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God and money 1 246God and money film - money, debt and salvation

First of a series of four short films from To Your Credit, Justin Welby and leading theologians reflect on the theology of money and debt. A guide for small group discussion accompanies each film, including key bible passages and ideas for further reading and action.

What is the the relationship between money, debt and salvation?

The biblical picture of salvation, beginning with Exodus where God delivers the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, is one of liberation from debt . Many of the Old Testament laws are concerned with limiting the negative effects of debt on relationships within the Israelite community and in the New Testament, Jesus frames his mission with a Jubilee declaration that includes the good news of freedom. Throughout the bible, debt and deliverance are held together to help deepen our understanding of salvation and to inform they way in which we live together as flourishing communities.

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For details of the series, go to the To Your Credit website

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