their own through entrepreneurship.
Community mothers 
How do you reach migrant families that stretched social services do not have time to relate to? Berlin trains unemployed mothers that are long-established in Germany but are themselves from immigrant backgrounds.
Living in Limbo - the life of a refused asylum seeker 
What is day-to-day life really like for refused asylum seekers? They tell their stories and voice their opinions on the way they are treated.
Hosting Toolkit - migrants experiencing destitution 
A how-to guide helping members of the public provide spare rooms to migrants experiencing destitution.
Web tool for advisers working with destitute migrant families 
Voluntary sector advisers and families can use the tool to find out if and when a family may be eligible to get help.
Books that help children understand migrant and refugee experiences 
A great resource to help get children focusing on identity, belonging, conflict, migrant and refugee experiences - helping them make sense of the world around us and our place in it.
In London? Have you space for a Bike Hub? 
The Bike Project's mission is simple: to get refugees cycling. A bike can help them reach the many resources that London has to offer.
Church and homelessness survey report
What are churches are doing for homeless people and what are the challenges they face in meeting the seemingly increasing demand?
Clergy Hosting 
Clergy Hosting is clergy offering hospitality to homeless migrants or refugees.
Rising capacity and demand for migrant accommodation 
NACCOM, the No Accommodation Network annual accommodation survey. 1,707 individuals accommodated by 36 NACCOM Members, an increase of 28.5% since 2015.

Events (1 found)

Exploring models of accommodation and support for newly recognised refugees - Leeds
@St George's Conference Centre Great George Street Leeds LS1 3BR
The event will explore refugee accommodation models within the network and is aimed at refugee accommodation providers, both emergency and long-term, as well as those exploring how, when and if to get involved. Activities throughout the day will address how providers can effectively meet needs, develop capacity and work with others. Sessions will include input from Local Authorities and Housing Associations as well as NACCOM members.

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