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Increasing trust and engagement in fundraising 
Ripples asked the question, ‘What if donors could understand their impact in 5 seconds?’. They created an impact feed in their app - fast, personalized evidence. Donor feedback overwhelmingly positive.
21st Century Pioneers: Faith, enterprise + social purpose 
Christians are playing a key role in purpose-driven businesses, social enterprises of all sizes, across the UK and a wide range of sectors. Working in business is a vocation for many. Renewal is happening today and needs to be encouraged.
Unshattered - ending the addiction relapse cycle
They save 3000+ lbs of fabrics, textiles from landfill yearly. Women with lived experience use reclaimed material to create unique, handcrafted handbags, etc - making a difference for planet and themselves.
Thriving community businesses provide economic and social boost despite the pandemic 
They are run by local people, trading for the benefit of the community to which they are accountable. They make positive impacts and exist to help make places better.
The Flourishing Business Canvas
The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit is a management innovation to enable leaders to design their flourishing enterprise: socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative and financially viable.
Lessons in scaling for impact
‘Impact at scale’ remains a buzzword; widely talked about but little understood, especially when it comes to practical implementation. Spring Impact have distilled the lessons learned in 10 years of helping mission-driven orgs to scale.
How to build an impact city: nurture neighbourhoods
“Small impact enterprises are a crucial part of a community’s fabric. Their societal impact is tangible, direct - well-connected to neighbourhood and inspiring locals to become more actively involved.”
Basic patterns of impact businesses
An analysis of 500 example organisations having social impact showed 12 different groups of businesses with 24 sub-groups. All solve social problems through business action.
Charity takeovers
Should regulations allow dynamic charity takeovers? Currently, charities can consider merging but the number that do that is very small (0.1% of charities). Is the sector therefore risk adverse, inefficient with lots of duplication?
Paul Polman: individual courage and leadership are missing pieces in shaping new economy 
Representing 60% of GDP, 80% of job creation, businesses had scale, expertise, resources, innovation to “make an outsized contribution” to addressing global problems.
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Online - The Power of Social Enterprise
Social entrepreneurs have compelling answers to today’s challenges, so it is vital that policymakers get behind them. Come to this online event to help build a shared understanding between policymakers and social entrepreneurs at this critical time.
Key opportunities to break down the barriers social entrepreneurs face lie immediately ahead. This event comes at a time when the UK Government is considering how £738m worth of new money (“dormant assets”) should be spent on good causes in England. Together, we can make sure social entrepreneurs get the backing needed to have the greatest impact imaginable.
Hear a welcome from UnLtd and Jo Gideon MP – Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Social Enterprise – and then take part in a conversation between social entrepreneurs and policymakers.

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