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I hope you find the latest blogs below of interest, please pass on to colleagues and/or use the material in your bulletins. This newsletter is stored here for ease of linking if you want people to access all the information.

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Growing a healthy and mature prophetic culture 
10 years ago, God spoke to Cath very clearly and told her to start multiplying. Taking things that He'd been teaching them in their church, going to others and enabling them to grow a healthy prophetic culture.
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Reducing discrimination between groups  
A 'shared identity' helps bring people together. We may have institutions that make it hard for some to stay part of a common identity. People are not hardwired to be racist, etc - we are hardwired to be group-ish.
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Social Renewal
Praying for patients 
"Am I allowed to share my faith and pray with patients? What if I get struck off?" Pray with people, but at their request. Respond to people's questions with compassion and respect. A look at what the Bible and professional bodies do and do not say..
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What do friends have to do with economic mobility? 
Social capital - the strength of one's social network, community - is a determinant of outcomes from education to health. A study reveals importance of friendships across socioeconomic class lines and more...
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Marketplace Renewal
The case for Living Wages 
Paying living wages throughout core operations and the value chain strengthens business performance, resilience, stability, while delivering measurable social impact and enabling more effective delivery on human rights obligations.
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Own your own source of low cost green power
Ripple Energy offers people part-ownership of a wind farm with 1000's of others as a co-op. This gives consumers direct access to UK's cheapest source of electricity-helping reduce bills and carbon footprint.
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Life Chances
"Such love.. When no one else could deal with me I had you."
One25 meet women who are traumatised by childhood abuse, violence. They are stigmatised, marginalised, locked out of society. Many are in crisis and many are street sex-working.
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Effects of grandparents' involvement
About half of grandparents, in U.S. and Europe, provide some kind of childcare to their grandchildren. How does grandparents' involvement affect their own lives, their children, their grandchildren? 5 observations....
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In-Person - Conference Uncharted Journeys 12pm 21 Nov -12pm 22 Nov - Salisbury
As we charted our way through the pandemic, many sought certainty and direction but found that the only certainty is uncertainty. This conference is an opportunity to explore, from a range of perspectives, our journey forward into the future.
In ‘Uncharted journeys’, we will gather round the notion of uncertainty, of how we seize the challenge of helping to create the future, what that means for us as individuals but also as part of something larger than ourselves. Our speakers will draw on their stories and help us to uncover how we can think about the future, and what we can ‘do’ and ‘be’.
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In-Person - Modern Slavery: Right Here, Right Now 10am 26 Nov- London
The Global Slavery Index estimates the number of victims in the UK today as 136,000. Join Southwark Cathedral for talks by:The Clewer Initiative, Surrey Police.RASJF. Visit Marketplace stalls, join an act of worship, or spend time in quiet prayer for victims and those supporting them.
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Online - Fleetwood: connecting stakeholders to support the growth of the community 2pm 1 Dec
(See blog on Word on the streets - Working in partnership for positive health - stories from Fleetwood). People and organisations who have worked with Healthier Fleetwood will cover what Healthier Fleetwood is and how it positioned itself in a way to connect and support the local community in the UK coastal town of Fleetwood. They will highlight some of the key insights to replicate the programme in other UK towns moving forward and provide access to material.
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Online - Using evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes for young people 12pm 8 Dec
Research has shown that the circumstances of a child’s early life dictate their future outcomes, from health to career and life expectancy. However, we also know that evidence-based early interventions in education and care can change the trajectory of a young person’s life.
The Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) focuses on finding and funding interventions that show promise in reducing youth violence and improving outcomes for young people. Building an evidence bank on the most effective ways to support children, the YEF evaluates ideas, scales up what works and takes action to improve the system.
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