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Self Harm Equipping and Supporting Workshop - Luton
@Youthscape, Bute Mills, 74 Bute St, Luton, LU1 2EY
Our Self-harm Equipping and Supporting Workshop is ideal for those who want to a foundational understanding of self-harm along with developing the practical skills to run a support session with a young person and develop a self-harm policy for their organisation . This training suits youth workers, teachers, those offering pastoral support in schools and anyone else who has professional involvement with young people.
Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience - Bath
Youthscape course focusing on the emotional wellbeing and resilience of young people. Wellbeing and resilience are words we frequently hear but what do they actually mean and why are they so important? As youth workers, how can we help develop resilience skills and strengthen the wellbeing of the young people we support? This training provides key insight into understanding adolescent mental health and brain development, along with the practical skills to recognise the indicators of an underlying mental health concern and the tools/activities to support. The course gives free downloadable resources to compliment your work whether that be in a 1:1 setting in school, church, youth work or mentoring, as well as whole youth group approaches to improving emotional wellbeing.
SchoolsworkUK Day Conference: Old Ground, New Rules - Luton
@Youthscape, Bute Mills, 74 Bute St, Luton, LU1 2EY
Christians have been doing youth work in schools for decades now, but schools today look very different than they even ten years ago. They are ever-evolving and our approaches and work we do should adapt and change with our context. The SchoolsworkUK Day Conference is a day dedicated to helping resource and equip all those who work with young people in school or want to start. After being at home, young people spend more time in school than anywhere else in their week and that means that there is a multitude of approaches to schools work. With 12 different seminars to choose from and a selection of key note speakers, we will be looking some of the different ways that Christians can interact with schools and young people, so that no matter what your context is like, there will be something for you. We have a great selection of speakers sharing on a wide range of topics, everything from inclusion & additional needs to NEET intervention, from Relationships and Sex Education to Emotional Wellbeing and much more.

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