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Bookstore 492
Thinking of bookshops as cultural civic centres
“Reimagining Bookstores is a movement for strengthening communities, deepening literacy, paying living wages”. Independent bookstores “need to have a broader vision - not just be a channel for publishers.” More ...
From an article by Stanford Social Innovation Revi
Bad News 492
Why news is so negative
If a headline reads, "Some very sad, terrible news to share", it's hard to resist opening the article. It makes an important point though - consuming news of the awful is addictive. What are effects? More ...
From an article on Readtangle
Passing on 492
Breaking the cycle of generational trauma 
Have you heard the saying, "Hurt people hurt people"? Instead of passing down hurt, we need to pass down healing by recognising symptoms of trauma, building resilience and restoring the brain and body. Details.. More ...
From a TEDx talk by Dr Candice Jones
Control 492
Giving parents authority over children's social media
Encouraging law on social media - an example for governments to follow. Gives full administrator-level access to parents, so that they can see everything that their children are doing on social media. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
AI 492
The fifth industrial revolution 
“I see a crisis of trust in technology. In the Fifth Industrial Revolution, we’re going to have to have a chief ethical and humane use officer. Are we using these technologies for the good of the world?” More ...
From articles by Regenesys Business School and Dig
Incentives 492
Incentives to donate
Studies have shown that donors strongly prefer charities with low overhead regardless of cost-effectiveness i.e. impact. How can you incent donors to give towards impact? An experiment.. More ...
From an article by Behavioral Scientist
community business 2 492
Community businesses - helping make places better 
"With their ability to adapt and respond swiftly to their communities’ changing needs, community businesses are playing an integral role in levelling up the country towards a fairer economy." More ...
From a report by Power to Change
Small Group 492
Are microchurches just small groups with a different name?
There really is a big difference between typical small groups and microchurches. A look at 4 differences; what is church, reasons to gather, discipleship and equipping, and empowerment. More ...
From an article on Leadership Network
Relationship 4 492
3 reasons you may struggle with close relationships
Mary was raised in a chaotic alcoholic home, witnessing long-term domestic abuse. From lived experience and study, she describes why finding, maintaining close friendships seemed to be so challenging. More ...
From an article by Mary Giuliani
Carpets 492
That Night, I Had A Dream 
I said to God, “Jesus if you’re real, I need to see you”. That night when I was sleeping, I had a dream. I was standing in a courtroom and I was waiting to be judged... More ...
From an article by Unreached Network
Less 492
Do less and feel good about it 
During the pandemic we experienced a period of less and as we come out of that period, there could be a tendency to add, to get busy, to fill our time. 5 key insights as to why we do this and how to prevent.. More ...
From an article by The Next Big Idea Club
Pathway 492
Overcoming generational poverty 
Ruth Beltran was at the end of herself. After leaving an abusive relationship, a single mother of six struggling to make ends meet. She was living in a car with her children. Then she met the Salvation Army and all changed. More ...
From an article and video by the Salvation Army
Blessing 492
Selling as a way to bless customers
How do you see sales or how do you see the act of selling? What if it was actually a way to serve, or bless others? Reaching out to a customer as a friend. Effectively putting love into it... More ...
From a talk at Faith In Business
Compass 492
Digital Compass
A behaviourally informed programme, designed with young people to help them behave ethically online. A positive impact on their online experiences; knowledge, new coping strategies, responsibility, consequences of their actions. More ...
From an article by the Behavioral Insights Team
Dignity 492
The dignity of work 
It is a phrase which is growing in usage, but what does it mean? Examples from experience of working, an exploration of biblical perspective and why it is relevant to all of us. More ...
From an article by Beautiful Enterprise
Benefits 492
Breaking Free from Benefits
Julie Hawkins had to take benefits when she became a single mum. A system in which she was trapped by a lot of barriers at great cost - both financially to taxpayer and personally to individuals. Her suggestions for change... More ...
From a book by Julie Hawkins, Founder Single Mums'
Belong 492
The need to belong is a fundamental and human motivation. And that means we will find somewhere to belong to regardless of whether it's healthy, regardless of whether it's safe. Regardless of anything, we'll find somewhere to belong to. More ...
From a talk by Lisa Cherry
Plan B 492
6 challenges that Christian leaders face
Insights into challenges that Christian leaders have faced, particularly those who are entrepreneurial in nature - keen to transform or develop projects or ministries within a Christian setting. More ...
From a talk from Stronger Network
Infrastructure 492
Space for community: strengthening our social infrastructure 
"Social infrastructure is central to providing hope and support for communities, particularly when led by individuals with a deep understanding of and connection to those communities.” More ...
From a study published by The British Academy, Pow
Leader 492
It takes one person to change a company
While corporate transformations are almost universally assumed to be top-down processes, in reality, middle managers and supervisors can make significant social impact change when they have the right mindset. More ...
From an article by Harvard Business Review
Mailbox 492
White mailboxes
Primary school children can write about anything that weighs on them. The letters are read every day and a professional team of psychologists, doctors, educators and law enforcement then confidentially work to find solutions. More ...
From an article by Reasons to be Cheerful
Engagement 492
From community involvement to community engagement
Transformational community-driven engagement shares power with community and is built on trust, transparency, and mutual accountability. Shifting power to the community can be done in a variety of ways. More ...
From a report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundatio
Refugees 4 492
From textile waste to refugee livelihoods 
In 5 years, Refugee Artisan Initiative has diverted 5,000lbs of textiles from the landfill and produced 120,000 items, 37 women have earned £400,000 in income, and eight have launched online shops. More ...
From an article on Reasons to be Cheerful
Evangelism 492
9 ways of communicating the gospel to postmoderns 
Their world view states there is no objective, absolute truth; ”truth” is what you believe it to be. So how can we convey understanding of the One who is the “way, the truth and the life” to them? More ...
From an article by Free Ministry Resources
phone 2 492
The use of mobile devices to calm young children creates longer term issues 
When kids are stressed, and parents put a screen in front of them, children aren't learning how to deal with stress; they are just distracted by the screen. More ...
From a study by University of Michigan and an inte
Migrants 2 492
Principles for asylum dispersal 
Ensuring that people seeking asylum receive adequate temporary accommodation and support while they wait for a decision on their application should be a fundamental aspect of a fair and just asylum system. 12 principles.. More ...
From a briefing by Asylum Matters and NACCOM
Prayer 6 492
What happens when we pray
We've been praying from the year 2000 for the transformation of our city, Liverpool. We're just seeing transformation after transformation after transformation. Don't be afraid to pray big prayers. More ...
From a video by Stronger Network
Gambling 1 492
What is the link between video gaming as an adolescent and later gambling? 
3 questions; 1. Effects of daily video gaming on real money gambling? 2. Effects of playing simulated gambling games on real money gambling? 3. What are other main risk factors? More ...
From a report by the Australian Institute of Famil
Partnership 492
Five lessons from ten Corporate-Charity partnerships 
From charity partnership with 10 FTSE100 companies, key lessons for coys to have a positive impact on poverty, the environment, and working well together with charities and government. More ...
From an article on Business Fights Poverty
Strasbourg 492
What if your local government budget was aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
Since 2019, budgets of Strasbourg have been mapped to the SDGs. It's given greater legitimacy to local actions through clear objectives and increasing impact. More ...
From an article by Apolitical
Taoyuan 492
Creating a 'Social Business City'
Taoyuan City, Taiwan has created “an enabling ecosystem for social businesses, social enterprises and social innovation” by removing obstacles and giving them the “power, means, opportunities and authority to pursue their goals” More ...
From an article by Pioneers Post
Village 3 492
Lessons for pioneer pastors
Benjamin Francis was a rural pastor. English wasn't his native tongue. He was a bivocational farmer-pastor who looked after a small congregation in a small village. Yet in his ministry, he baptised 450 people. Lessons... More ...
From a Twitter thread by Tim Wilson
Divorce 3 492
An online parenting program for divorced parents 
Most divorced or separated parents ask themselves, “What can I do to protect my children from the problems that often follow divorce?” An online parenting-after-divorce programme backed by research.. More ...
From an article by Child and Family blog
Whitby 492
A story of ‘Regeneration and Rest’ 
It started with prayer. Little local ‘houses of prayer’ began praying in their geographic locations and prayer walking the streets all over Whitby and the surrounding villages asking God to send revival. More ...
From an article by Kairos Connexion
Regret 1 492
Four core regrets in life
“How often do you look back in your life and wish you had done something differently?” Analysis of 23,000 regrets from around world show four core regrets and how regret, while painful in the moment, can help us move forward. More ...
From an article by Behavioural Scientist and other
supply 492
Redirecting procurement to social enterprise suppliers 
Social procurement creates better outcomes for society, the environment and a business. It prioritises social and environmental outcomes alongside financial factors. More ...
From an impact report by Supply Change
Community 6 492
ACEs reduction is a community initiative
Resilience is the responsibility of not just one sector, but all sectors. Could every sector share the information on ACEs, brain development, and resilience as a platform on which to build particular strengths, skills, and capacities? More ...
From an interview by Community Resilience Initiati
Community 7 492
6 keys of connection: turning your neighbourhood into a community 
Neighbours are a wellspring of abilities, knowledge, passions, experiences. When we encourage, support, share, enjoy neighbours, we put the world to rights on our street, build connection. More ...
From an article by the Good Men Project
SIE 492
Social Impact Entertainment
The term social impact entertainment (SIE) broadly refers to entertainment media that aims to drive progressive social change - typically via raising awareness of an issue and then promoting some form of behaviour change on the part of the audience. More ...
From an article by Nesta
Mass media 492
Using mass media to create positive behaviour change and peacebuilding 
Mass media propaganda has been used to generate hatred and perpetuate conflict. Can it also be a tool to maintain and rebuild peace and change negative behaviour? Some insights.. More ...
From a report by the Behavioural Insights Team (BI
Father 3 492
The expectation of fatherhood as a vocation 
Without an involved father, the family cannot approach the perfection of which it is capable. We must do everything in our power to recapture, reignite, and recommit to the expectation of fatherhood as a vocation, a calling in life. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Standing 492
Standing firm
The risks and rewards of pioneering. We need to be a people who stand firm. Stand firm in our calling. Stand firm against the schemes of the enemy. Stand firm in our faith... More ...
From a talk at a Pioneer Europe Conference
Science 492
Can a scientist believe in miracles? 
“When I was an atheist, I'd get cross at discussions…on how Jesus’s miracles could be physically explained. To me, once you believe in God, a supernatural being, then it’s obvious that supernatural stuff can happen." More ...
From an article by The Faraday Institute
School phones 492
What happens when a school bans cell phones?  
Kids have learned to talk to each other again instead of texting. Engagement in class has improved markedly. Kids appreciate the peace and quiet, mental calm from not constantly responding to social media. More ...
From an article by the Wall Street Journal
Startup 492
There's never a right time to start a business 
If you can carve an amount of regular time into your busy diary, do not underestimate the power of what you can achieve. Our lives, whatever we do, don't stop us from building a business - it's the perception of our time. More ...
From an article by Holly and Co
Thriving 1 492
Thriving Cities (or towns)
What does it mean and take to thrive in my city, and how can I contribute? Six areas of community wealth and well-being: Truth, Prosperity, Good, Justice and Order, Beauty and Sustainability. More ...
From a report by the Institute for Advanced Studie
Build 492
BUILD 2022 - merging tech skills with faith
A weekend hackathon of cross-church productivity, focus, community building, and worship. Project with biggest potential for Kingdom impact was.. Project people would've liked to work on besides their one was.. More ...
From an article by Kingdom Code
Storybook 492
Storybook Dads and Mum
In UK, 300,000+ children experience the imprisonment of a parent. Storybook enables families to reconnect through magic of storytelling. Helping parents in prison to record bedtime stories, messages for their children on CD or DVD. More ...
From information from Storybook Dads and Mum and t
Kami 492
Kinhub - personalised support for every parent 
A family wellness service aimed at companies. Employees can access parental wellness consultants, covering many specialties, via chat or video, plus a range of parenting articles, guides, and tips. More ...
Geoff Knott
Abuse 4 492
Surviving domestic abuse: Sarah’s story 
“The coercive control I experienced was so subtle that I doubted myself. Struggling to trust my own judgement. The helpful thing the Church did was to make it clear that what I was experiencing was not normal.” More ...
From an article by the Diocese of Gloucester
Sharp 492
A social enterprise that helps young people from diverse working-class backgrounds into the creative, digital, tech and film industries. “I’m really sometimes overwhelmed by what these young people achieve when we do make an intervention." More ...
From an article on Pioneers Post
Tiny Farms 492
Tiny farms
Sparking the creation of a swarm of biointensive microfarms that can be run by people with other jobs. Clusters of these farms can supply regional food to supermarkets, caterers, schools, etc within a radius of 50 miles. More ...
From an article by Reasons to be Cheerful
Youth 492
Preparing young people for the world of work 
Many think they did not receive enough support in education to prepare for careers. Many dissatisfied with current job, career progression due to poor-quality management and lack of training holding them back. More ...
From a report by the Chartered Institute of Person
Hawaii 492
City transformation
One thing we have learned is that when you have purpose plus unity plus communication, you have unlimited potential. We, the Ekklesia and authorities and others, have the same vision - to see our city transformed. God is connecting us. More ...
From a session at the Transform Our World 2022 con
Quit 492
Knowing when to quit
“What are the signs that, if I see them in the future, will cause me to exit the road I’m on? What could I learn about the state of the world or the state of myself that would change my commitment to this decision?” More ...
From an article by Behavioural Scientist
Trends 492
Trends in Global Christianity, 1900–2050
Presentation given at the General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in September 2022. 150 years of global trends in 11 minutes. More ...
Presentation by Center for the Study of Global Chr
CARS 492
Trauma-informed communications skills 
People who have multiple and complex needs can be difficult. How can we respond in an informed, compassionate way through our spoken language, our body language, our approach and way of connecting with people? More ...
Geoff Knott
Agents 492
Agents of Flourishing - pursuing shalom in every corner of society
Six areas; the True - knowledge, learning, Prosperous - economic life, Good - social mores, ethics, Just and Well-Ordered - political, civic life, Beautiful - creativity, design, Sustainable - natural, physical health. More ...
From a talk at Q Ideas
Micro 492
How nearly everyone can start a microchurch
Practical ideas based on Scripture, examples, context, to help your friends encounter God and help you lead microchurch. You can keep your job, remain linked to home church, and lead a small congregation. More ...
From a book by Ralph Moore
Forgive 2 492
Forgiveness and releasing a sense of entitlement
God started to speak to her about things that had gone on in her life. She says, "We want to transform the world which God wants too but there were things in my life, my family, which were not dealt with.". More ...
Washing 492
The Washing Machine Project 
70% of the world does not have access to an electric washing machine. Hand washing clothes is time and water-consuming.affecting livelyhoods, health. The Project developed an off-grid, manual machine, which saves 60% of time and 50% water. More ...
Geoff Knott
Philadelphia 492
'My city is God's city'
Can we see a harvest of people coming to Jesus in our town or city? Being transformed by the life changing gospel of Jesus? Bringing about healing in the city that we love, in the city that He loves? Declaration, prayer, blessing. More ...
From an initiative in Philadelphia, USA
Masaka 492
Masaka Creamery
"I can say that it's a blessing for the company and also to the community to employ youth with disabilities or hearing impairments. I've come to realize that actually they're not disabled because they are so committed." More ...
From a video by Faith Driven Investors
Poverty Premium 2 492
Dismantling the poverty premium
Limited means of consumers on low incomes reduces their economic flexibility, creates costly choices, which then serves to reduce their overall means. This cycle of paying over the odds makes up the poverty premium. More ...
From a report by the Centre for Social Justice (CS
Chopped 496
Cooking lessons as youthwork?
'Chopped Jr' consists of physical activity, cooking, measuring, kitchen equipment, reading recipes, budgeting, cooking techniques. It ends with a competition where the chefs make a meal for the judges. More ...
From Salvation Army's Caring Magazine
Team 492
'The Guy' versus the Five-Fold Team 
If you reimagine church as a decentralized network of multiplying missionaries, microchurches that fill a city, region with the fullness of Jesus, then this requires a shift from centralized leadership to decentralized. More ...
From a webinar by Multiplication
change 2 492
Making Change: What Works
Movements change the world. Throughout history, loosely organised networks of individuals and organisations have sought changes to societies – and won. What can we learn from success or failure? More ...
From research by IPPR
Food 2 492
Buying local - food
In Colombia, a law mandates all gov. agencies that buy food eg hospitals, schools, etc., buy a min of 30% of food from local small holders/farms. Addresses rural poverty, cuts food miles, helps food security, creates local markets. More ...
From a presentation at a GoLab Conference
Child Abuse 492
10 tips for sexual abuse prevention
Info that helps caregivers feel empowered. Specific strategies for how to talk with children about this difficult topic, how to respond if abuse is suspected. Identify misinformation that puts children at greater risk. More ...
From a podcast by Meghan Backofen
Shifts 492
Four key shifts facing the Church
"What would a collaborative, dynamic, authentic, sacrificial, generative and innovative community of Christlike leaders look like?" Four key shifts could help transition to answers to this question. They are.. More ...
From an essay by Rich Robinson
Grandparents 492
Effects of grandparents' involvement
About half of grandparents, in U.S. and Europe, provide some kind of childcare to their grandchildren. How does grandparents' involvement affect their own lives, their children, their grandchildren? 5 observations... More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Discrimination 492
Reducing discrimination between groups 
A 'shared identity' helps bring people together. We may have institutions that make it hard for some to stay part of a common identity. People are not hardwired to be racist, etc - we are hardwired to be group-ish. More ...
From an article from Behavioral Scientist
Ripple 2 492
Own your own source of low cost green power
Ripple Energy offers people part-ownership of a wind farm with 1000's of others as a co-op. This gives consumers direct access to UK's cheapest source of electricity-helping reduce bills and carbon footprint. More ...
From information from Ripple Energy
Friendship 492
What do friends have to do with economic mobility? 
Social capital-the strength of one's social network, community-is a determinant of outcomes from education to health. A study reveals importance of friendships across socioeconomic class lines and more... More ...
From an article by Behavioural Scientist
Prophetic 492
Growing a healthy and mature prophetic culture 
10 years ago, God spoke to Cath very clearly and told her to start multiplying. Taking things that He'd been teaching them in their church, going to others and enabling them to grow a healthy prophetic culture. More ...
From a podcast from Accessible Prophecy
One25 492
'Such love.. When no one else could deal with me I had you.'
One25 meet women who are traumatised by childhood abuse, violence. They are stigmatised, marginalised, locked out of society. Many are in crisis and many are street sex-working. More ...
From information from One25
Living Wages 492
The case for Living Wages
Paying living wages throughout core operations and the value chain strengthens business performance, resilience, stability, while delivering measurable social impact and enabling more effective delivery on human rights obligations. More ...
From a report by Business Fights Poverty
prayer 5 492
Praying for patients
"Am I allowed to share my faith and pray with patients? What if I get struck off?" Pray with people, but at their request. Respond to people's questions with compassion and respect. A look at what the Bible and professional bodies do and do not say.. More ...
From an article by the Christian Medical Fellowshi
Trauma Education 492
Insight into trauma-informed education settings
Six core principles that value and nurture transformative relationships with young people without re-traumatising. For a school program to be effective, it must include four R’s and embed principles across school.. More ...
From a report by West Yorkshire Health and Care Pa
Abuse 3 492
Offering hope to domestic abuse victims 
What do churches need to consider when it comes to domestic abuse, and how can they walk alongside and help victims best? We want our churches to be communities of hope - places where the right kind of support can be given. More ...
From an FIEC podcast
Tsunami 492
Facing the poverty tsunami
COVID, conflict, climate change are some of challenges driving tsunami of poverty already crashing into lives of vulnerable people, communities around the world. An extra 1bn people will live in poverty. How can business help? More ...
From a paper from Business fights Poverty
Inman 492
Healing 'Church hurt' with coffee and community 
A common issue is ‘church hurt’ - pain stemming from experiences within a church community. For 10 years, The Salvation Army has been working to help heal these wounds through a relational ministry at a coffee shop... More ...
From Share Change - an initiative of the The Salva
Hope 2 492
When hope shows up 
Hope seems unreasonable and, at times, irrational. When our hope is tethered to the one who brings life, innovation, beauty, creativity out of nothing, our hope serves as a symbol that a promise made will always be a promise kept. More ...
From a talk at Q Ideas
Migrant 2 492
Six ways social entrepreneurs can help refugees 
Half of refugees in the UK struggle to get employed. What can those of us working in the social impact space do to help them find meaningful work? More ...
From a webinar by Pioneer Post
Fleetwood 492
Working in partnership for positive health - stories from Fleetwood
In Lancashire, a range of local partners are creatively collaborating with local residents across the community to positively change things. Initiative is known as Healthier Fleetwood. More ...
A webinar by Future NHS
Secret 492
When do your secrets hurt your wellbeing? 
While there is nothing inherently wrong with having secrets - it depends what the secret is and what revealing involves - the more burdensome it is for you to keep, the more likely it will affect your well-being. More ...
From an article in Greater Good magazine
Brain 2 492
Nurturing the future: investing in early childhood development 
Studies have shown that healthy brain development during early childhood increases the likelihood of success later in life. By providing supportive, nurturing environments where children feel protected and learn social emotional skills... More ...
From a video by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ripple 1 492
Increasing trust and engagement in fundraising 
Ripples asked the question, ‘What if donors could understand their impact in 5 seconds?’. They created an impact feed in their app - fast, personalized evidence. Donor feedback overwhelmingly positive. More ...
From a video at Digital Leaders
Outcomes 492
The Outcomes Matrix - plan and measure your social impact
A useful tool to a) Gain a starting point for planning and measuring your social impact outcomes, b) Communicate your impact to social investors and key stakeholders and c) Think about future areas of development for your organisation More ...
From a resource hosted by Good Finance
Climate 2 492
Climate Emergency Toolkit 
Provides a route map for your whole church or organisation to respond to the climate emergency. There are three simple but powerful actions that will have an impact far beyond your own walls... More ...
Produced by Tearfund in partnership
Kickstarter 492
'We heard God say He was going to connect us to the poor in spirit'
Using the Kickstarter scheme, they created job placements with Christian firms, for 18-24 year olds on universal credit, plus mentoring and a course. Many are now on a faith journey.. More ...
From an article by Kairos Connexion
BabyBuddy 492
Baby Buddy app 
"I find the information really helpful.. It teaches you all about your baby, how to communicate with the baby and their development. This is important as you can build a better relationship with your baby." More ...
From an article from Best Beginnings
work 492
Work: The Bigger Picture
God is intensely interested in how each of us uses the talents, resources, power, opportunities, and freedoms he’s given us at work. And why wouldn’t he be? He loves us. More ...
From a video by LICC
Wysa 492
Wysa - Ai-based mental health support
In a real-world evaluation of effectiveness, users who used the app regularly showed a 40% improvement in self-reported symptoms of depression when compared to infrequent users. More ...
From an article by World Economic Forum
Pureflow 492
Pureflow - a founder's story
There are over 1M motorcycle drivers in East Africa and less than 20% own their bike. Pureflow's lease-to-own program gives opportunity to own. This creates sustainable income, opportunities to save, and financial independence as well as kingdom growth. More ...
Geoff Knott
Garden 492
'I’ve been looking for you! I’m healed!' 
When a delivery driver first knocked on my door, he had braces on both knees and wraps around both elbows. He was in pain and about to go on disability. I asked him, “Can I pray for you?” and he said, “Sure.” So, with very little faith I prayed.. More ...
From an article by Exponential
An effective way to reduce violent crimes?
Evidence that offering at-risk men behavioral therapy plus opportunities to earn a living greatly reduces the future risk of crime and violence, even 10 years after the intervention. More ...
From an article on Vox
Metaverse 492
How the Metaverse is changing the way people attend church 
"People come to the Metaverse to connect with others, trying to deal with issues they're facing. As a pastor, that's my bread and butter. I'm reaching people who never go to a physical church." More ...
From a news segment on the Today programme USA.
Saviour 492
Avoiding white saviourism
Principles that can be applied to you working cross-culturally whether overseas or with communities in your own nation and whether you are planting churches or doing community development work More ...
From a session at Unreached 2022
Toulouse 492
What happened when France sent children from low-income areas to wealthy area schools?
The theory was “a rising tide lifts all boats.” By moving students into schools of proven success, social determinism is countered, all children benefit. 5 years on.. More ...
From an article in Reasons To Be Cheerful
Prayer 4 492
The importance of prayer for entrepreneurs 
Why would my business look the same as someone who didn't know God? One of God's favourite ways of growing our businesses is by growing us. He does like to work internally as well as do things for us externally. More ...
From a podcast by Faith Driven Entrepreneur
Megan 492
Meghan's story - 'I just needed to be received'
She was trapped under the ownership, power and control of other people. After 30 years of being trafficked, Meghan experienced Jesus when a group of friends simply received her into their lives. More ...
Geoff Knott
CSR 492
How businesses can shift from social responsibility to social change 
Including people with lived experience of social problems in identifying, implementing solutions creates impactful, sustainable social change in ways not possible with just board decisions. More ...
From an article in Stanford Social Innovation Revi
Underground 492 yellow
'Worth dying for and therefore worth living in'
There's a strong sense in E Mediterranean churches that we know how to be a martyr church, how to stand our ground when pressure comes. Makes us aware of the pursuit of the commitments we hold. More ...
From a podcast by Embrace the Middle East
Forgive 2 492
Forgiveness versus revenge responses to victimization. Compared with revenge, forgiveness was more effective at restoring sense of humanity - less self-harm, greater sense of belonging and greater importance of moral identity. More ...
From an article by Greater Good Magazine
Neighbourhood 492
The reason he's still alive is because you've been praying over us as a family
My neighbours are scattered. I realised I've been driving past them for 46 yrs and not praying. A few weeks ago, I began praying over them. Then something amazing happened.. More ...
From a video by Transform Our World
Audit 492
How accountants can help uncover modern slavery 
Asking the right questions, raising awareness and ensuring the right procedures might end up helping a trafficked person to freedom or preventing slavery in the first place. More ...
From an article on accountingweb
Entrepreneur 4 492
Discipling entrepreneurs in church to live out their faith 
Entrepreneurs want to connect Sunday to everyday, work to their faith and make an impact for the kingdom. Why not form a group and let them work through an 8-week Foundation series - videos, guides, etc? More ...
From an initiative by Faith Driven Entrepreneur
Nourish 492
Nourish - helping to address maternal mental health
“The transition from being an independent career woman to a mother whose focus was nappies, sleep routines, feeds, was one of the most challenging life adjustments.” The Nourish app aims to help.. More ...
From information from Nourish Parents
Slavery 5 492
Trauma as a place of service
There are many in this world who suffer from totally undeserved injustice and trauma. If we, as the body of Christ, look to suffering humanity, we would realise that trauma is perhaps the greatest mission field of the 21stC. More ...
From a talk at Q Ideas
Dirt 492
The miracle of the dirt
The site that needed levelling was solid rock in every direction, the dirt/gravel needed would bankrupt him. John turned to prayer and the Lord revealed that something big was going to happen that day... More ...
From a video from the producers of The Chosen
Events 492
In-person events - turnout has been mixed, for many a failure, but why?
An “Attitudes to Events" survey of delegates, speakers, event organisers and sponsors revealed four key takeaways... More ...
From an article by Digital Leaders.
Sanctuary 1 492
Mental Health - helping churches respond to growing challenges in our communities
The free, 8 session Sanctuary Course helps churches grow as safe, welcoming communities, prepared to support those who face mental health challenges. More ...
From Sanctuary UK
Repair 492
Repair Cafés 
In a Repair Café, you’ll find tools, materials to help you make repairs you need; clothes, furniture, appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys, etc. You’ll also find expert volunteers, with repair skills in all kinds of fields.. More ...
Geoff Knott
Unity 492
Microchurches: co-existing with existing churches, working in partnership
Microchurches are adaptable, lightweight, and lay-led communities that live out their missional identity in a particular network or neighbourhood. They can co-exist with existing churches to reach all the nooks and crannies of society. More ...
From the 2022 Annual Tinsley Lecture
21stCPioneers 492
21st Century Pioneers: Faith, enterprise + social purpose 
Christians are playing a key role in purpose-driven businesses, social enterprises of all sizes, across the UK and a wide range of sectors. Working in business is a vocation for many. Renewal is happening today and needs to be encouraged. More ...
From a report by Jubilee Centre
Pods 492
Pop-up pods help to tackle homelessness
Each ‘pod’ provides a bed, chemical toilet, charging facilities. Aimed at helping people sleeping on the streets who have complex needs so may struggle in hostel style accommodation. Have made a real difference. More ...
From an article by Salvation Army
Panel 492
How to set up a community engagement panel
Deliberative initiatives provide local government with valuable opportunities to bring communities together, source innovative solutions on topics ranging from mobility to social care, climate, inclusion, safety. More ...
From a guide by Citizen's Lab
Agros 492
Developing commercial farmers - creating path to land ownership for the poor
Agros purchases large tracts of land and invites landless families to join a village, where members buy for their land by building agri-businesses and working cooperatively. More ...
From a film by Faith & Co
Hegetsus 492
He Gets Us
A campaign in USA designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and His relevance in their lives. After extensive research, it launched in March 22. Already ads have had 200m+ YouTube views, 2Bn+ impressions on TV/media. More ...
From a campaign by He Gets Us
TryPraying 492
He said, 'It's everywhere!'
Many people pray who would not consider themselves religious. ‘Trypraying’ is written for them. It’s in accessible language and is a simple challenge to try praying for 7 days and see what happens. More ...
From an article by trypraying
We Right Here 492
If I led Levelling Up – local changemakers speak
"We know that at hyper-local level, people understand what causes of concern are. They are careful with public funds, are prepared to work together to get best impact. Levelling Up needs to build on this." More ...
From a blog by We're Right Here
Clinic 492
Doctors screening for ACEs have seen reduction in drugs given to children
"Understanding root cause of symptoms, addressing toxic stress in a child's life is a paradigm shift and allows us to address the whole child that simply treating symptoms doesn't." More ...
From an article in North Coast Journal
Circle 2 492
Step Inside the Circle
"In prison, you're not supposed to show your weaknesses. But to take each step forward in the circle was a reminder to ourselves that we still have humanity and we want to be loved. Most people on the outside don't understand it." More ...
From Compassion Prison Project
Voltage 492
The 5 vital signs of a scalable idea  
Some ideas that initially seem so promising fail to work on a bigger scale - voltage drops. There are five specific and universal causes of voltage drops and how to avoid them. If these can be overcome then... More ...
From a blog by Behavioral Scientist
democracy 492
Rekindling Democracy
When institutions begin to replace civic life, they regulate citizens to 2nd place; consumers of government services. Experts and officials are superior to the people they serve. Over time, 5 consequences become evident... More ...
From book 'Rekindling Democracy' Cormac Russell
Helping 492
Mental health - see the person, not the problem
"I think the key question is: How can we (the Body of Jesus), enable this person, a disciple of Jesus, going through difficult times, to find and hold on to their vocation even in the midst of the storms?" More ...
From an article in The Plough
Addiction 2 492
Scottish churches and Christian groups have helped over 2,000 people recover from addiction
Research highlights the extraordinary efforts of Christians in Scotland to assist, care for those in addiction, bringing to light the scope of Christian services.. More ...
From the Evangelical Alliance and Serve Scotland
Missional 492
Turning small groups into missional communities 
"Over 10 years, we've discovered a vocabulary for mission, importance of each group ministering to city, doing things that build relationship with people beyond the walls of church, the priority of mission." More ...
From a talk by Sanjay Mahtani at Ekklesia ’22
Passion 492
Being a witness at work 
God determines where we live, where we work, and who we work with. And he has given you a unique set of workplace relationships. As a Christian, the best chance your colleagues have of hearing the gospel is probably through you. More ...
From a video by A Passion for Life
online blue 492
Digital mission - 3
What is the 'ask'? Go and have a look at your church's social media presence. Realise that we can go to them and we can meet people where they are first - like Jesus did - rather than say 'come'. More ...
From a talk at Stronger Network
Local 492
Seeds of Change
Putting more power, resources and decision-making into the hands of local communities, to enable them to transform and improve their lives and the places in which they live. A case study.. More ...
From an article by Local Trust
Migrants 1 492
How migration has shaped who we are 
The Migration Museum explores how movement of people to/from Britain has shaped identity–as individuals, communities, a nation. New Exhibition shines light on role migrant entrepreneurs have played in shaping our lives. More ...
From information from the Migration Museum
Favela 492
Global economic inequality: what matters most is not who you are, but where you are 
A person’s knowledge, skills, and how hard they work all matter for whether they are poor or not but together far less than being born into a large, productive economy. More ...
From an article on Our World In Data
inclusion 492
What does it feel like attending a white majority church? 
People highlight importance of creating multi-cultural churches. We are often unaware of challenge and cost for those who are different from us joining us. People share their experiences.. More ...
From a video by Hope Church, Luton
Workplace 2 492
Faith changes everything about your work - 2
You need to be preaching in ways that talk about their work, thinking about city impact from their work, what work suffering does in their hearts, blogging about their work, visiting them at their workplaces. More ...
From an article on Redeemer City to City
online yellow 492
Digital mission - 2
We need to be present at the wells, the pools and the marketplaces just as Jesus was in our online communities. Where could these be for you? Could it be the local Facebook group, local hashtags, local business social media? More ...
From a talk at Stronger Network
Never 492
Never Give Up: a complex trauma film by youth for youth 
Featuring 7 diverse young adults who examine challenges faced, mistakes made, growth attained in struggle to transcend legacies of developmental trauma. Offers collective wisdom, inspiration hope.. More ...
A video from the USA National Child Traumatic Stre
Stats 492
Charity resilience and volunteering trends
Charity leaders report their biggest challenge is organisational resilience. How to address? Volunteering trends in pandemic have changed. Are these permanent or temporary? More ...
From an article by Action Planning
online green 492
Digital mission - 1
How can we as Christians, as church communities, mark success as digital missionaries? The danger is that we could get sucked into the influencer culture - narcissistic, chasing mass approval and likes. What can we do differently? More ...
From a talk at Stronger Network
Stabilty 492
Family structure and stability matter for children
The future of a country rests partly on preparing next gen to live + lead. Research shows kids flourish if they have; 2 parents committed to each other; stable home life; economic resources; are welcomed. More ...
From a report by AEI and Brookings Institute
Workplace 1 492
Faith changes everything about your work - 1
By seeing something broken and trying to care for people impacted by that brokenness, an act of love in the workplace led to natural evangelism conversation about how it all began because of Christian beliefs. More ...
From an article on Redeemer City to City
Father 2 492
Show Me The Father
"This movie illuminates the powerful role that God has placed in the hands of every dad. It had us riveted from the first minute and cheering toward the end. The time for this critical message is right now for our society." More ...
From a documentary Show Me The Father
Unshattered 492
Unshattered - ending the addiction relapse cycle
They save 3000+ lbs of fabrics, textiles from landfill yearly. Women with lived experience use reclaimed material to create unique, handcrafted handbags, etc - making a difference for planet and themselves. More ...
Geoff Knott
Ripple 492
R;pple - suicide prevention technology
Alice Hendy lost her brother Josh, 21, on 25/11/2020 to suicide. Josh had been researching how to take his own life via harmful internet searches. In order to prevent more suicides, Alice set up R;pple to discretely intercept harmful searches. More ...
Geoff Knott
Grateful 492
Create a gratitude wall
One or a number of linked blackboards labelled 'Today, I am grateful for..'. People write their answers in chalk on the board(s). Many benefits inc freeing from toxic emotions, appreciation of people, improved mental health.. More ...
Geoff Knott
Chosen 492
It's not your job to feed the 5000. You only need to provide the loaves and fish
The Chosen is a crowdfunded, historical drama using the Bible as primary source of truth. It has had over 400M views. Director, Dallas Jenkins tells his story.. More ...
From a podcast on Faithdriven Investor
If Only 492
The solace of ‘At Least’ and the sting of ‘If Only’ 
Thoughts about the past that make us feel better are relatively rare, while thoughts that make us feel worse are exceedingly common. By making us feel worse today, regret helps us do better tomorrow. More ...
From an article by Behavioral Scientist
BizMin 492
BizMin - equipping a generation of Christian entrepreneurs to do business as ministry
A 10 session course for Business owners and leaders - Kingdom Entrepreneurs - who have unique opportunities and responsibilities in the Kingdom of God. More ...
From resources by BizMin
refugees 3 492
Helping people with trauma after a disaster - 2
Trauma healing materials mainly focus on help that can be given when sufferers are in recovery. There is less material to help with practical care immediately after a crisis. Article seeks to address this.. More ...
A guest blog by Frank Cole, Trauma Healing trainer
Community Business 492
Thriving community businesses provide economic and social boost despite the pandemic 
They are run by local people, trading for the benefit of the community to which they are accountable. They make positive impacts and exist to help make places better. More ...
From a report by Power to Change
in the way 492 yellow
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 4
Possible ways forward. Stop and Reflect, Fast and Pray, Hear God's leading, Respond. Plus some other insights. Let's get the R number above 1! More ...
From a talk by Simon Holley and a book In the Way
Ukraine 1 492
Talking to our young people about war 
"This war is not hitting them as the first challenge given the pandemic. My children's concept of the world now is that it's a scary, unpredictable, risk-filled place and their future is uncertain.." How to help.. More ...
From a webinar by Kintsugi Hope
Parents Toolkit 492
Mental health difficulties in young people: a toolkit for parents
It's stressful for a parent to see their child having mental health issues. Where to start? This toolkit has key topics, signposts to information, shared insight by parents and young people. More ...
From an initiative by the City Mental Health Allia
in the way 492 red
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 3
What are the contrasts in the way the Church engages with people and how they engage with the Church? E.g. Appealing to consumer vs Calling. Extraction vs Infusion. And more... More ...
From a talk by Simon Holley and a book In the Way
refugees 1 492
Helping people with trauma after a disaster - 1
Due to the war in Ukraine, many people have volunteered to receive refugees. How can caregivers be prepared to help with trauma that refugees may be suffering? Booklet, Helping People after a Disaster, guides.. More ...
From a booklet by Trauma Healing Institute
Flourishing 492
The Flourishing Business Canvas
The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit is a management innovation to enable leaders to design their flourishing enterprise: socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative and financially viable. More ...
From Flourishing Enterprise Innovation
Orchestra 492
Making music, changing lives: Youth orchestras help at-risk kids 
“There’s benefits to music involvement; recovering from traumatic experiences, fostering positive experiences with learning and developing interpersonal skills - so essential to life." More ...
From an article by Elizabeth Thompson, North Carol
Gambling 492
Understanding gambling harm and ways to identify those at risk 
Harms relating to relationships, health, emotional/psychological wellbeing are most-reported gambling harms. Family members of those who gamble can experience gambling harms. How to identify.. More ...
From an article by the Australian Institute of Fam
Worship work 492
Entrepreneur: Don't worship work
Solomon identifies four areas of work life that disappoint us. Entrepreneurs need to keep a close eye on each of these, lest well intended efforts become vapour. Solomon also has four truths to help avoid the dangers.. More ...
From an article by Faith Driven Entrepreneur
in the way 492 blue
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 2
What are the contrasts in Activities and How the Church is led and developed? E.g. Teaching vs Training. Congregation vs Small Group. Professional vs Bivocational. And more... More ...
From a talk by Simon Holley and a book In the Way
Teen 1 492
How to support your teen’s mental health 
Given the challenges teens have and are facing due to the pandemic, a Clinical Psychologist gives 9 tips on how to support your child’s mental health going forward.. More ...
From a blog by MyTutor
in the way 492
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 1
In 33 AD, 120 followers of Jesus started a discipleship movement that ultimately converted an estimated 30M people to the faith in some 300 years. They called this movement, 'The Way'. How can the 'Church as we know it' become 'The Way'? More ...
From In the Way by Damian Gerke
social faith 492
Connecting social action and faith-sharing
A helpful booklet about lessons learnt from social action + faith sharing. Case studies, tips and practical suggestions. "When you meet a need, you create a context to share something of the hope we have." More ...
From a booklet by Share Jesus International
Transport 492
Decarbonising transport
Two examples of green innovation. Replacing a diesel transport refrigeration unit could be the equivalent of removing 31 cars from the road and solar foils which can be customized to any vehicle rooftop. More ...
Geoff Knott
Tender 492
Preventing abuse through creative projects
Theatre-based education to learn about building healthy relationships, preventing children becoming victims or perpetrators of abuse and equipping them to have relationships based on equality and respect. More ...
From a report by Tender
Healing Grove 492
Healing Grove Health Center
"Every time I've had a call from God, I've been like, "Yeah, let's go." And then God says, "Whoa, slow down." This time something really unique happened. We are like, "I don't know." And God's like, "GO NOW! GO, GO, GO!"" More ...
From a presentation at a Transform Our World Confe
Boardroom 492
Boardroom of the future?
In many cases, board members are limited by the traditional rules and culture of business. There is an opportunity to engage key people involved with your business, tackle the challenges that lie ahead and make necessary decisions. More ...
From an initiative by B-Lab UK
Rest 492
That's why you're standing here looking at this.
I had a dream. I was surrounded by water and also many people who were overwhelmed. I'm standing in a raft with Jesus, and I said, "Do something." He says, "I did. That's why you're standing here with me." More ...
Unicef 492
How do young people see the world differently? 
The Changing Childhood Project was created to better understand what it means to be a child in the 21st century. What is it like growing up today? And how do young people see the world differently? Answers... More ...
From a report by UNICEF
GenZ 1 492
Gen Z snapshot: 4 youth culture trends in 2021 
What are the latest trends for today’s young people, aka. Generation Z (born 1995 - before the early 2010s)? What's their world like and how are they spending their time? How are you connecting with them? More ...
From an article by Youthscape
Predictors 492
What are the strongest relationship satisfaction factors?
A study from longitudinal data from 11k couples, examining what factors are linked to how relationships have been doing. Gives insights into what you should look for/strengthen in a relationship. More ...
From an article by Institute of Family Studies
Reception 492
More than a receptionist
All of us are God's ekklesia. We can transform whatever environment we're in. And we can transform all these different industries, including the medical industry, to become more loving, and for God's hope to be spread instead of despair and hopelessness. More ...
From a session at the Transform Our World conferen
SEEN 492
Teaching children about early child development
A pilot in 21 secondary schools with 3700 pupils aiming to embed the key principles of early child development and neuroscience. The results have the potential to improve outcomes for future generations. More ...
From a project by the Department of Psychiatry, Un
Umbrella 492
An 8 minute award winning animation inspired by true events and filled with messages of empathy and hope, Umbrella follows Joseph's story, a boy who lives in an orphanage and dreams of having a yellow Umbrella. More ...
Poverty Cure 492
Poverty Cure
We are called to a loving and generous concern for the poor. We often ask what causes poverty. But the real question is; how do people create prosperity for themselves, their family, and their community? More ...
From information by Poverty Cure
Exclusion 492
Community life - a trade-off between inclusion and exclusivity 
Well-meaning communities erect barriers against families and households who wish to live in a community with thick social ties but who are unable to afford the price of admission. More ...
Based on an article by Patrick Brown, published by
Bipolar 492
A bipolar journey
A story of living with bipolar disorder. Of diagnosis, hospitalization, and a recovery journey, which includes forms of self-care, reliance on community, prescriptions, counselling and spiritual direction, being active and having hope. More ...
From a blog by Sanctuary Mental Health
Disciple 492
Making Disciples for the Workplace
Work is not a topic to be addressed but a context to disciple people for. A booklet for leaders unpacks research and tested ideas on biblical frameworks and spiritual practices that will enable workers to be fruitful. More ...
A booklet from Grove Books
Feast 492
Allows refugee chefs to have a pop-up kitchen for a day a week and cook the food from their country. They keep the proceeds and pay a below market rate for the kitchen hire. It helps them develop skills and prove their ideas. More ...
A film from Faith and Co
Kno 492
Humanising the supply chain 
Marianne Hughes was a regular shopper on the High Street when she heard about a factory collapsing in Bangladesh. She became fascinated by: "Who made my clothes?" and set out to do whatever she could to find an answer... More ...
Prevent ACEs 492
We can prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
When communities come together, they can do so much to prevent ACEs. Prevention cannot be left solely to government agencies. We can all help in implementing 5 strategies to create safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all children. More ...
From a video by Centers for Disease Control and Pr
Beautiful 492
Things are not always as they seem. A video giving a momentary glimpse into one woman’s life as she walks down the street. There is always more to someone’s story than what’s on the surface... More ...
A video from Salvation Army Caring Magazine
Meron 492
Meron -  a ministry of hospitality
One of a film series sharing stories of God at work through ordinary Christians in everyday places. For Meron, driving is a ministry of hospitality, not just transportation. She sees each customer as God-sent. More ...
Scaling 492
Lessons in scaling for impact
‘Impact at scale’ remains a buzzword; widely talked about but little understood, especially when it comes to practical implementation. Spring Impact have distilled the lessons learned in 10 years of helping mission-driven orgs to scale. More ...
From a report by Spring Impact
LaLaLandKind 492
La La Land Kind Café
Care leavers find it hard to get or maintain jobs. No income leads to homelessness, hunger, and decisions they shouldn’t have to make. One business trying to make a difference has a mission to make the world a kinder place. More ...
Geoff Knott
foodbank 492
Have foodbanks politicised kindness?
A great initiative but the relationship between the donor and receiver is broken-a loss to community life. Such acts of kindness are institutionalised, more transactional and politicised. What can we do to improve this? More ...
Geoff Knott
ACEs PHE 492
Are Adverse Childhood Experiences a public health emergency?
Many studies confirm link ACEs + health outcomes - psychological and medical conditions, risky behaviours, impaired functioning. Yet we treat the conditions rather than unhealed childhood wounds. More ...
From an article by Psychology Today
Social media harm 492
Parents can equip children to resist harms of social media
Ensure children enter into adolescence with full tank of resilience, good sense of own self-worth, lovability, attractiveness, based on their value as human beings who we love unconditionally. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Becoming 492
The interview question is, "How would working here help you become who you're hoping to become?" "It is an amazing opportunity for people to experience being truly cared for. The way that we care for people feels like the gospel fleshed out." More ...
From a video by Faith & Co
Impact 492
How to build an impact city: nurture neighbourhoods
“Small impact enterprises are a crucial part of a community’s fabric. Their societal impact is tangible, direct - well-connected to neighbourhood and inspiring locals to become more actively involved.” More ...
From an article by Pioneers Post
Oprah 492
Oprah Winfrey and Dr Nadine Burke Harris discuss Adverse Childhood Experiences
"It's a systemic issue. Society looks at individuals and says pull yourself up by your bootstraps. I realized this is a public health crisis - we must take another approach." More ...
From Number Story
Clarissa 492
Clarissa is a film created to improve the health of people affected by homelessness, through better understanding of their experiences. It has been woven together from real experiences of people. More ...
A film by Groundswell
Prosperity 492
Three reasons anti-poverty programs don’t work, and how there’s a better way 
71% of people who escaped poverty said it was due to economic transformation such as jobs, new income, new businesses. Provides insight as to what works in eradicating poverty. More ...
From an article by Christensen Institute
House 2 492
Transitioning from a 'come and see' to a 'go and be' church - 2
"We're moving into a season of discipleship making that is going to be decentralised. I don't want to just go to a building anymore. I want to see people leading neighbours to the Lord.." More ...
From a talk on Exponential
Influence 492
Recognizing the impact you already have
What if we asked people before they engaged with another person what they expected their impact on the other person to be, and then immediately asked the other person how much they were actually impacted? More ...
From an article on Behavioral Scientist
Diversity 3 492
Diversity, equality, and inclusion measurement tool 
A free tool to support organisations to accurately measure and report against indicators related to organisational diversity and equality. More ...
From an article by The Big Issue
Videos 492
Smart videos for curious minds 
An award-winning collection of 5,000+ child-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom and at home. And it’s free and available for everyone. More ...
From The Kids Should See This
House 492
Transitioning from a 'come and see' to a 'go and be' church - 1
"I saw that that we weren't really building disciples. There was heavy centralization, full-time leader-led, building central. The shift is to distributed leadership - lay led communities..." More ...
From a talk on Exponential
BIgLife 492
From prisoner to preacher 
"One night, two police officers knocked on my door. They told me that if I continued preaching, they'd put me in jail.. I stood at my usual spot, proclaiming Jesus, then a police van came around the corner and my heart sank." More ...
From information by BigLife
Curiosity 492
Nurturing curiosity and invention 
Virtually everyone begins life with building blocks to construct new ideas. But by 5, only some are still on a path to become adept at such thinking, while most leave it farther behind. But such a fate is not inevitable. More ...
From a blog by Child and Family Blog
Pancakes 492
Pancakes on the Porch
Everyone has a need to have connection and community. You're building relationships with a sphere of people you would never normally hang out with. Have the faith to say that if I take the first step I think that God will take take it further. More ...
From a video by Forge
Hack2Work 492
Using tech to help people get back into work 
Held over 3 days, Hack2Work brought together over 150 people from many backgrounds to develop innovative digital solutions to help people back into employment post-pandemic. There were 2 winning teams.. More ...
From an article by Digileaders
Infographic 492
ACEs Infographic
An infographic produced by the US Gov. but a lot holds true for the UK, allowing for a smaller population. It gives a picture of the problems and potential actions for prevention, which are fairly universal. Food for thought... More ...
From an infographic by the US Government's Center'
Worth It 492
Worth It
The old way of treating employees as an expense to be minimised is not effective as treating them as valuable assets and human beings. It hinders growth and keeps everyone from realising their full potential. More ...
From a book by Dan Price, CEO Gravity Payments
mobilisation 2 492
Mobilising missional disciples - 2
What does it look like to shift from being an attractional Sunday church to being a more missional church? Leading with mission - training Christians to live as missionaries, to be disciple makers out in the everyday spaces of life More ...
From an interview by Exponential
models 492
Basic patterns of impact businesses
An analysis of 500 example organisations having social impact showed 12 different groups of businesses with 24 sub-groups. All solve social problems through business action. More ...
From a report by Reframe Ventures
Takeovers 492
Charity takeovers
Should regulations allow dynamic charity takeovers? Currently, charities can consider merging but the number that do that is very small (0.1% of charities). Is the sector therefore risk adverse, inefficient with lots of duplication? More ...
Geoff Knott
ACE objectives 492
Possible national objectives to work towards to reduce ACEs
“Decades of evidence confirms that exposure to ACEs increases the risks of delayed development, mental health problems, chronic diseases.” Four Childhood Trauma Objectives introduced in USA are.. More ...
From an article by Salud America
mobilisation 1 492
Mobilising missional disciples - 1
A pastor started to shift an attractional, Sunday-centric professional led church into more of a seven day people movement of God, where every disciple was feeling the call to make disciples in the ordinary spaces of life. More ...
From an interview by Exponential
collective 492
Let's continue to build community - collective intelligence
The advantages created when institutions mobilise the information, knowledge, skills and capabilities of the public to extend problem solving abilities. More ...
From a report by Nesta
risk 492
Risk, Reward and Values
Kingdom entrepreneurs are people whom God has gifted with the ability to create and innovate enterprises, culture, products and services in a way that demonstrates human redemption. They are being prophetic to their world. More ...
From a book by Nick Nicholson
Choose 492
Choose Love
The Choose Love online shop is the world’s first to sell real products for refugees and displaced communities. There are three categories of products; Emergency Needs, Daily Survival, Building Futures. More ...
Geoff Knott
Unleashing 492
Unleashing the potential of young people 
There is a shift in the important skills to develop for future workforce - social and emotional in nature e.g. empathy, creativity, leadership, adaptability. Business leadership essential to address skills gap. More ...
From a paper by Standard Chartered Bank
Phones 492
The hidden impact of the smartphone industry 
20 years ago we couldn't imagine a smartphone and now we can't live without one. Our constant demand for newer and better phones has a huge impact on the environment. One manufacturer is trying to change this.. More ...
From a video by Fairphone
Pandemic 492
Why sharing stories of the pandemic is good for us 
We have been experiencing so much anxiety about the pandemic. Should parents try to “shield” their children from this stress and simply not talk about pandemic worry? The answer is absolutely not. More ...
From an article by Psychology Today
Rebbl 492
Addressing human trafficking in your own backyard
David Batstone is a venture capitalist, business professor, PhD in theology. He discovered his favourite Indian restaurant had trafficked 500+ girls, aged 14 to 19 for forced labour. So what did David do? More ...
From a podcast by Faith Driven Entrepreneur
Forest 1 492
Bringing nature into your town
La Riche decided to plant an urban forest in the community to lower temperatures and bring the nurturing elements of nature into an urban setting. They launched an online engagement platform for residents to choose a location. More ...
Geoff Knott
Choice 492
Healing the hidden wounds from childhood 
Dr. Edith Eva Eger, who in her 90s is still a practicing psychologist, is a Holocaust survivor. She recounts her her childhood adversities and shares life lessons and advice that can help us all. More ...
From an article by Psychology Today
Stress 1 492
Toxic workplaces increase risk of depression by 300% 
A year-long study has found that full time workers employed by organisations that fail to prioritise their employees’ mental health have a threefold increased risk of being diagnosed with depression. More ...
From an article in Neuroscience News
Social Media 492
Surveillance Capitalism: the hidden costs of the digital revolution 
An economic order built by aggregating human experience as free material to predict, manipulate behaviour and sell, resulting in great wealth, knowledge and power in private companies. More ...
From a paper by the Jubilee Centre, Cambridge
Willicroft 492
Putting nature at the core of business strategy
After building a strong foundation, with new products e.g. plant-based gouda + cheddar, Willicroft are making every decision, whether related to packaging, supply chain or energy, on effect on the planet. More ...
From an article by Pioneer Post
Hope 1 492
Social Emotional Learning 
The process through which we understand + manage emotions, set + achieve positive goals, feel + show empathy for others, establish + maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions Strong uptrend in positive outcomes. More ...
From material on Hope Rising
Prodigal 492
Heart of This Place
A modern day re-telling of the parable of the prodigal son. In rural England, a father and his two sons run the family business. But their relationships are torn apart when the youngest son rebels... More ...
A video by Share Change
CSJ Trauma 492
Kenny - a story of trauma
All it takes is an alignment of circumstances, events which hit in violent succession, and then suddenly it’s your children in care, marked with a stigma that can seem indelible. More ...
From a report by The Centre for Social Justice
BEAM 1 492
Beam - crowdfunding new career opportunities for homeless men and women
Alex was Inspired to build this platform after getting to know a homeless man at his local Tube station. “What could we do to make a real difference to that man’s life?” The answer lay in giving him the skills to support himself. More ...
Geoff Knott
calm 492
What can we learn from the world’s most peaceful societies? 
Peace is not just an absence of violence and war, but also people and groups getting along with each other: the cooperation, sharing, and kindness that we see in everyday society. An analysis.. More ...
From an article by Greater Good Magazine
Experiment 492
The 'experimental revolution' in business 
A fundamental shift in the way businesses make decisions is taking place. Traditionally, running experiments has been the domain of scientists, but managers across industries have been adopting them to inform decisions at an unprecedented scale. More ...
From an article by Harvard Business Review
we-ness 492
Is individualism creating difficulty for couple relationships?
Commitment is a sense of “us with a future” for couples. For those who want the “us”, they need to look for a relationship with the right balance of me and we, and then invest in protecting it. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Connect 492
How to connect social action and faith sharing
A booklet to help churches think how they can incorporate sharing faith in the social action they are involved in, to demonstrate what makes us distinctive. Case studies and 25 practical ideas. More ...
From a booklet by Share Jesus International
Play 2 492
Play has the potential to reduce inequality 
26 studies of play in 18 countries found in disadvantaged areas, kids showed greater learning gains in literacy, motor and social-emotional skills in centres with a mix of instruction, free and guided play. More ...
From an article by the Hechinger Report
Wave 492
Different types of storms
In the New Testament we see three types of storms; First type - believers cry out, Jesus stops it. Second, Jesus invites us to face it, walk on water, and then rescues us, Third type is the most severe storm.. More ...
From an article by Ed Silvoso
AI 492
Beating the bias in AI 
As organisations implement machine learning algorithms, it is crucial that we understand the implications of the biased decisions AI can make. ETIQ have built tools to detect and stop the bias, unfairness and bad decisions. More ...
From an article by ETIQ.AI
forgive 492
Forgiveness: A tool for personal growth and global healing 
Forgiveness is a deeply personal choice independent from seeking justice or atonement. Forgiveness improves physical health, mental wellbeing, and relationships across all ages. More ...
From a video on the Forgiveness Forum
Relational 492
Relational poverty
If you have adversity but also connections to family, community and culture, which are resilience building factors, you're not at any increased risk for bad outcomes. But adversity and poor connections equals significant risk increase. More ...
From an interview with Dr Bruce Perry
Abyss 492
The ‘abyss of irrelevance’ 
What happens when your identity is founded on what you do and then that is removed? Are you facing the ‘abyss of irrelevance’ and what should you do? Some principles.. More ...
From an article in Sorted magazine
Climate tools 492
Tools to help your organisation achieve net zero emissions
The B Corp Climate Collective has partnered with Oxford University to curate a set of tools to guide you on the path toward achieving net zero emissions by 2030 while taking a human-centric, climate justice-oriented approach. More ...
From a set of resources by B Corp
Proof 492
Proof Bakery
Situated in Coventry, Proof Bakery was founded as a social enterprise to help refugee women learn professional baking skills and find steady employment. Their specialties are sourdough bread, focaccia and Middle Eastern-inspired bakes. More ...
Geoff Knott
Cycle 492
Breaking The Cycle, reclaiming our humanity 
“Many people believe that humans have made great progress and there is no other option than this dehumanizing, anti-life, planet-destroying culture. In a short film, Breaking the Cycle, other options are shown." More ...
From a film Breaking the Cycle
Shepherd 492
The Good Shepherd
A video of a friendly encounter with a shepherd in mountains of the Middle East. They had a chat about the parable of the Good Shepherd and caught it on a 2 minute video. It helps put the parable in the cultural context. More ...
From a video from Unreached Network
Sanctuary 492
Together Again app launched to help ease mental health worries
A game offering questions and conversation prompts to help us talk through the challenges we’ve felt during the pandemic, our anxieties about society reopening and our hopes for the future. More ...
From news from Sanctuary UK
Slavery 2 492
Modern slavery due diligence technology 
Slavery is an issue of our time and exists in all industries and countries. Companies are expected to conduct ongoing due diligence. Failure to act creates ethical, operational, reputational and legal risk. More ...
Geoff Knott
Underground 492 green
Radical faith in the underground church - 3 
The problem with the western model is 'come and see'. That's not what Jesus said. Jesus said, 'go and find'. We don't even see a 'come and see' model - it's all about going and finding the lost. Going where they are. More ...
Clashing Agendas 492
Clashing Agendas
David Freud tells the inside story of his battles - with Westminster and Whitehall alike - to modernize our welfare system inc Universal Credit. It is a riveting dialogue-driven account of how Government really works (or not). More ...
Geoff Knott
emotions 492
How one little word gives you permission to feel your feelings
When you use the word “but” between two statements, it negates everything you say before it, while “and” allows you to be saying (and holding) both. “And” is a powerful word. As a concept for healing, it’s life-changing. More ...
From an article by Brickel and Associates
Underground 492 blue
Radical faith in the underground church - 2 
I would read Acts and ask the Lord, "Why is persecution reducing the Church here?" The Lord answered, "You made converts not disciples. Converts will run away from me in persecution. Disciples will die for me." More ...
Happiness 3 492
If you want to be happy, try to make someone else happy
It’s counterintuitive for some people, but if you’re not having the best day, you should think about doing something nice for someone instead of concentrating on yourself. More ...
From an article in Greater Good Magazine
Entrepreneur 3 492
12 tips for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs
Three entrepreneurs, who have continued to grow their businesses in the pandemic, reveal their top tips for anyone out there looking to start a business. More ...
From an article by Nesta Challenges
Slavery 3 492
An inner-city, gospel-centred, anti-trafficking initiative 
The Lord gave me a vision of a prostitute walking around the red light district in Cardiff. And I audibly heard the voice of God shouting at me, "Go and rescue her. Go and rescue her. Go and rescue her." More ...
From an interview by Exponential
Kingland 492
Kingland Global
Dennis Yandi runs a motor spare parts business in Nairobi, Kenya. He shares stories of how the Lord is giving him opportunities to serve Him through the business. More ...
From a story sent out by Sinapis
Underground 492
Radical faith in the underground church - 1 
This church movement has no bank account, charitable status, central leadership, denoms, church buildings or seminaries and if any one is caught they could be executed or put in prison and yet it is exploding. More ...
Renewal 492
You marry the mission and date the model
"Hey, we're out of the 'Here comes Sunday' rhythm. So what can we do with this time? What can we do with this energy? What can we do digitally? What can we do in the community to be the hands and feet of Jesus?" More ...
From a presentation at Future Church Summit 2021
Positive 492
Experiences that build resilience strengthen children who face adversities 
From research evidence, a list of the top 10 types of relationships and resources that provide Protective and Compensatory Experiences that bolster children against adversity More ...
From an article on Child and Family blog
Think 492
How to get better at changing your mind
"Finding out that I was wrong is the way I’ve learned something. Otherwise, I’m just living in a world that’s dominated by confirmation or desirability bias. And I’m just affirming things I already think I know." More ...
From an article by Behavioral Scientist
offices 1 246
Integrating work and faith - 2
There are believers in every domain of work, in every single pathway that you can imagine, who are living out their faith in these really profound ways that they often don't even recognise as being particularly profound. More ...
From a study 'From Secular to Sacred: Bringing Wor
Underground 1 492
The Underground - 2
The Underground now has over 200 microchurches across the city, each with its own distinct ministry - no two the same. What a group of people can do who conceive church in an entirely different way - from the vantage point of mission. More ...
Geoff Knott
ecosia 492
Helping to tackle climate change, one click at a time 
Reforestation is a key focus for search engine, Ecosia. Since launch in 2009, it has planted more than 120 million trees in 26 countries globally – an effort that has benefited hundreds of communities. More ...
From an interview on DIGIT Leadership
aces visits 492
The effect of patient evaluations for ACEs on doctor visits 
Integrating ACE questions for health check-ups led to a 35% reduction in doctor visits and 11% reduction in A+E visits. That has a multi-billion dollar implications for the cost of medical care. More ...
From a webinar by the Academy on Violence and Abus
offices 1 492
Integrating work and faith - 1
The experience of work is more positive for people who have strong faith commitment and who live that out in their life. Increased satisfaction with their job and commitment to the organisation that they're working for. More ...
From a study 'From Secular to Sacred: Bringing Wor
Underground 1 492
The Underground - 1
A true story of a 10-year experiment that unpacks the possibilities of a church structured and streamlined for mission. Over the last ten years the church has been validating its ideas with sustained and growing results. More ...
Geoff Knott
Kindness 3 492
Should doctors prescribe kindness?
A doctors' practice has developed a parenting programme of events, lessons, and tools promoting kindness. Practicing kindness and purpose benefits children and helps kids care for others and flourish themselves. More ...
From an article by Greater Good Science Center
Business 2 492
Business as ministry
Business people have not been affirmed in their gifting in the body of Christ. And business itself remains a largely untapped resource for global mission. How do we achieve the paradigm shift from where Sunday and Monday are disconnected? More ...
From a conversation by Business As Mission
Socially 492
Socially Connected Communities - solutions for social isolation
Loneliness describes individual experience, but we need to find the root causes of social isolation to identify community-level and structural factors that can be changed to address them. More ...
From a report by Healthy Places by Design
Leader 492
Paul Polman: individual courage and leadership are missing pieces in shaping new economy 
Representing 60% of GDP, 80% of job creation, businesses had scale, expertise, resources, innovation to “make an outsized contribution” to addressing global problems. More ...
From an interview in Pioneers Post
Distance 492
Social distancing
Although we proclaim we hate social distancing, what we love is to be socially distant from those we consider to be different to us. But the Carpenter from Nazareth invites us to consider another approach. More ...
From an article by Geoff Shattock
Mydream 492
My Dream, My Taste 
People are losing a public sense of what 'the good life' is and replacing it with their own individualised version which changes according to day-to-day tastes. They have become detached from the larger story of deep meaning. More ...
From a podcast and video by Theos
Prayer 3 492
The mental health benefits of prayer 
Prayer plays a significant role in helping those who have experienced trauma and live with mental health consequences. It is a vital way many people use to cope with everyday life and trauma history. More ...
From an article by the CPTSD Foundation
Capetown 492
How resilient is your town?
Following drought in Cape Town, the council approved Cape Town Resilience Strategy. This addressed how to build resilience to future shocks. The City had, in effect, a broad framework with which to mount its Covid-19 response. More ...
From an article by Apolitical
PCEs 492
Positive childhood experiences have greater impact than the bad 
"13% of adults with high levels of PCEs went on to experience depression and/or poor mental health as an adult. But the rate was 48% for those with fewer than 3 PCEs." More ...
From an article by Contemporary Pediatrics
online red 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 5
People are dropping into our online presence and seeking to hear about God, to encounter God, to see if God encounters them. They have just found a safe place to find their answers about God More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
Lantern 492
The Lantern Network
Imagine that friends got together, built out an ecosystem of microchurches, little businesses, not only to sustain livelihoods, but to engage culture and bless it. Someday they might say, "You're making it hard not to believe." More ...
Geoff Knott
online yellow 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 4
The success of online church depends on understanding online platforms as a particular kind of space, rather than merely a means of projecting my church into your living room. More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
Fruits 492
Scaling behaviour change 
Research found decisions were based on 2 variables: social proof + social pressure. People adopt new practices if they see successful adoption by others (social proof) or if they feel their use is expected by them (social pressure). More ...
From a blog by Behavioural Scientist
Grandparents 492
Grandparents matter: intergenerational faith development 
Research found intergenerational relationships are 1 of 4 features of church life that create faith that ‘sticks’ into young adulthood. Given church demographics, grandparents have crucial role. More ...
From a blog by Youthscape
Recycle 492
Recycling plastic waste to make bricks that are stronger than concrete 
Nairobi, Kenya-based, materials engineer Nzambi Matee is transforming plastic waste into bricks that are lighter and five to seven times stronger than concrete. A social enterprise recycling waste and creating jobs. More ...
From a video on The Kids Should See This
Purnaa 492
Do you know who made your clothes?
With increased transparency, brands and consumers can identify whether or not people are being exploited in the supply chain or if the environment is being harmed. An example social enterprise in Nepal. More ...
From an article by Purnaa
Discipline 492
Being a fair parent increases your authority
If your child thinks you are fair, they obey you as they see you as legitimate authority. Harsh disciplinary strategies backfire. Instead of eliciting a healthy fear, they undermine parental legitimacy. More ...
From an article by Child and Family Blog
222 492
Are we willing to pay a price?
In 42 years, a very dark time of Iran's history, over a million people have turned to Christ. Persecution is increasing. Iranians are paying a price. A sacrificing church who knows how much Jesus has loved and sacrificed. More ...
From a podcast by Release International
Harvest 492
Stewardship as surrender 
After travelling on various short-term mission trips, Robert Kim started imagining the role of investing as a tool to uplift communities – as a conduit of God’s blessings. He sets out 3 elements of stewardship.. More ...
From an article by Faith Driven Investor
online green 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 3 
18-30 year olds are really interested in faith but the medium, the language is all online. We've got a generation asking big questions and interested in faith, and a church that has been pushed to speak their language. More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
KC 492
Repositioning church as a mission agency
Having experienced a movement that produced over 200,000 new disciples and 22,000 different microchurches - ordinary people who were making new disciples in new contexts, then, "Okay, why not here why not us?". More ...
From a talk by Rob Wegner, Microchurch Leader Kans
Jericho 492
Jericho social enterprises
Providing people with work, training in their social businesses, projects. They are breaking barriers, changing lives. 7 businesses offering goods, services to their communities and employment to local people who need it most. More ...
Geoff Knott
Stuff 492
Stuff - developing a healthy relationship with material things
Are we preparing our children to be happy and free adults as we immerse them in a society where image is king and consumerism seems to control us? Some insights from parents... More ...
online blue 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 2 
It's all about context, context, and context. Different ways of presenting material and sharing your own story, connecting with different people groups. Do not underestimate the importance of simple things.. More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
Bully 1 492
The vulnerability problem of the bully 
Bullies lack ability to care because to care sets them up to get hurt too much - they are wounded individuals and have hardened hearts. How do we restore emotional norms? More ...
From research by The Neufeld Institute
online 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 1
The key about sharing faith through digital media is to build relationships within affinity groups. You belong and can share faith personally, rather than think of preaching on internet platforms to people you don't know. More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
Cry 492
No Crying at the Dinner Table 
A film that highlights the common stigma in families against expressing emotional vulnerability. It presents a portrait of intergenerational trauma, grief, and secrets about things left unsaid. More ...
From a video by Carol Nguyen
Fruit 492
5 checkpoints for work as worship
Is our business a God-centred business, using profit for giving, innovating best products and services, building good processes, nurturing people? An altar to worship Him in a deeper, meaningful way? More ...
From an article on
Internet 492
I met God online
To stress the importance of how this generation is using the internet to answer spiritual questions, listen to Kimberley's testimony. More ...
Geoff Knott
Wallet 492
How poverty makes workers less productive 
Poverty is like a parasite, consuming mental energy that could be put to more beneficial use. "Being poor is like having just pulled an all-nighter, and that hurts the ability to escape poverty." More ...
From an article by NPR
Balance 1 492
Shifting the Balance: Local adaptation, innovation and collaboration 
2020 was a year with unprecedented challenges, and it also proved community power is possible at scale. Public services and communities came together to help each other as never before. More ...
From a report by New Local
Housing 1 492
Resources to help you respond to local housing need
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Housing, Church and Community has partnered with Housing Justice to release extensive resources to empower churches to respond to their local housing need. More ...
From Housing Justice
mental health 6 492
15 things for young people to do if they are feeling lonely 
Anyone can experience loneliness. Almost 70% of young people said they have felt alone some or all of the time during the pandemic. Here are some tips.. More ...
From an article by the Mental Health Foundation
Indentity 492
Grief - coping with loss of identity 
"A friend whose husband died over a year ago. She knew she would grieve for him, but she was also grieving for the person she was when he was alive. She felt she had lost that person." More ...
From a blog by a Moodscope member
Barrier 1 492
Does childhood trauma affect our relationship with God?
The victims’ sense of being loved, accepted by God can be disrupted leading to difficulty in believing in God’s love. They may question God’s power and justice. Underreport God as absolute or just. More ...
From a research study published in the Internation
Entrepreneur 3 492
What does it mean to be a Christian entrepreneur? 
There are hundreds of Christian entrepreneurs who struggle with anxiety. Why? It relates to identity. It comes from a feedback loop that doesn’t come from their time in Scripture, but from society at large. More ...
From an essay by Henry Kaestner of Sovereign's Cap
Prayer Walk 492
City-wide prayer evangelism - Sheffield
During this month, March 2021, hundreds of believers from 90 churches across Sheffield will be prayer walking their streets. They are prayer walking along the streets they know and love to bless their city. More ...
From an initiative Arise Sheffield
Poverty 2 492
Speaking of poverty, differently 
Poverty is really not a failure of the individual. We should see it instead as a failure of society. A society that fails to recognize the competence of people in poverty. A society that relies on a unhealthy conception of merit. More ...
From a video by a UN Special Rapporteur
home 1 492
Home insurance for those needing it most
1/3 of of South Africa live in informal dwellings in settlements, rural villages. Many are shacks. For people living, working, raising families in these conditions, insurance protection is unavailable. Until now. More ...
From an article by Insurance Thought Leadership
shelter 1 492
Vancouver gave people experiencing homelessness £4,500. It changed their lives. 
Half of the cash recipients moved into stable housing one month after they received the money. After 1 year, participants had an average of £600 still left in the bank. More ...
From a blog by Next City
The Thinker (Wrong Turns) 492
The Thinker (Wrong Turns)
Rodin's famous sculpture, 'The Thinker' was envisaged as part of a much larger work. He was to be placed on or by 'The Gates of Hell'. He watches the scene, wrapped in contemplation... More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
compassion 1 492
The 5 side-effects of compassion
Compassion affects the brain, cardiovascular health, slows ageing, increases emotional connections and motivates kindness. More ...
From an article by Dr David Hamilton
coffee 1 492
Ethical Addictions
They prayed that EA would be a company that honours God; gives back to the communities they buy from; build relationships with people and do right by them... Now 14 years later, Covid hits.. More ...
From a guest blog by Ian Meredith, head bean at Et
Muslim 492
A vicar meets his Muslim parishioners 
It is important that I can explain Christian truths to my Muslim friends. And I do so out of friendship, a relationship of mutual respect. They may not engage with it, but many have no idea what Christianity is about. More ...
From a podcast from Mahabba
Mandela 492
Nelson Mandela through the eyes of his prison chaplain, Colin Chambers 
Mandela said, "I know that if I don't leave all my unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness behind when I walk through those gates, I will be walking out into another prison of my making." More ...
From a video by Life Stories At Lunch
Redemptive 492
Redemptive entrepreneurship 
A vehicle and language for vocation. How do I live who am I called to be if I'm not called to be a pastor of a church? How are we equipping people to actually do the work of the kingdom through the work of their calling? More ...
From a video of the Un-Famous Collaborative Confer
borders 492
Look Beyond Borders
When you sit down opposite a specific person and look into their eyes, you no longer see an anonymous refugee, one of the migrants, and notice the human before you, just like yourself – loving, suffering, dreaming. More ...
From a video by Amnesty International
Lockdown 492
Does ‘lockdown learning’ question conventional education?
Many parents are recognising a disturbing truth revealed by the COVID-19 crisis: school is often regimented and boring and does not fit the way that their children learn naturally. More ...
From a article on Child and Family Blog
Equipping 492
What proportion of time is being used on maintenance ministry versus developing others? We can all fill our diaries but building increasing time for training must be vital for a healthy, growing Church and kingdom. More ...
Geoff Knott
grief 492
Understanding and responding to grief 
How can you help someone grieving a loss? Grief may feel like a rogue wave that rises from one day, or even one moment, to the next, but you can help others ride out the wave and sail to a calmer sea. More ...
From an article by The Gottman Institute
BUV 492
Transforming communities through transport and enterprise 
A Basic Utility Vehicle designed travel the roughest tracks in developing countries. Robust, easy to build and maintain, a first/last mile solution for small-holder farmers and communities. More ...
Geoff Knott
Identity 2 492
Who I am in Christ 
“I am no longer a product of my past, I am a product of the work of Christ on the cross.”. What does this mean? I am Accepted, Secure and Significant in Christ.. More ...
From the book, Living Free in Christ, by Neil Ande
Divorce 2 492
Low-level, poorly resolved conflict between parents affects children's mental health 
Damage is done not by a few instances, but by chronic interactions. Children become more sensitive to episodes which are exhausting emotionally and increase insecurity. More ...
From an article on Child and Family blog
Digital 492
Charity digital journeys 
Over the last year, COVID-19 has forced charities to move to remote working, deliver services online, invest in new tech and upskill staff faster than they ever anticipated. What works and what doesn't in digital transformation? More ...
From a report by Catalyst
Toolkit 2 492
Money Help Toolkit 
Compassionate Communities ran a series on “Covid 19: Responding to the Debt Tsunami”. They explored, with the help of experts and parishes, how the church can help and support those struggling with money in wake of Covid-19. More ...
From a resource by Compassionate Communities
Impact accounts 492
Impact-Weighted Accounts 
The legitimacy of a business should depend on its ability to create value for society. How do you measure that and create accounting standards that reflect a company’s financial, social and environmental performance? More ...
From an article by the Institute of Chartered Acco
GuvnaB 492
Interview with Guvna B
"If you wake up in the morning and try your best to be who God has called you to be, it might be daunting, risky, but you go to bed knowing you've given it all. That is one of the most satisfying feelings that I've ever felt." More ...
From a session at Everything 2020
StCloud 492
Whole people - healing communities
Trauma interrupts normal child development and exacts deep costs, to both the individual and the community. Here is a story of one neighbourhood working to change its destiny.. More ...
From a video on PBS
livful 492
Their mission is to discover, develop, and distribute life-saving, life-innovative products to those who need the most help around the world. More ...
From a presentation at Praxis Labs The Gathering 2
magi 492
5 lessons from the wise men
We are all called to communion with God. Finding and living out this communion sometimes involves embarking on a journey without knowing where it will take us. More ...
From an article on Mind & Spirit
Legatum 2 492
What is prosperity?
Prosperity is much more than mere wealth or economic growth. True prosperity is when all people have the opportunity to thrive and freedom to fulfill their unique potential taking responsibility for contributing to their communities and nations. More ...
From material by Legatum Institute
ACE tree 492
Adversity in childhood is linked to mental and physical health throughout life 
There are behavioural, emotional, neurobiological and physical consequences affecting cardiovascular, immune, metabolic and brain health. More ...
From a study in The BMJ
Drive 492
Lessons from reducing and preventing domestic abuse 
External evaluation found that where perpetrators were referred, victims and survivors were 3 times less likely to experience physical violence . More ...
From a report by Social Finance
volunteer 1 492
Volunteering and human flourishing 
For many, engaging in volunteering can be a powerful way to contribute to the good of others, to the community, to the common good, and to the good of the person volunteering as well - with significant health benefits. More ...
From an article by Psychology Today
Consultation 492
Launch of screening for children and adults for trauma 
Early identification of trauma and providing the appropriate treatment are critical tools for reducing long-term health care costs for both children and adults. Should the NHS introduce screening? More ...
From an article by Center for Youth Wellness, Cali
crosspurpose 492
"How do we help our neighbours escape poverty?". CrossPurpose has a mission to abolish economic, relational, and spiritual poverty through career and community development. 473 neighbours so far graduated and escaped poverty... More ...
From a presentation at Praxis Labs The Gathering 2
Praise 492
Shifting heaviness with praise
“Lord, what’s going on? Why, the sudden crying and feeling of despair and hopelessness, when I was feeling OK 10 minutes ago?” The Holy Spirit brought a scripture to mind that talks about a ‘spirit of heaviness’. How to lift? More ...
From an article in Heaven in Business
purpose 2 492
Are businesses ditching purpose post-Covid? 
What impact will the crisis have on organisational purpose? Will SMEs continue to embrace it, or deem it a luxury they can no longer afford? Research uncovers the answers.. More ...
From a research by ABA
CommunityShare 492
Imagine your community as a human library 
What would it look like if every community member saw themselves as an educator or mentor? Each of us has unique stories, skills, passions and experiences. When we share these gifts with each other.. More ...
From articles by CommunityShare
Birth 1 492
The birth story
I realised I needed more than a nursing degree to be able to really affect any change in underserved contexts. I felt like God was calling me to become a midwife. And I was like, "Okay, I'm in. I'm in. I want to help." More ...
From a video by Faith Driven Entrepreneur
Community 5 492
Creating community in work 
"My purpose in life is to glorify God, to know Him, and to make Him known. My strength is being able to have conversations with folks. I feel I'm in a ministry every day. I was called to be a missionary in my own backyard." More ...
From a video by Faith Driven Entrepreneur
Cleanliness 492
The health benefits of cleanliness and being organised
It’s clear that staying clean and organized is a good thing. It helps us feel better about ourselves, it keeps us productive and it may very well keep us physically fit. More ...
From an article in Psychology Today
Chatta 492
Chatta - positive impact in speaking, writing and learning
Designed to increase the quality and quantity of parent/child interaction via school. 40% greater progress in both speaking and understanding than children without Chatta. More ...
From an article by Chatta
C19 Relationship 492
Protecting your relationship in the shadow of Covid-19 
Covid-19 raises new challenges for our most cherished relationships. There are three keys which can help couples. They are simple to remember and potent. They may help you, now... More ...
From a blog by Professor Scott Stanley
Burnout 492
Taking burnout and our minds more seriously  
Burnout is a complex set of experiences and reactions. If you know you are running near to the edge take it seriously. We are all human. We all have a limit. More ...
From an article by the Mind and Soul Foundation
Vietnam 492
Inclusive innovation – innovation that helps the community 
Vietnam has had very low infection rates during two waves of Covid-19. Grassroots innovators+socially minded entrepreneurs have helped. This has meant that society’s most vulnerable have had access to.. More ...
From an article in the The Conversation
Bins 492
Let's continue to build community - when 'helping' hurts
When is an issue really for neighbours to sort out? In an eagerness to help, do Councils tend to debate neighbour issues, form committees, develop rules instead of helping people talk to each other? More ...
From an article by Strong Towns
High St 492
Saving the high street: community takeover? 
The number of community businesses has been growing, with many in high street locations. Research shows how these have created more vibrant and resilient high streets. More ...
From a report by Power to Change
Youthstem 492
Youth STEM Matters 
Glasgow based social enterprise, YouthSTEM2030, is determined to empower young people around the world to use science, technology, engineering and maths to change the world through progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More ...
From YouthSTEM2030
Community 4 492
Low-income communities have assets 
You have to start with the belief that people have capacities and abilities and they can be powerful. I’ve never seen a low-income neighbourhood that really changed because they finally got enough agencies fixing them. More ...
From an article by Faith and Leadership
Nails 492
A person who speaks words that build up and encourage is a tree of life, but a person who speaks words that overwhelm and depress crushes the spirit. In other words, kind words heal and help; cutting words wound and maim. Prov 15v4 MSG More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
Tonys 492
Turning customers into activists
Tony’s Chocolonely was set up in 2005 with a clear purpose: “Together we make chocolate 100% slave free”. It pursues that purpose by producing and selling chocolate. They actively track down and combat child labour. More ...
From an article by Corporate Rebels
barrier 492
The contact hypothesis 
Prejudice, hatred and racism stem from a lack of contact. We generalise wildly about strangers because we don’t know them. So the remedy seems obvious: more contact. More ...
From an article in The Correspondent
ethnic 492
How to respect my ethnic name
Things you should never say. Equally inappropriate actions. How to help. "I'm very proud of my name. It represents identity, my parents history and my culture." More ...
From an article by Anparasan Sivakumaran
Clyne 492
Helping small businesses to grow - a story
Clyne started a company in 2019 with just one van which supported the family and repayments on the van. He needed funding to expand to the next level but found it difficult to get money. He now has 3 vans and... More ...
From an article by Purple Shoots
everything 492
Everything course
A 7 week small group course exploring how to play your part in the renewal of culture. As followers of Jesus, we are called to seek the renewal of our world. It’s part of our call to shape our culture for the common good. More ...
From an article by Everything Conference
2 year rule 492
The Two Year Rule
Dating and cohabiting couples should have a serious discussion about the future of their relationship within two years, and if the relationship is not headed toward marriage by then, it is time to end it. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Geek 492
Geek Challenge
Yarl IT Hub is a non-profit in Sri Lanka created to improve education, employment + entrepreneurship in community. Two competitions; YGC Senior - an entrepreneurship competition open to all youth, YGC Junior for junior students in schools. More ...
From an article by Center on Business and Poverty
innovation 2 492
8 social innovations that we could see in next decade
Ways of interacting, underpinned by technologies, that could alter social systems and overcome one or several challenges faced by society. More ...
Geoff Knott
Journeys 492
"Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It's a journey of discovery - there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair." Rick Warren. More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
Narcissus 492
How can parents build children’s self-esteem without turning them into narcissists 
Parents’ ideas about how to instil self-esteem e.g. with lavish praise, can inflate a child’s narcissism: a sense of one’s importance and entitlement. Some tips.. More ...
From an article by Child and Family
Imperative 492
Time to reset capitalism
To build a future where all people can work with dignity, care for themselves and loved ones, where our planet is healthy, our economy thrives, we must reimagine our economic system so it works for all of us today and long-term. More ...
From Imperative21
Worker 492
What workers want from their local church 
Working Christians want their churches to provide encouragement and support for their work, provide guidance for how to engage faith at work and have more empathy with respect to the demands of their work. More ...
From an article by Made to Flourish
fivestars 492
Best practices
Victor Ho's start-up hit a rough patch and needed to lay off 50 people. Best practices suggested handling this with surgical precision. Victor felt compelled to take a different approach that was consistent with the company’s values. More ...
From a video by Faith and Co
Tightrope 492
Practical wisdom helps us cope with uncertainty
Begin with our knowledge about what the risks are, and self-knowledge about what risks we are willing to take and what benefits we’d like to prioritize. 4 ways to guide us.. More ...
From an article by Behavioural Scientist
Kingdom 492
Church growth or kingdom growth focus?
“What do seminaries/bible colleges need to be like to equip the churches to equip God’s people to serve God in the patterns of their work and their play beyond the boundaries of the church?” More ...
From a talk by Richard Mouw, former president of F
skill mill 492
The Skill Mill
Working with young offenders, changing their identity from one of offender to an employee with legitimate income, self-respect and a desire to change their behaviour and contribute positively to society and the economy. More ...
From an article by The Skill Mill
grief 492
At a Loss - bereavement support
A coalition of Christian organisations has developed resources to help the Church support the bereaved. Especially important due to Covid-19 and the large number of people who are, and will be, seeking help. More ...
From the Loss and Hope initiative
Plastic 492
Time for a plastic paradigm shift 
Plastic pollution is getting worse, and fast. Solving this growing problem requires creating a plastics economy that is smart, sustainable, and circular. 10 critical findings re actions.. More ...
From a report by Pew Trusts
Entrepreneur 2 492
Change agents: why entrepreneurs are uniquely equipped to tackle poverty
The story of Waweru Kuria, a Kenyan entrepreneur. In this challenging time, the need for Kingdom entrepreneurs in emerging markets is at an all time high. We need the impact job creators can make in the lives of countless individuals. More ...
From an article by Sinapis
Stump 492
The Stump
There is a proverb that the rich think their wealth protects them; they imagine themselves safe behind it. But a life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump. Some reflections.. More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
Poverty 1 492
Money Can't Fix Everything - a relational approach to poverty
Poverty is best understood as a symptom of relational dysfunction, especially in families, rather than a purely financial condition. A relational approach requires that we recognise 3 principles.. More ...
From a report by Jubilee Centre
invisible 2 492
The Invisible Church - an update
Results of a “five years on” study. A substantial proportion of the population beyond current congregational life see themselves as part of the Christian family and are actively pursuing the Jesus Way. More ...
An article by the Church Missionary Society
relationship 3 492
How to repair the little things so they don’t become big things 
Unspoken questions like “Do I matter to you?”, “Do you accept me as I am?” are always being asked internally. If it feels the answer is “no” to any question, our survival system sets off alarms. More ...
From an article from the Gottman Institute
blueprint 492
CEO blueprint for achieving racial equity
Ideas on themes; Designing HR practices that are actively anti-racist, Expanding worker power, Designing products and services, operations and supply chains that ensure racial equity. More ...
From an article by Just Capital
Back to school 492
Managing ‘back to school’ anxieties 
Children will be returning to their classrooms and there will be a vast range of emotions that come as a result, from both children and parents. A few principles that might help... More ...
From an article by Care for the Family
Outsourcing 492
From outsourcing to ethical sourcing 
Every employer has the power to effect significant social change right now – through their purchasing and outsourcing decisions. Three key tests.. More ...
From a report by Clean for Good
Mobilisation 492
Let's continue to build community - community mobilisation
Public bodies are realising, especially given Covid, that their best work and most robust decisions are made when they are working hand-in-hand with communities they serve. 4 key principles... More ...
From a report by New Local Government Network
mirror, mirror 492
Mirror, mirror
An international study revealed over 90% of women aged between 15 and 64 years would change at least one thing about their body image if they could. Some beauty tips.. More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
10 Aces 492
Why 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?
The ACE Study revealed certain things we've been taught not to see, speak about, ask questions about. When these are explored, one finds high prevalence, relationships to major public health problems and to life expectancy. More ...
From a blog by ACEs Connection
Universe 492
The fine-tuning of the Universe
There are fundamental constants + quantities that determine the structure of the Universe. Scientists have realised that each of these numbers have been carefully dialled to an astonishingly precise value. Accident or design? More ...
From a video by Reasonable Faith
BFP2020 492
5 insights from Business Fights Poverty Online 2020 
Attended by 1000+ delegates worldwide, the pandemic has put the spotlight on business purpose, protecting the vulnerable in value chains, technical skills, equity, interconnectedness... More ...
Geoff Knott
vocation 492
Social enterprise and the Church
What if our models shifted from donations to empowering sustainable initiatives that spark lasting change in individuals and communities? Sharing the love of Christ can extend in powerful ways to the hurting and hungry. More ...
A follow-on from the blog 'Let's continue to build
Cohesion 492
Faith groups and social cohesion 
Faith groups’ positive contribution to social cohesion deserves greater recognition and greater influence on cohesion policy. "Faith groups play a central role in social cohesion while providing crucial services." More ...
From a report by the British Academy and the Faith
Play 492
Learning through play: more than laughter and smiles 
Play works as an emotional toolbox—a safe space in which many emotions can be experienced without consequences or worrying about whether the emotion is acceptable to the big people in children’s lives. More ...
From a blog by Child and Family
Well 2 394
Are we really well?
Have we created environments that help us to be well? How can we build wellness together where we live? There are four key foundations on which we need to build.. More ...
From a TedX talk by Dr Andy Knox
Take a step 492
Take a step - learn how to share the best news ever
A way to get started on the journey to sharing your faith regularly. For most of us it can seem so daunting but all of us can have a go and see ourselves start to grow as a result. More ...
From a course by Relational Mission
Parent 492
A parent asks her child what she could have done better
The conversation could have hurt but it needed to be one that healed. Parent offered a generous and kind-hearted gift by engaging with the child - "let's heal together and grow stronger." More ...
From a video by Alison Cebulla, ACEs Connection
Weakness 492
Weakness is an invitation to connect with God
We are told success is the thing to pursue and woe betide if you show weakness along the way. Yet God says, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”. As a result both we and the world are deeply blessed. More ...
From a blog by Heaven In Business
Town 492
Let's continue to build community - a new table
The table is not a physical object sitting in some meeting room at the Town Hall. It’s not a visioning session, public hearing, or an online form. The table is out there. The table is our community. More ...
From an article by Strong Towns
Regrets 492
Bronnie Ware, a nurse who counselled the dying in their last days, revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. We don't know when our life will end but there is hope. Hear from the wife, husband, children and the Stranger.. More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
School 3 492
Family matters for student performance
Student performance cannot be understood apart from family dynamics. What should our communities and larger society be doing to help ensure that future generations of children have a stable, supportive, family life? More ...
From an article from the Institute for Family Stud
Deeply 492
Deeply Rooted: A Wellbeing Resource for Leaders 
We all maintain our health through multiple means.The last weeks will have disrupted our usual strategies for self-care. It’s therefore vital that we take an honest look at how we are doing... More ...
From a resource by Sanctuary Mental Health Ministr
ptsd 492
Drowning in empathy: compassion fatigue
Compassion fatigue is experienced by those in a helping profession or ministry, whether paid or not. What puts you at a greater risk is empathy - putting yourself in someone else's shoes.. More ...
From a TEDx talk
vallejo 492
Vallejo - the impact of the MTS Training Academy
A programme with dramatic results as a company dedicated to God ministers to the re-entry population: people that have been released from prison and helping them get re-established in society. More ...
From a video by Transform Our World
Noise 492
Digital youthwork
Creating a space where struggling youths can reinvent themselves as being successful against a backdrop where generally the world is telling them that what they're doing is wrong. More ...
From a talk by Simon Glenister, founder of Noise S
Job queue 492
Let's continue to build community - employment
Employment in our communities will be affected by Covid-19. Many people will struggle to find employment they are used to. Churches i.e. the people, can have a pro-active role to play. This could be... More ...
From a talk by Mal Fletcher at an Everything event
Wright 492
The difference a positive adult figure makes
Footballer Ian Wright talks about his teacher - Mr Pigden. More ...
Deliberation 492
Let's continue to build community - adding deliberation
Deliberation - debate used together with participation e.g. voting ensures meaningful engagement on a large scale giving a central place to citizens in decision-making processes. More ...
From articles by CitizenLab
Subtitles 492
Turning on the subtitles improves literacy
In a longitudinal study of continuous caption use at home, children who viewed with captions scored significantly higher in tests of word identification + passage comprehension compared with non-caption viewers More ...
From an article by Turn On the Subtitles
Nehemiah 492
A second chance company
Many employees who join Nehemiah Manufacturing just need a chance to prove themselves. "If I had to describe it in one word, it would be grace. When society deems that we are out of chances, Nehemiah gives us another chance." More ...
Geoff Knott
Empathy 2 492
Empathy vs Sympathy
If I share something with you that's very difficult, I'd rather you say, "I don't even know what to say. I'm just so glad you told me." Because the truth is, rarely can a response make something better. What makes something better is connection. More ...
From a video by The RSA
Elearning 492
ACEs e-learning
A number of free, government funded, online courses which take under 1 hour to help you and contacts in the community find out more about Adverse Childhood Experiences - stressful events occurring in childhood which raise risk of poor life outcomes. More ...
Geoff Knott
Social 492
Turning online attendance to deeper engagement
Turning online attendance to deeper engagement. The transition from cyber church to physical church is not necessarily a smooth or fluid one. Recognise the audience. It's a different audience with a different set of needs. More ...
From a discussion with Mal Fletcher
HNUC 492
Let's continue to build community - by pursuing the Common Good
A free Guide shows you how to run 4 short group sessions locally with people from across the community as a basic introduction to Common Good principles and develop an action plan for your context. More ...
From a resource by Together for the Common Good
Stereotype 492
The unstereotype experiment
If you could help to broaden the way people see themselves and the world around them, could they be more open to questioning how they might inadvertently stereotype people and will that help inclusivity? More ...
From a video by Unilever
Connections 492
Businesses as transformational agents for the common good 
Business has a higher purpose beyond mere sustenance or just financial returns. We seek holistic transformation of people and societies. A positive impact on multiple bottom lines for multiple stakeholders. More ...
From an article by Transformational SME
Memory 2 492
Memory Matters
Care designed to support people affected by dementia. The social enterprise has seen a 70-80% rise in cognition – the ability to acquire knowledge and understanding – from their workshops. More ...
From an article on Pioneers Post
Food 492
Let's continue to build community - food provision
In local efforts re food donations, are we focused on supermarkets? In efforts to cook meals, are we focused on charity kitchens? Including small high street retailers + restaurants would help our towns.. More ...
Online 1 492
Edtech for good: using tech to navigate the impacts of Covid-19 
Education faces some fundamental shifts. There has been unprecedented demand on Edtech companies to help organisations in this uncertain period and adapt. More ...
From an article on Digital Agenda
PB 4 492
Let's continue to build community - participatory budgeting
Seven steps that are shared by most successful participatory budgeting processes. They are relevant regardless of the size of your city/town and the themes citizens are involved with. More ...
From a report by CitizenLab
Cleaner 2 492
The colonel and the cleaner
Jason Denney had severe Covid-19. A priest administered the last rites. He said goodbye to his family via FaceTime. But Rosaura Quinteros, a hospital cleaner, urged Jason not to lose hope. She said God was not done with him.. More ...
From an article on CNN
Bias 492
Retraining your brain to stop prejudice
We all have unconscious biases - the stuff you don't even know your brain is doing - quick to spot characteristics like age, race, social class and sort into groups that we might be wary of. You can change this. More ...
From a video by Nationswell
Rebuild 492
Building resilient, responsible, sustainable businesses in a post-Covid world 
How are personal and professional challenges experienced going to impact future? How will this reshape our economy and society? What does that mean for businesses that emerge? More ...
From an article by Seth Finegan, UK CEO at Informe
Plate 492
On a plate
Some folk have perhaps had a helping hand in life while others weren’t given such assistance. You can’t blame people for being given opportunities, but it’s always good to realise how the other half lives and to help those who are not that fortunate. More ...
From a comic strip by Toby Morris
Diversity 2 492
10 books for children to read to celebrate racial diversity
Could primary school age books such as these help over the long-term to reduce the tensions we have seen in recent times and eventually change the culture? More ...
Geoff Knott
student 492
Is there a case for student mental health days?
Allow students to take mental health days off from school the same way you would a physical health day. Keeping track of these catch those struggling before it's too late. Saves lives. More ...
From a TEDx talk by Hailey Hardcastle
wellbeing 2 492
Let's continue to create community - a wellbeing economy
Wellbeing is the outcome of a convergence of factors, including good human mental and physical health, greater equity and fairness, good social relationships and a flourishing natural environment. More ...
From an article by the The Solutions Journal
community 2 492
Community has been strengthened during pandemic 
Community cohesion and trust has reached a new high and there has been a flourishing in community volunteering. A striking endorsement of community power. More ...
From a report by New Local Government Network (NLG
Resilience 3 492
The roots of resilience in children and young people 
Two short animations explain what resilience is and how we can nurture the resilience of children and young people, particularly in educational settings. More ...
From animations by Juliette Ttofa
Changer 492
Becoming a world-changer
Why do we hold back from the inner-knowing that we are created for something bigger than ourselves? What keeps us from stepping out into the unknown-yet-thrilling adventure of what God has called us to do? More ...
From an article by Heaven in Business
Prayer 2 492
Answered prayer - when a nation prays
May 24th 2020 was the 80th anniversary of the King calling the nation to pray. Subsequently, something happened which was incredible and it's a story that has impacted us deeply as a country. More ...
From a video by The Wall of Answered Prayer
Tech 492
Tech for good in the fight against coronavirus 
The emergence of technological solutions has been one light at the end of the tunnel. Details about some of the most innovative tech solutions that have sprung up throughout the world. More ...
From an article by Business Chief
entrepreneur 492
Olderpreneurs needed
Entrepreneurship has also never been a route just available to the young. A growing number of people over 50 are joining the start-up community, using skills, experience they have accrued in order to start a successful business. More ...
Geoff Knott
Petri 492
AI has discovered a new antibiotic to kill bacteria
In laboratory tests, the drug killed many of the world’s most problematic disease-causing bacteria, including some strains that are resistant to all known antibiotics. More ...
From an article by MIT
Wave 492
We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat 
It is very important to see beyond what is seen at first glance - not just looking, actually seeing. We are all on different ships during this storm experiencing a very different journey. Please realise that and be kind. More ...
Author unknown
Debate 492
Deeper Learning
An education philosophy that says students learn best with real work that resembles what they will likely encounter outside of school. An alternative to presenting students with atomized, decontextualized pieces of a subject. More ...
From an article by LA School Report
Homeless 492
End-of-life priorities within the UK homeless 
In the UK, people experiencing homelessness die, on average, 30 years younger than the general population. Their priorities at the end are somewhat different than those of the general population. More ...
From a study by Wendy Webb and others, University
alert 492
Stay Alert - know the risks and avoid them
We've heard very little about the findings of contact tracing from other nations. From these, can we see commonality of outbreaks of COVID-19? Yes. This knowledge can help us keep safe and lessen risk as we enter a new phase. More ...
From an article by Dr Erin Bromage
Care 1 492
My job is caring for people
Jamie was very task focused but now understands he has to lead in a relational way - praying "Lord, break my heart for my team." Result is an incredible workplace where people feel loved and supported. More ...
From a video by Kingdom at Work
Lighting 492
Carbon-neutral church buildings - lighting
With the advent of affordable and aesthetic pleasing LED lighting, five churches within the Diocese of Durham have devised new lighting schemes whilst keeping costs to a minimum by using existing lighting wiring. More ...
A guest blog by Astley Fenwick, Trinity Energy Man
Cleaner 492
God sent a cleaner
Pastor Lee McClelland recently contracted Covid-19 and was in a critical condition in hospital. "I remember really crying to the Lord and asking him to help me and somehow encourage my heart and strengthen me." The next morning a cleaner came in.. More ...
Geoff Knott
Action 492
One action can have a big impact
How can business support the most vulnerable in value chains and communities in the face of Covid-19? Examples of how businesses around the world are responding. More ...
From an article by Business Fights Poverty
Abuse 2 492
Healing from sexual abuse can start with one word
After Rena Romano gained the courage to speak out about her experience of childhood sexual abuse, she discovered that few victims have the same supportive experience. More ...
From a Tedx talk
Globe 492
The world after Covid-19 - 2 
Pandemics require us to recognise our common humanity - we can only be as healthy as people are elsewhere. Covid-19 is affecting economies, health systems in dramatic ways. It's going to lead to a big reset on many levels. More ...
From an online event by How To Academy
Globe 492
The world after Covid-19 - 1 
How does globalization create systemic risks and what can we do about it? What global responses are necessary now and in future? Will the world deglobalize? Impact on our societies and the world order? More ...
From an online event by How To Academy
Delivering sanitation services to the poorest urban citizens 
In Bangladesh, 30M urban residents lack access to sanitation facilities which enable faecal waste to be safely collected and removed for treatment. SWEEP is starting to create significant change. More ...
From an article by Business Fights Poverty
Connected 492
The Connected Generation?
What values are Millennials, and now Gen Z, bringing with them into adulthood? What kind of world are they already building? What is their relationship to faith? Results from interviews with 15,000 18-35s in 25 countries. More ...
From a report by Barna and World Vision
Couple 2 492
Cohabiting families’ disadvantage
Many cohabiting couples with children doubt their current relationship will last, especially compared to married parents. And they are less likely to see their relationship as a vital part of their life. More ...
From a study by Institute of Family Studies
Making 492
The Making of Us
A film created by many, purely to spread a message of positivity and hope. Proof that even apart, we’re in this together. This could be the making of us. More ...
A video by The Making of Us
Pivot 492
Pivoting your business in response to Covid-19 
The Covid-19 crisis has made it necessary for many commercial companies to shift their business models quickly. Many are repurposing their assets to create new value, protect the brand and survive. More ...
From an article on
Family 492
Strong families - flourishing children
Children living in families with higher levels of resilience and connection are much more likely to flourish. This is true across all levels of income, health status and exposure to adverse childhood experiences. More ...
From an article by The Sector (Early Education)
Behaviour 492
Why your child is acting differently right now
As the threat of Covid-19 disrupts school, daycare and other activities for children, some parents are noticing changes in behaviour in their children as try to deal with stress and anxiety. More ...
From an article by
Divide 492
When I Grow Up 
What would happen if the 99.5% of Christians working in the marketplace saw their job as sacred? More ...
From a video by Kingdom at Work
Beatitudes 492
The beatitudes for today
Blessed are the.... How does the most famous sermon in history still apply? The Beatitudes Project film features change-makers from all over world. Hosted by Stu Garrard of Delirious?, the result is a disruptive and surprising journey. More ...
From a resource by the Beatitudes Project
Chains 492
Setting up a prayer chain for your community 
As people in our communities turn to prayer, regardless of whether they attend church, they could be very interested in knowing about prayer support and churches may be interested in setting up prayer chains and publicising this to local households. More ...
Geoff Knott
anxiety 492
Roots of youth anxiety 
Today youth must define themselves and the shape of their lives by referencing their own preferences, desires, and choices. This creates a powerful and relentless type of ethical responsibility for their own well-being. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Bloom 492
An award-winning, touching story of Nadine, depressed and alone. A gift from a neighbour gives Nadine something to live for. Brings us back to the essentials of being human - kindness and thoughtfulness to others. More ...
From a video by students at the Animation/Illustra
inequality 2 492
Is Britain a fair country?
Wealth inequality has been rising rapidly in Britain for the past 30 years. Is the public aware of the extent of this growth in inequality? Do we think we live in a fairer society than is the reality? More ...
From a video by High Pay Centre
relationship 1 492
Protecting your relationship from becoming a Covid-19 victim  
Due to lockdown, we are going to have multiple opportunities to share aspects of ourselves with our spouses and loved ones. There will probably be times when we are not at our best. 5 tips to help. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
disruption 492
A theology of disruption
Interruption is God’s invitation. God is inviting us to see him all around us, in the lives of others, in our conversations, in our serving those in need. It is one of God’s ways of waking us up to what’s around us. More ...
From an article by Desiring God
MYOB 492
Mind Your Own Business
Launching your own business or social enterprise is a big leap of faith. A new free business start up workbook can be used by individuals or a small group working together. More ...
From an article by MYOB
Space 492
Space to Breathe - wellbeing for staff
“Soulful Wellbeing for School Staff” days take teachers out of the classroom for the day and give them tools for self-care and to establish healthy habits around wellbeing. Measured impact high. More ...
Geoff Knott
100 days 492
The 100 Day Challenge
Allows front-line staff and citizens to collaborate and experiment with new ways of working, testing them for 100 days to see if they make a difference. More ...
From a report by Nesta
Cotton 492
Homeless shelter plus - the Cotton Street Project
A centre that gives the guests a home, with a bed and their own clothes behind a lockable door, a community are where they can eat and a joinery and upholstery workshop, that has given them hope. More ...
From a video by Cotton Street Project
nhs 492
Why are people ignoring expert warnings?—Psychological Reactance 
When you tell me what to do, a part of me feels compelled to do the opposite. 5 things we can do about the effect of this resistance. More ...
From an article by Behavioral Scientist
Frontline 492
Frontline Sundays
Imagine what would happen if every Christian looked around at the people they spend their days with and asked God: how do you want me to be good news to the people here today? More ...
From a resource by LICC
Climate 492
Becoming a carbon neutral church
There are various sources of information to help you to manage and reduce the carbon footprint of the church i.e. the people and the buildings/events. What actions can you take? More ...
From materials by Eco Congregation
Agenda 492
Trends that should be on your Board’s radar 
Governing boards should have various issues as standing items on their agenda apart from operational and financial performance. Here are seven. What would your seven be? More ...
creative 492
Creatively sharing the gospel
"Whoever you are, we can all be creative to give God the glory and just display his greatness. Really look at the things which shape culture and society and use those things to explain who Jesus is." More ...
From a video by Wycliffe
PCEs 492
Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs)
Adults who report more positive childhood experiences (PCEs) are less likely to suffer from depression or poor mental health – and are more likely to have healthy relationships. More ...
Geoff Knott
Stats 492
Religious Change in Britain -1991 to 2018 
Data from British Social Attitudes (BSA) surveys. The questions gauge different aspects of religion in wider society: religious authority, belief in God, other religious beliefs, and religious activity. More ...
From an article by British Religion in Numbers
Upshift 492
A UNICEF innovation programme, now in 22 countries, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people. A local initiative for self-starting groups of 13-18s to come forward with ideas to address social problems within their community. More ...
From a video by UNICEF
Cyber 492
Digital health projects helping citizens lead healthier lives 
Making data available and useful to citizens, to help them lead healthier and more independent lives. Some stories of individuals who are starting to use the technologies. More ...
From an article by Nesta
Slavery 2 492
Case studies of modern slavery
Izna was not paid properly for her work. She was unable to leave because the family she worked for had bought a small house for her family in India. She would had to stay to work for decades in order to pay off the debt. More ...
From a guide by Together Free
Turnround 492
Improving wellbeing in the community
Case studies of 9 towns across the UK that are imagining and building new futures for themselves. The stories told show the breadth of responses people have developed to transform their towns. More ...
From a report by the Carnegie Trust
Bridge 492
Creating a world where every child can access education 
The key barrier is not a lack of infrastructure, but continuous and rigorous support for teachers. More ...
From a keynote by Bridge International
Grief 1 492
Down to Earth - support before a funeral has taken place
The Quakers have launched an advisory service to try to ease the stress caused by rising funeral costs. They can support people to plan a meaningful funeral that is more affordable. More ...
From an article by Quaker Social Action
ACEs film 492
One person's story of how adverse childhood experiences affected their life 
Children who experience stressful childhoods are more likely to; develop health-harming and anti-social behaviours, perform poorly in school, be involved in crime. More ...
Geoff Knott
Embed 492
How can companies and investors embed purpose authentically into business? 
Businesses that embrace a social purpose are contributing towards a better world. Purpose benefits businesses through happier, more engaged employees, increased market share. More ...
From research by Business Fights Poverty
Tyler 492
Taking an opportunity at TEDx to explain the gospel
Tyler Ellis conducted 50 interviews with people with different beliefs and backgrounds which turned into unexpected adventures and discoveries. 'That was one of the best conversations I've ever had!' More ...
From a talk at TEDx
PPB 492
Principles for Purposeful Business 
Eight principles aiming to re-organise the corporate sector around purpose and around corporations’ contributions to solving social, political and environmental challenges. More ...
From a report by The British Academy
Poorest 492
Ministry amongst Britain’s poorest 
A conversation about some of the unique pressures of ministry to hard places. "How we do evangelism is completely different - it's new and it's good and it's real, real life." More ...
From an article by FIEC
Hack 492
2019 Homelessness Hackathon
Participants with a wide range of life and professional experience collaborated in teams to come up with innovative suggestions and solutions. The ideas were voted on by the event audience and the winning idea announced... More ...
From an article by Chartered Institute of Housing
Scales 4 492
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 4 
A look at strands of policy in the areas of 'Collecting evidence of the extent of adverse childhood experiences' and 'Innovating new models'. More ...
Geoff Knott
Mustard 492
Norwich Mustard - story of a co-operative 
Since 1858, Norwich has been the home of mustard but in Jan 2018, Unilever, which owns Colman’s, announced they were moving production. Local people came up with an idea to start their own cooperative community business. More ...
From an article by Power to Change
radical 492
7 habits of institutional radicals 
Imagine a world where every institution, whether within the spheres of commerce, government, or civil society, had an active policy to reduce dependence on their service, by increasing interdependence in community life. More ...
From an article by Nuture Development
3DCommunity 492
The world’s first 3D-printed neighbourhood
A giant 3D printer is creating new homes in rural Mexico. Each takes 24 hours and lets local families upgrade from a shack to a two-bedroom house. Could this be part of the global housing solution? More ...
From an article by Fast Company
Upbeat 492
Upbeat - a healthier approach to boys' wellbeing
6-session course gives 13-16s a toolkit to take care of their emotional wellbeing, engage in honest conversations and spot signs when things aren’t going well. More ...
From a resource by the Salvation Army and YouthSca
slavery 492
Detecting modern slavery in your supply chain
Modern slavery is often invisible, hidden in factories, small farms, plantations, etc. It is challenging to detect and hard to eradicate. Two apps are emerging to help detect issues. More ...
From an article on Business Fights Poverty
Scales 3 492
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 3
A look at six policy strands in the legislative theme of 'Building capability and capacity in services and communities for trauma-informed best practice'. More ...
Geoff Knott
tattoo 492
Beneath the Ink
In Zanesville, Ohio, USA, tattoo artist Billy Joe White has started a crusade to "erase the hate" and has offered to cover up swastikas, Nazi images, and other hate-filled ink for free. He's been very busy. More ...
From a video by GQ Video
Legatum 492
The world is more prosperous than it has ever been 
Of the 167 countries measured and tracked for prosperity in the Legatum Institute's 2019 index, 148 (88% of the world’s population) have seen an improvement in their prosperity since 2009. More ...
From a report by the Legatum Institute
TWUK 492
Kingdom in the Workplace 
"I had overlooked my immediate mission field 8 hours a day, five days a week. I observed that my colleagues, were in fact an unreached people group. And they were my people group." More ...
A guest blog by Lyndsey Seale of Transform Work UK
Good News 492
99 good news stories in 2019 
Good news stories of conservation, health, rising living standards, tolerance, peace, cleaner energy and environmental stewardship. We need to change the stories we tell ourselves. More ...
From an article by Future Crunch
cgs 492
Common Good Schools Programme
Unique 10-week programme enables young people to put the principles of Common Good thinking into practice-respecting the dignity of each human being, contributing to positive social relationships, demonstrating stewardship and valuing community. More ...
Geoff Knott
Niddrie 492
Eight principles for faithful preaching among people experiencing poverty
How do I communicate or preach in a housing scheme/estate? Do I have to change things to preach into a non-literate culture? Do I have to dumb things down? Do I have to shorten my sermons? How does someone prepare a sermon? More ...
From an article by 20Schemes
OLIO 492
Aiming to help one billion people reduce food wastage 
Olio's app prevents food waste by connecting neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. More ...
From an article by Digital Agenda
Resonance 492
Funding stable housing for the homeless - Paul's story 
"God, if I didn't have this place, I dread to think where I would be, maybe back on the street. Maybe back drinking, I wouldn't know what I would be. Lost." More ...
Geoff Knott
Parenting 492
Essentials for parenting toddlers and preschoolers 
A free, online resource designed for parents of 2 to 4 year olds, Essentials for Parenting addresses common parenting challenges. Help parents build a safe, stable, and nurturing relationship with their child. More ...
Geoff Knott
Scales 2 492
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 2
A look at policy strands in first legislative theme; Building knowledge and expertise of trauma-informed best practice by creating a cross-government, multi-agency group of practitioners to establish and promote. More ...
Geoff Knott
BInspired 492
Lessons learned from B Inspired 
A conference hosted by B Corps attended by over 600 people looking to explore the changing role of business in society. Some insights from a delegate. More ...
From an article by Nishita Dewan of CollaboratEQ
Morals 492
How British moral attitudes have changed in the last 30 years 
Views on moral issues have become increasingly liberal. Today far more tolerant of illegal drug use, homosexuality, abortion, depictions of violence, aspects of sex in popular culture and other issues. More ...
From a report by the Policy Institute at King’s Co
ethics 492
Good Business: Ethics at Work 
Quakers and Business Group have published an updated edition. Acts as a guide and inspiration to running a better and ethical business for the benefit of all its stakeholders. More ...
From a publication of Quakers and Business Group
tranquiliti 492
Tranquiliti - wellbeing of students at the heart of school strategy
Technology generating student-led insights into key drivers of academic success, while directly supporting students’ flourishing. More ...
From an article by Tranquiliti
Toolkit 492
Toolkit for setting up a housing project for asylum seekers
NACCOM has launched a Housing Toolkit – a comprehensive resource for existing and proposed housing projects that accommodate destitute people who are seeking asylum, refugees and other migrants. More ...
Geoff Knott
Scales 492
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 1
As the UK increasingly becomes ACE-aware through various initiatives, there are policies that have been enacted in USA and Canada since 2014. Analysis of such legislation reveals a great awareness of the effect of ACEs. More ...
Geoff Knott
Everything 2 246
Business in the context of a God who has given it all
Keep these pivotal things in your mind from scripture - love God, love your neighbour. Am I trusting God? Am I looking outwards to those who are in greater need than me? Is my business in the context of a God who has given it all? More ...
From a talk by David Urquhart, Bishop of Birmingha
Stress 2 492
A medicine for stress
How do you minister to a young man who when younger lost his father, his two uncles, his grandfather, his security, his home and his health in one traumatic episode? More ...
From an article by Worktalk
Citrus 492
Early enterprise education 
The UK currently lags behind when it comes to youth enterprise education. The consequence of this is that we risk dampening the country’s future economic prosperity. Some programmes tailored to young people. More ...
From a report by Gem Consortium
Mental Health 5 492
Learning about faith and mental health
A couple of training/learning resources to help churches/small groups learn about mental health from a faith context. More ...
Geoff Knott
second shot 492
Second Shot Coffee 
When Julius Ibrahim became increasingly interested in tackling homelessness, backed by social investment, he opened Second Shot Coffee, a social enterprise café in East London. More ...
From a case study by Good Finance
SEUK 2019 492
Presents with purpose
A Gift Guide featuring products from 50+ social enterprises - gifts that make a real social or environmental impact. More ...
Geoff Knott
FX 1 492
Fresh expressions - kingdom advance
Encouraging news from different denominations regarding how Fresh Expressions of church has flourished over the last 15 years. Up to 25% of attendees in some areas. More ...
From a report by Fresh Expressions
Hartley 492
William Hartley
Founder of Hartley's Jams. Looked after his workers and suppliers. Set aside a specific portion of income for religious and philanthropic purposes. This %age was continually increased. More ...
From a biography by Arthur Peake
James 492
The repair of intergenerational trauma - James' story
How a childhood of trauma and adversity led James to feel despair, loneliness and rage. Walk with James as he begins to heal and create a new and hopeful future. More ...
From an animation by Beacon House
Resilience challenge 492
The Resilience Challenge
What information, if it were flowing through the people of your community, would start them on a journey together toward really strong, healthy living? Could your church be instrumental in doing this? More ...
Geoff Knott
powerhouse 492
Powerhouse - a house which is 100% off-grid
A solar powered, ready-to-move-in, eco-friendly, smart home in India. Pre-fitted with electrical and plumbing systems that can be controlled remotely. For £18,000, buyers can have clean energy for their home and e-vehicle, free for life. More ...
Geoff Knott
living goods 492
Bringing healthcare to the people - the last mile
Living Goods-supported community health workers in East Africa reduced under-5 mortality by 27% and stunting by 7%, all for less than $2 per person annually. More ...
From articles by Living Goods
Ethiopia 492
Last Sunday in month is car free day in 20 cities in Ethiopia
Designed to reduce pollution, improve health and encourage socialising, cities are now going car-free on one Sunday a month and running community workouts on newly traffic-free roads. More ...
From a BBC report
Flourish 2 492
Flourish - a game to increase community wellbeing and wealth
Participants can explore how to work towards a more equitable and participatory society; one that moves away from purely financial measures of success to focus instead on how psychologically healthy our communities are. More ...
From an article by Nesta
Pregnancy 2 492
Prenatal parental stress linked to behaviour problems in toddlers.
Expectant parents’ emotional struggles predict emotional and behavioural problems in 2-year-olds. More ...
From research by University of Cambridge’s Centre
Crown 492
We are trying to be masters of the universe while we are not masters of ourselves. Jesus has immeasurable power but channels it into care, kindness and courtesy. More ...
From an article by Worktalk
funding 492
Case studies of local regeneration through crowdfunding
Examples of crowdfunding models used to fund projects which are owned and run by the communities they serve, enabling community-led regeneration and boosting local resilience. More ...
From an article by Nesta
Diary 492
Are you willing to give God your diary? 
I began to pray over my diary, emails and phone every week and asked God to be my Chief Scheduling Officer. I began to see the goodness of God in how my schedule seemed to align so specifically and detailed each week. More ...
From an article by Heaven in Business
green 492
Capturing more carbon
Two initiatives that will help remove carbon from the atmosphere. 500 billion new trees and a bioreactor to capture carbon - 1x1 metre x 2 metres - equivalent to 1 acre of trees. Opportunity to lower carbon for all communities. More ...
From articles on Singularity and Good News Network
Thriving 492
Advancing well-being in an inequitable world - 2
The Thriving Places Index is a new way to look at the strengths and challenges of the place where you live in England or Wales. It shows whether the conditions are in place for people to thrive – in a fair and sustainable way. More ...
From The Thriving Places Index
Grief 1 492
How to help children handle grief after the death of a parent 
Intense feelings can be particularly hard to process for bereaved children dealing with the loss of an important figure like a parent. What can a parent or family member do to lovingly support a young child? More ...
From an article on Huffington Post
Wellbeing 1 492
Advancing well-being in an inequitable world - 1
What can we learn from multiple countries about advancing well-being—a notion of health that extends beyond the absence of disease? Need to radically expand the definition of progress to include well-being as a complement to economic vitality. More ...
From a report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundatio
buysocial 492
When you Buy Social, you’re helping to build a better world 
Social enterprises are at the forefront of developing the solutions and fairness that we need. Social enterprises can only create impact if people buy from them and help build a better world. More ...
Geoff Knott
ACH 492
Changing perceptions of UK refugees 
"People did not see the ambition within me. I wanted to be seen as somebody who has got talent, skills and aspirations and, if given the opportunity, can and will contribute to UK society." More ...
From an article on Pioneers Post
Sinapis 492
How do you grow your business without losing yourself? 
Insights from an event in Nairobi exploring faith and entrepreneurship. Part of building an ecosystem that supports faith driven entrepreneurs, beyond training and networking. More ...
From an event by Sinapis Nairobi
Reimagine 492
Reimagining Education Together 
If we are to truly prepare young people for life, work and citizenship in the modern world, we need both a broader view of success and a broader view of the learning ecosystem. More ...
From a report by Big Change
iceland 492
Stopping teen substance abuse in Iceland
The %age of 15-16-year-olds who had been drunk in a month fell from 42% in 1998 to 5% in 2016. The %age who have ever used cannabis is down from 17% to 7%. Those smoking cigarettes every day fell from 23% to just 3%. More ...
From an article on Mosiac Science
Spade 492
Biblical Foundations for Social Reform 
Jonathan Tame of Jubilee Centre presents a biblical worldview for public engagement, articulates the importance of Biblical Law and offers some suggested principles for political economy. More ...
From a talk by Jubilee Centre
Neuro 492
Want to be an innovative company? Think neurodiversity.
The business world is now recognising that a neurodiverse workforce is more creative, innovative and productive, and one in which people with a range of strengths, backgrounds and viewpoints contribute to success. More ...
From an article by Wellbeing Pulse - the blog of t
right 492
Videos for asylum seekers about the asylum process.
Cover four key stages in several languages; An introduction to claiming asylum, The asylum screening interview, The asylum substantive (big) interview and After a refusal of your asylum claim. More ...
From an article by Right to Remain
Housing estate 492
Moving to opportunity?
Does moving to housing in low-poverty areas increase life chances? Breaking up pockets of poverty by using benefits to encourage low-income families to move to "high opportunity" neighbourhoods? More ...
From an article on NPR
Ekklesia 492
Ekklesia - 24/7 Church
Always people, never buildings. Vibrant, expansive, operating 24/7, unstoppable capacity for growth. A mobile people movement, operating in the marketplace to impact everybody and everything. More ...
From a talk by Ed Silvoso about his book Ekklesia
Gains 492
Who's job is it to build a better society?
Who's job is it to build a better society? What if employers encouraged colleagues to look for marginal gains in society in the roles that they're already paid to do? It's good for motivation, good for business, good for society and needn't be complex. More ...
From a TEDx talk by Joanna Finlay
Youthwork 492
Innovation in youthwork
The world is changing-and fast-and young people are connecting and gathering in different spaces and places, both real and virtual. Understanding, interest and perceptions about Christian faith are shifting. How affects youthwork? More ...
From an article by Youthscape
AV1 492
No Isolation robot
Enables children with long-term illness to virtually attend school, socialise with classmates and remain connected. It becomes their eyes, ears and voice in the classroom. More ...
From an article by Noisolation
Empathy 492
The decline of empathy
For the past 4 decades, psychologists have measured empathy. Empathy has dwindled steadily, especially in the 21stC. The average person in 2009 was less empathic than 75 percent of people in 1979. More ...
From an article by Jamil Zaki, assistant professor
OpenMic 492
Open Mic music events - what an opportunity
Sunday..the band is great, the songs are amazing-all that creativity + talent up front for 30 mins, helping us focus on God. Is that it though? If God has given such talents + his command is to go, what could you do? More ...
Geoff Knott
trees 492
There will soon be more trees than people in Milan 
The Italian city revealed plans to plant 3 million trees by the year 2030. If successful, they will absorb an additional 5M tons of CO2 a year, 3000 tons of small particulates over 10 years and lower temperature by 2C. More ...
From an article by Green Matters
Butterfly 492
Preparing for a transition
How do we help our children with change, whether that's leaving home, a new school, new house or new member of the family? Growing up inevitably involves change but sometimes we don't find it easy to manage. More ...
From an article by Parenting for Faith
Launched 492
Launched: Journeying Through Uni with God 
A group study giving students a vision for whole-life discipleship at uni - the understanding, the tools, and the confidence to live for Christ in every area of uni life. More ...
From an article by LICC
Houses 1 492
Homelessness and Community 
The issue is not one of house-lessness, rather homelessness. Putting a roof over someone’s head does not provide them with the sense of acceptance and belonging that is needed to find a home. Homelessness and community have to be understood together. More ...
From an article by Enterprise Homes
SDGs 492
The SDGs Game
The 2030 SDGs Game participants wake up to the systemic impact they already have. They see ways they can take action to make positive change that they previously had not considered. More ...
Geoff Knott
World 492
7 surprising trends in global Christianity in 2019 
Facts and trends from The Status of Global Christianity, published by The Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. More ...
From Facts and Trends
Literacy 492
Harvard study shows the dangers of early school enrolment 
Children haven’t changed, but our expectations of their behaviour have. They are increasingly required to learn academic content at an early age that may be well above their developmental capability. More ...
From an article by the Foundation for Economic Edu
Prosperity 492
How to make poverty history? 
We need to get rid of some intellectual weeds; the idea of a poverty line, a main cause of poverty is about people and their decisions, we can reduce poverty by focusing on the poor, that redistributive or targeted programmes are key to poverty reduction. More ...
From a talk by Dr Lant Pritchett
coding 492
Teaching prisoners coding 
"It’s rare to meet so many passionate learners, and their drive is humbling and contagious to be around. Graduates are now working as programmers, product managers..." More ...
From the Code 4000 initiative
Wedding 492
Are marriages becoming stronger everywhere? 
UK divorce rates have now fallen to 35 per cent, the lowest levels in fifty years. The hard data say that this is happening almost entirely because fewer wives are filing for divorce during the first decade of married life. More ...
From an article by the Marriage Foundation
Circle 492
Circle Collective
A London social enterprise running skate and streetwear stores. Helps young people break down barriers keeping them from work. 76% find employment. An initial 9 people helped has become 400. More ...
From an article in The Big Issue
School 2 492
Story of a trauma-informed school
Children are coming to school already in a state of anxiety and they do not need anyone adding to that anxiety. We're not punishing children because they are behaving badly, we're trying to understand what has happened to them. More ...
From a video by ACE-Aware Scotland
LovethyNeighbour 492
Love Thy Neighbour pack
The Love Thy Neighbour pack is designed to help and inspire you to reach out to the people around you. Whether you have just moved into your area, are struggling to connect with your neighbours, or have lived in your street for years. More ...
Geoff Knott
Flourish 492
A wellbeing discovery programme run by Liveability where people learn horticulture, conservation, maintenance and rural craft in a tranquil setting, building confidence, making friends and having fun. More ...
From an article by Liveability
2by10 492
Two-by-Ten strategy 
For 2 mins each day, 10 days in a row, teachers have a personal conversation with a disruptive student about anything the student is interested in. Resulted in 85-percent improvement in student's behaviour and in all the other students' behaviour. More ...
From an article by ASCD
Kindness 2 492
Kindness in public policy?
Talk about kindness and public policy in the same breath and you get one of several reactions including embarrassment, dismissal, irritation. However kindness matters and it makes a huge difference. More ...
From a report by Carnegie UK Trust
owner 492
Community empowerment through crowdfunded investment 
How investment crowdfunding models can be used to fund projects which are owned and run by the communities they serve, enabling community-led regeneration and boosting local resilience. More ...
From a report by Nesta
Citizenlab 492
A citizen engagement platform for local governments. It helps reach more citizens, manage their ideas efficiently, and make decisions based on real-time data. It introduces local democracies to the digital age. More ...
From an article by CitizenLab
Broken 1 492
The lasting effects of childhood trauma 
Have you ever met a person who woke up one morning and says, "My ambition is to become an addict." When people are in tremendous pain, their range of choices is limited and not only that their brains are affected by those early experiences. More ...
From an interview on STV
SRG 492
Self-Reliant Groups
Small groups of people who come from a shared economic and/or social background to support each other, develop friendships, save, share skills, start small businesses. More ...
From an article by Nesta and WEvolution
New Orleans 492
Prayer evangelism - 2
“I kept hearing the word ‘zip codes.’ As I pressed in more, I felt that the Lord wanted us to pray over the 43 zip codes that make up the New Orleans area on a daily basis for one year.” More ...
From an article by Transform Our World
writing 492
The positive effects of expressive writing 
Expressive writing or journaling has a healing quality, encouraging writers to process and find meaning from a difficult life circumstance, to let it go, and to create a new story for their lives. More ...
From The Imagine Project
knives 492
Swords into ploughshares
In an event organised by Bonny Downs Baptist Church in East London, 800 Londoners joined forces to chant ‘no to violence’ and melt down knives seized from London’s streets to make new garden tools and sculpture for display in a community garden. More ...
From an article by Red Letter Christians UK
street 492
Prayer evangelism - 1
The team walked the school area weekly, inviting the Lord’s presence. Soon, the shootings stopped and the barriers were removed. The Christian club grew from 4 students to 70... More ...
From an article by Transform Our World
Mum and child playing 492
Childlike faith… in business? 
How does being childlike work out in the context of work? Being childlike in a business environment is surely exactly what we don’t want to be? Being childlike, worry free and totally dependent on someone bigger and stronger than yourself. More ...
From a blog by Heaven In Business
Assets 1 492
What makes your neighbourhood work? 
Finding and mobilizing a neighbourhood’s assets. An overview of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and its four essential elements. More ...
From information by ABCD
Shoots 492
Purple Shoots
A not-for-profit microfinance organisation, set up to tackle unemployment and economic problems in communities. Helps people on benefits or a low income to start their own businesses, lending to people who are excluded by the traditional lenders. More ...
From an article by BusinessNews Wales
Deaf 492
9 useful apps for people who are deaf or have hearing loss 
In the last five years, advances in automatic speech recognition have opened up communication options for people who have hearing loss. Here are some of the latest tech options available. More ...
From a blog by AbilityNet
4M 492
4 million micro churches planted in less than 30 years
"We're having over a million baptisms reported, and around 150,000 simple churches started every year. And that's starting from a house church on our back porch. These churches are having babies. The longest I know, of since March 2013, is 38 generations. More ...
From a podcast by 100 Movements
oslo 492
Can being in nature speed up healing?
At Oslo University Hospital, sick kids aren’t confined to bed. They fish, chop wood, shoot arrows and paint pictures, all in a woodland cabin 650 feet from the building. More ...
From various articles
Loneliness 492
One in five Britons have nobody to open up to about problems 
Men are more likely than women to feel they don’t have someone they can confide in: a quarter (24%) say they have no one to turn to, compared to 17% of women. More ...
From an article by YouGov
Doors 492
Opening Doors - creating a trauma informed workforce
A video to open discussion on knowing how to adapt the way companies work to make a positive difference to people affected by trauma and adversity. Trauma is everybody’s business. More ...
From a video by NHS Scotland
Friends 492
"Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit”. With true friendship, friends love each other for their own sake, and they wish good things for each other. Other forms of friendship are based on either utility or pleasure. More ...
From a blog by Public Discourse
hubbub 492
Community fridges
More than 50 Community Fridges have popped up across the UK helping thousands connect to their communities, access nutritious food, save money and reduce waste. More ...
Geoff Knott
Prisoners 492
More than eight in ten men in prison suffered childhood adversity 
Children who experience ACEs are more likely to adopt health-harming and anti-social behaviours as adults, are at much greater risk of poor health throughout life, and may have greater needs for support from healthcare and other public services. More ...
From an article by Public Health Wales
AI 492
Ethics and artificial intelligence 
AI systems learn by looking at data from millions of examples. It is difficult to predict how they’ll behave in new scenarios outside these examples. How can we get artificial intelligence systems to behave ethically? More ...
From an article on Digital Insurance
Taco 492
Thought for the day
Kelly Stewart is an employee at Taco Bell in Camillus, New York. She always tries to include an extra serving of inspiration with her customer orders by taking the time to write inspiring quotes and encouraging anecdotes on the back of customer receipts. More ...
From an article by Good News Network
Trauma 2 492
Bible-based trauma healing
Trauma is part of the human experience in the broken world. How do people recover from trauma? Can the Bible help? What can the Church do? The Healing the Wounds of Trauma model can be used in any context. More ...
From resources from the Trauma Healing Institute
Migrate 492
Recipes rebuilding lives 
What started as a pilot in a home, has now developed into a charity with chefs who are refugees from all corners of the globe facilitating cookery classes for thousands of participants. More ...
From a blog by Migrateful
debt guide 492
How to deal with debt - a 3-step guide 
A new guide which uses behavioural insight techniques and has gone through extensive user-testing to maximise the chances of people using it taking the steps they need to deal with their debts. More ...
A resource from The Money Advice Trust
Book 492
The Little Book of Adverse Childhood Experiences 
Over half of the people you will meet today have lived with and been affected by ACEs. How would it alter the way you interact with them and your expectations of them, if you saw them through this lens? More ...
Geoff Knott
PB 3 492
Reducing the cost of the school day for disadvantaged families
A project aimed at reducing the disadvantage poorer families experience in meeting the cost of the school day has seen high levels of participation from children, their families, parent council members and school staff. More ...
From an article from PB Scotland
identity 492
Dwyane Wade is a US, 13-time All-Star basketball player who has just retired. His success belies his upbringing. To celebrate his final season, he has been swapping jerseys with NBA legends. Before he said goodbye, he was presented with 5 more. More ...
Geoff Knott
Bible 492
Pitching the Bible to the online generation
For 2,000 years, the Bible has been communicated in reimagined ways to reach new audiences. Today's pioneers are making the Bible more accessible and attractive to those shaped by a world of visual content. More ...
Geoff Knott
Ice Academy 492
The Ice Academy
A programme from Ben and Jerry's to support people who have refugee status get back into business and remove barriers they face entering the job market. More ...
Geoff Knott
intergeneration 492
Places where younger and older people thrive together 
Bringing diverse age groups together to fend off loneliness, share skills or talents that can help address a child’s/youth’s needs and vice-versa. More ...
From a report by Generations United and The Eisner
Sent 492
SENT: grow transformational leaders 
SENT is a new small group course from the Evangelical Alliance to help churches equip public leaders in their congregations to be transformational in the workplace. More ...
A small group course from the Evangelical Alliance
Herenowus 492
Building the Common Good
The Here: Now: Us People Common Good Training Workshop is a one-day introduction to the Common Good, designed to empower and equip people from across the Christian traditions to help strengthen civil society and build community. More ...
From a resource from Together for the Common Good
Brain 492
How compassion can triumph over toxic childhood trauma  
Supportive relationships are a key ingredient for change. Support from friends, family, spouses or neighbours or involvement in community can boost the quality and security of life for people. More ...
From an article by The Conversation
north 492
Estates evangelism
In February 2019, the Bishop of Burnley, Philip North, spoke on a motion to have a church community on every significant social housing estate in the nation. More ...
From the Synod address by Bishop Philip North
guide 492
UK employers' guide to hiring refugees
Hiring refugees is an impactful way for companies to drive their business forward while addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time - the global refugee crisis. More ...
A guide published by Breaking Barriers and Tent
Transform 1 492
Transforming Poverty - small group course
Six sessions for churches and house groups using the film 'I, Daniel Blake' to engage with God’s heart for poverty in your community. More ...
A course from Church Action on Poverty
Misfit 492
God is there and enough
Sonny Vu and Christy Trang Le, co-founders of Misfit Wearables, have had their faith tested as entrepreneurs. But relying on their faith, they helped build up a company founded on servant leadership. More ...
From a video by Faith & Co
Denver 492
Denver Day Works
Pays homeless residents to perform public service work for the city. More than 300 people have participated, and 145 found permanent employment. More ...
Geoff Knott
vroom 492
Vroom - boosting a child's learning
An app for parents and educators containing over 1,000 brain-building interactions you can do with your children. More ...
Geoff Knott
Carer 492
Supporting young carers: a guide 
There are around 700,000 young carers in the UK. 80% miss out on childhood experiences, as they need to spend time caring for family or friends. A guide as to how you can help them. More ...
From an article by High Speed Training
Father 1 492
Dad - a girl’s first and most influential love 
Evidence demonstrating the remarkable potential of the father-daughter relationship and the disastrous consequences for all when it is ignored. More ...
From a blog by the Institute of Family Studies
The feeling of “charity” turns into spontaneous, personal solidarity 
You meet refugees who are mums, dads, students, sons, fellow lovers of coffee or old movies… you stop seeing them as refugees and start seeing them as individuals. More ...
From an article by NACCOM
BLab 492
Rethinking the idea of a company
B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. More ...
Geoff Knott
Cafe 1 492
Ten ways to keep your church focused on evangelism 
Evangelism is meant to be a normal part of the life of a church. We need to recognise that this activity is not an occasional set of actions but remains in the DNA of a church’s life. More ...
From an article by Great Commission
Forest 492
Little forest folk
Spending time in nature allows for a deep connection to the natural world and exposure to a learning environment full of imagination, challenge, inspiration, awe and wonder. Why and how to use forests instead of classrooms for learning environments. More ...
From a video on TED-Ed
Soup 492
Neighbourhood soup 
Why not hold the occasional micro-granting event to help highlight and fund local projects in your community? A collaboration, a meal together, a platform for connection, a safe space, community helping fund its own people and a forum. More ...
Geoff Knott
Trauma 1 492
Childhood trauma could affect the next generation 
For every type of “adverse childhood event” (ACE) a parent went through, their children had 19% higher odds of poorer health and 17% higher odds of having asthma. More ...
From an article by Quartz
Roofers 492
Giving a homeless person a chance
In the summer of 2017, some roofing contractors in north London spotted a homeless man sleeping on a bench close to their latest job. The man asked if they might need some help with their roofing job one morning.. More ...
Geoff Knott
LeanImpact 492
Lean Impact - 2
Helping us figure out how to adapt best practises of innovation to the realm of social good. A lot of challenges have answers that are not clear and need different approaches that emphasise the speed of learning - what innovation is all about. More ...
From a talk by Ann Mei Chang
Prayer 1 492
The power of prayer for families
A practice that is beneficial to individual and family well-being. Strengthens marriages, unites family members, and boosts adolescent decision-making and health. More ...
From a blog by Institute for Family Studies
LeanImpact 492
Lean Impact - 1
Helping us figure out how to adapt best practises of innovation to the realm of social good. A lot of challenges have answers that are not clear and need different approaches that emphasise the speed of learning - what innovation is all about. More ...
From a talk by Ann Mei Chang
talent 246
Roving listening
Spending time with the neighbours in community, not to gauge their needs but to understand the talents. Hundreds of people now pass under the church's roof each week. More ...
From an article by Ministry with the Poor
stopper 492
Ways to reduce compulsive spending  
An update on a trial of an online tool which provided people with the ability to close online shops at times of their choosing and limit temptation to spend. Some good recommendations. More ...
From an article by Money and Mental Health
Everything 1 492
Insights into cultural renewal
Everything Conference report - example after example of Christians who are very clearly renewing the cultures they find themselves in, and doing so in effective, winsome and undeniably Christ like ways. More ...
From a blog by Jonny Mellor Sputnik - a network of
Scattered 492
Repositioning the Church to reach the lost
It's easier to attend a church that gathers lost people than become a people who alter communities. Yet God is not sending lost people into church; He sends the Church out into the world. More ...
From Scattered Servants by Alan Scott
barrier 492
Preaching to middle-class can hurt the poor
A good deal of the sermon applications are aimed at the middle class and this can be especially damaging for Christians who come from lower-income situations. Some nuggets. More ...
From a series of tweets by Timothy Isaiah Cho @tis
Summer 1 492
The value of real-world learning experiences
Real-world learning experiences, like summer camps, can significantly improve children’s knowledge in a matter of just days, a new study suggests. More ...
From an article by Ohio State University
Good News 492
The 99 best things that happened in 2018
Reading the media can be very depressing - it does not give a holistic view of what is happening in the world - and some great things happened in 2018. More ...
From a blog by Angus Hervey, Future Crunch
Discovery 492
A behavioural bank
A new digital-only bank aims to address financial risk by incenting five controllable behaviours - not spending more than we earn, not saving regularly, not having insurance in place, not paying off property and not investing for the long term. More ...
Geoff Knott
FirstStar 492
First Star Academy
Placing young people who are in care into academies on university campuses to support, inspire and belong. The results are startling – over 90% who attend in the USA go on to study at university versus national average of 3%. More ...
Geoff Knott
Hidden 492
Hidden in plain sight
How one church found abundance in a community of material poverty. Viewing people - not programmes, finances, etc - as their most valuable resource moved church members beyond their own walls and out into the streets, where they discovered.. More ...
Executive Toolbox 492
Executive Toolbox
Executive Toolbox run by LICC is a programme for Christian workplace leaders, which is uniquely structured to help you have a significant impact on the way you work, the people you work with and the organisations you work in. More ...
Liverpool 1 492
A Bigger Difference:  Social Action and Church Growth in Liverpool 
A report about Christians in the Diocese of Liverpool who are undertaking social action, enabling more people to know Jesus and pursuing more justice in the world. More ...
From a report by Church Army
Modular 492
Modular housing
Products that could be used in small sites locally for rapid housing development. Quality housing, manufactured offsite to minimise on site disruption, whilst keeping the price well below the market average. More ...
Geoff Knott
Mental 4 492
Mental Health Access Pack
A partnership of three organisations - Livability, The Mind and Soul Foundation and Premier Life - has recently completely updated a free resource pack about mental health. More ...
Mental Health Access Pack
EIF 492
Realising the potential of early intervention 
Early intervention is as pertinent to societal concerns today as it ever was. A report by the Early Intervention Foundation gives some insights into the latest state of play. More ...
From a report by Early Intervention Foundation
Healing 492
God's healing for businesses
Can the activities of businesses be affected by spiritual factors just as individuals are? Are there spiritual issues in your company that should be addressed and change brought to those areas? More ...
From a book by David Shadbolt
Bench 492
The friendship bench
Zimbabwe has been pioneering a groundbreaking mental health programme with stunning results. It uses public benches and a team of grandmothers to tackle depression. More ...
From an article by the BBC
ACE school 492
One school’s story of building resilience 
Steps that staff have been taking as they work to put relationships and well-being at the heart of every single learning opportunity they offer to the 500 children in their care. More ...
From a video by ACE-Aware Scotland
suicide 492
Online suicide prevention training
Free 20 minute training on how to recognise the warning signs and safeguard someone that could be contemplating suicide. More ...
From an article by the Zero Suicide Alliance
Ring 492
Divorce rate falls by 28% after relationship education programme
Can we scale up Relationship Education services to saturate a community? Could Relationship Education make a larger impact than for just a few couples? More ...
From a blog by The Institute of Family Studies
Estate 1 492
The Church and estates
If we’re serious about the renewal of Christian life in our nation we need to do what Jesus did. It’s in the edges amongst the marginalised that renewal will come. More ...
From video by the Church of England
houses 492
A stepping stone between renting and owning
Launching in early 2019, we will see an innovative approach called Unmortgage which will help people progress towards home ownership as they rent. More ...
Geoff Knott
Village 2 492
The effect of 'community' on health
The death rate from all causes was 30% lower than expected. There was no suicide, no alcoholism, no drug addiction. People were dying of old age - that’s all. More ...
From Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Swing 492
In our efforts to protect, are we increasing children's anxiety?
To become a confident, competent adult, should children go outside more, make their own mistakes and figure things out? Putting children in control helps them learn to solve problems, and cope better in new environments. More ...
Geoff Knott
Pathways out of destitution
Stories of destitute asylum seekers and organisations and people helping them. "Over the course of the first week that someone stays with you the person literally transforms." More ...
From a video by NACCOM
coffee 492
Focusing on the 1%
"We've got employees that have a label of 'ex-offender' but here they're producing product rated in the top 1% of coffees. We're doing that so that the quality of their work will change the perception of the public." More ...
Geoff Knott
Wedding 492
Marriage preparation paradoxes
Current promoted behaviours that are meant to deliver later marital quality and stability produce the opposite of what they intend. More ...
From an article by the Institute for Family Studie
Cooking 1 492
Cooking on a bootstrap
Simple recipes carefully costed for people to cook at home and incorporate more veg and plant-based foods on a budget. More ...
Geoff Knott
ChildhoodC 492
What to say to parents of a child with cancer
It can be hard to know what to say, what to do or how to be a friend. Tips on what to say to avoid difficult social situations and how to practically help the people close to you. More ...
From an article by Children's Cancer and Leukaemia
football 492
Refugee football
Each week on a Thursday night 7-8pm at a local Leisure Centre, Emmanuel Church volunteers gather up to 25 teenagers from almost as many different countries to play football. More ...
From an article by Emmanuel Church Oxford
3DPrint 492
3D printed low-cost housing 
Housing non-profit New Story and construction tech firm Icon debuted a 3D printed home for a project focused on providing low cost homes to house the homeless. More ...
From an article by ICON/New Story
Heckman 492
The Heckman Equation
Early nurturing, learning experiences and physical health from ages 0-5 greatly impact success or failure in society. The best time to develop skills, social abilities is in the very early years when developmental support is most effective. More ...
From research by Professor James Heckman
Village 492
Creating a full circle solution to homelessness 
The Social Bite Village will create an innovative, low cost, safe living environment for up to 20 people for around 12 -18 months. During this time the residents will receive extensive support. More ...
Geoff Knott
Stress 1 492
Give managers basic training in mental health 
Training managers to help care for employees' mental health would turn a contributing factor of mental illness—the workplace—into a protective one. More ...
From a blog by Quartz
Gospel 492
Life in 6 words
Jason "Propaganda" Petty, a rap artist reflects on Life in 6 words - that spell G.O.S.P.E.L. More ...
From a video by Dare2Share
Domestic 492
Teenage mental health and family life
It should be fairly self-evident that the main way we cope with life depends in large part on the security we get from what is going on at home. Research shows two key factors.. More ...
From an article by the Marriage Foundation
Why 492
why on earth...? 
A lively collection of sessions that opens up some of life’s hardest questions in an accessible way. Each session offers simple first steps in exploring a difficult subject. More ...
Resources from Church Army and SPCK
offices 492
The spirituality of professional skills and business  
Of Jesus’ 132 public appearances, 122 were in the marketplace. Of 52 parables Jesus told, 45 had a workplace context. Jesus spent his adult life as a carpenter until age 30 before he went into a preaching ministry in the workplace. More ...
From an article by Business as Mission
Streetwork 492
Detached youthwork - threats and opportunities
SU suggests the Church only reaches 5% of young people in UK. Why not try detached youthwork? Here's 10 aspects of detached youthwork that could be viewed either as threats to or opportunities for the Church. More ...
From a blog by Learning from the Streets
Breathe 492
'Just Breathe'
A film made after a 5-year-old talked with his friend about learning how emotions affect different parts of the brain, and how to calm down by taking deep breaths. More ...
From a video by Wavecrest Films
Workplace 492
Hey Papa, got a minute? 
“If Papa had a physical office in our company, how many decisions would you make without Him and what decisions would you consult Him on?" More ...
From a blog by Co-Labor Ministries
Katwe 492
Raising aspirations
Why are positive role models considered powerful? An experiment in Uganda goes some way towards answering this question. More ...
From an article by the World Bank
Marriage 1 492
The effects of pro-family policies in Hungary 
"Hungary's ever increasing support for families by the government is creating an environment where marriages and families are flourishing and abortion numbers are dropping" More ...
From an article by LifeSite News
Saddleback 492
Where can I get a bag like that?
Saddleback Leather is a business that supports ministry/missions, but also has a mission all its own — loving people, especially customers and employees. More ...
From a video by Faith and Co
Shelter 492
Shelter design can help people recover from homelessness  
The interior design of homeless shelters or transitional accommodation can either support or hinder people’s ability to assert control over their future and their self-esteem. More ...
Geoff Knott
Luminary 492
Luminary Bakery plans next steps
Luminary is a social enterprise designed to offer opportunities for women to build a future for themselves. They use baking as a tool to take women on a journey to employability and entrepreneurship, equipping them with transferrable skills. More ...
Geoff Knott
Cranes 492
Employment reduces re-offending but not just any job 
Individuals are less likely to reoffend if they happen to be released at a time when the local low-skilled labour market is strong and when well-paying entry-level jobs are available. More ...
From an article by Econofact
Microschools 492
Micro-society schools 
With MicroSociety, school is society, a thriving, modern-day, mini-metropolis—complete with a government centre, entrepreneurial hub, non-profit organizations, consumer marketplace and community gathering spaces. More ...
Geoff Knott
well 492
How come you guys don't give up on us?
There is something very persistent and consistent about the activity of a Christian community, committed to serve and committed to remain. More ...
From an article by The Journal of Missional Practi
Embark 492
Connecting talented young refugees with business leaders 
Embark is a reverse mentoring scheme that connects Turkish business leaders with young Syrians to exchange ideas, develops understanding and builds meaningful connections. More ...
From a video by Unilever
ACE Aware 492
Stories of resilience 
Over the past 18 months, some charities in Scotland working in partnership with churches have been running a remarkable campaign to help make Scotland the first Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Aware nation in the world. More ...
Geoff Knott
maze 492
What is your vocation?
Remember when you were a child, and everyone always asked you "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Now that you are an adult, does that question seem easier, or harder, to answer? More ...
From a video by Kuneo Worship Gathering
estate 492
Lessons learned in an estate context
Estate ministry is like no other that I've experienced. It is attritional and costly, you need endurance and a wide ranging set of skills, especially adaptability. More ...
From a series of tweets by Ray Driscoll
Illuminate 492
Illuminate your city
Illuminate is a mission to young people in the UK and beyond. They do this nationwide, through music, mainstream presence, schools tours, using music to connect with young people and effective follow up. More ...
From an article by Illuminate
Monastry 492
Monastery 2.0
In the past, some monasteries, communities of Christians, have focused on interacting with local communities to provide services, supporting themselves through work. What would that look like today? An example. More ...
From a film by Seattle Pacific University
Basics 492
Behind on the basics  
For some people, just keeping up with basic household costs can be a real struggle. In 2017, 140,000 people who received debt advice from StepChange were behind on at least one of their essential household bills. More ...
From a report by StepChange
Thanks 492
A gratitude journal
"After one year of keeping a gratitude journal, I took the time to total up all the mentions..... " Who and what were the top mentions? More ...
From an article from The Wisdom Project
Disconnect 492
Breaking the silence on child abuse
Nobody really knows how many adults were abused as children, either sexually, physically or emotionally. The devastating long-term impact of child abuse is only beginning to be widely understood. More ...
From a guest blog by Tony Thompson
Key 492
Being a witness for God in the marketplace
"We're always on display and I think that's the way God intended it. So many times whenever we interact with people, people are watching us." More ...
From a video by Workmatters
Chad Varah 492
Why Rev. Chad Varah started The Samaritans 
The Samaritans in the UK now have have 21,200 volunteers, 201 branches and receive around 5,100,000 calls for help per year. But how did it start? More ...
From an article by The Samaritans
Fair pay 492
Fair pay for fair work 
A look at executive compensation by St Pauls Institute. Companies need to balance justice and self-interest in a way that society perceives as fair and supporting the common good. More ...
From a report by St Pauls Institute
gardener 492
Are you a gardener or a carpenter?
Caring deeply about our children is part of what makes us human. Do we shape them like a carpenter or create a protected and nurturing space for them to flourish as in a garden? More ...
From a book review of The Gardener and the Carpent
Abundance 492
Lausanne Global Classroom: Wealth Creation 
Highlights the importance of wealth creation for global Christianity and the church in order to inspire young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and individuals. More ...
Geoff Knott
refugee 3 492
Navigating the asylum system
The Refugee Resource Centre for Churches (R2C2) was set up at the request of many Christian groups working with refugees in Britain, bringing together the expertise and experience of those involved in this vital work. More ...
From and article by R2C2
Dating 492
Fostering meaningful romantic relationships 
Dating takes social courage and we need to teach our young people the virtue of social courage. More ...
From a blog by Institute of Family Studies
Orchard 492
You won't save places you don't love
The homes, the classroom, the workplace or the marketplace can become sanctuaries as we learn how to love those places and all who share them with us. More ...
From a video at a Faith@Work event
resilience 2 492
How to be a resilient parent 
Numerous researchers have concluded that how parents respond to stressors is much more important than the stressor itself in determining the outcomes for themselves and their children. More ...
From a study by Center of the Study of Social Poli
houses 492
Financing a house 
If you are a church or a church worker, finding finance is daunting but there could be help.. More ...
From an article by Kingdom Bank
Sowing 492
Joy and disappointment in mission 
We tend to share about positive responses to outreach but we don't hear about the disappointments. What happened when a Mission Community in Sheffield got out onto the streets to share the love of Jesus. More ...
From a blog by Fresh Expressions
Broken 492
Beauty out of brokenness
"There's hope in broken people. There's beauty in broken things. That's not just what happened to us but what also God wanted to do through us - bring hope, expose beauty." More ...
From a film by Seattle Pacific University
grief 492
Grief is escorting up an even deeper feeling, a truth about your life, what you value and what you need. More ...
From a blog by Thrive Global
Wellbeing 492
Six things about resilience and wellbeing 
Lessons learned in improving resilience and emotional wellbeing in answer to the question, "Could life be more than just a struggle to keep my head above water?". More ...
From a blog by Mind and Soul Foundation
Grace 492
Grace Enterprises 
A network of businesses, big and small, aiming to provide meaningful employment opportunities for a whole range of people who might otherwise struggle to find work. More ...
Geoff Knott
Rethink 492
In the West, the church is less and less effective at reaching a changing world but many in the church continue to believe the church maintains a central role in the life of culture. Time to ReThink. More ...
From an e-book by Send Institute
humility 492
The benefits of admitting that you don't know 
How much is intellectual humility associated with learning outcomes? More ...
From a blog by Behavioral Scientist
Family 492
Being truly present with our families 
Constitutive of a happy and satisfied life is living in the presence of those we love. Consistently. More ...
From a blog by Bacon from Acorns
public 492
Bringing Jesus to work 
If you use the gifts He has given you to serve others and declare Him as the ultimate source of your motivation, you have a platform to speak about the saviour who calls us. More ...
From an article by the Evangelical Alliance
volunteer 1 492
9 key findings on impact of volunteering on volunteers 
The impact of volunteering across four main areas: mental health and wellbeing, physical health, social connections, and employability and skills. More ...
From a blog by NCVO
Cooking 492
Empathy not Sympathy  
Empathy binds us together. Sympathy divides us and turns us into consumers. More ...
From a blog by Nuture Development
Transform 492
Unilever/DFID Transform programme 
Calling on social enterprises in developing countries to apply to TRANSFORM, so they can help scale up their bold ideas. More ...
From a blog by Unilever
Reading 2 492
The value to a family of reading
Reading aloud has been found to be significantly beneficial to both children and their parents. More ...
From an article by CNN
everything 492
Culture Makers 
A call to Christians not to forget the rest of life and ask the question: ‘What should I be doing in my world to bring God’s redemptive love and power into it?’ More ...
Geoff Knott
oroville 492
What do I use today to make a difference for Christ? 
The Mayor recently became a believer, and exclaimed, “Every town should have a Father’s House!” She advocates a video about the transformation of the city. More ...
From an article by Transform Our World
glass 492
Becoming a trauma sensitive school 
Beacon House have a great list of resources on their website as recommended to them by teachers, parents and mental health professionals. More ...
Geoff Knott
afresh 492
Transforming lives of resettled refugees through entrepreneurship 
How can we best help them start afresh? We can offer refugees the opportunity and the means to shape their own through entrepreneurship. More ...
From a report by The Centre for Entrepreneurs
Frank 492
For the last, for the least, for the lost
A church began to attract people who through illness, poverty and disability were on the margins of society. The church grew and changed through this new life. More ...
Geoff Knott
microphone 492
What MPs say are best ways to lobby 
Charities face the constant challenge of how to best use funds to get their message heard by politicians. Which approach is best? More ...
From a blog by nfpSynergy
quarrel 492
Fostering empathy in children 
It’s easy to ask children of any age to apologise, and preparing children to understand why apologies matter is a crucial part of their development. More ...
From a blog by Famly
Manter 492
Speak life to your surroundings 
The Police Chief recently reported that ‘We are one of the few cities in where crime has gone down instead of up!’ More ...
From an article by Transform Our World
Muller 492
What George Mueller can teach us about prayer 
He often struggled to get into the spirit of prayer - to really feel like praying. Until, that is, he made one slight alteration in his method. More ...
From an article on Crossway
table 492
The Church of the Table 
Every day, anybody who wishes to join for lunch can knock at our door. It is a “family table”, everyone is asked to help in some task, like in every family. More ...
From a blog by Together for the Common Good
Year here 492
Year Here 
A year to test and build solutions to some of society's toughest problems. More ...
Geoff Knott
ONS 492
Children’s well-being and social relationships, UK: 2018 
Children’s well-being is an important part of the nation’s well-being. Childhood sets the foundation for a well-functioning and healthy adulthood. More ...
From an article by ONS
Bus stop 492
A ministry of loitering 
Jesus was hanging around healing pools, busy street intersections, and wells and revealed to those around him their sacred worth. More ...
From a blog by Fresh Expressions USA
Freed 492
Freed from Shame 
Real-life stories from Christians struggling with various mental health issues and suggestions for churches and individuals supporting people. More ...
From a blog by Dawn Holmes
Waves 1 492
Going against the current 
"You don't drift toward holiness because the currents that we live in are all drifting toward the values of a broken world, the easy path, a lukewarmness that Jesus spat out." More ...
Froma vlog by WorkMatters
NQA 492
No Questions Asked 
Youthscape study discovers a profound lack of questioning around God, faith and religion among the young people they spoke to. More ...
From a report by Youthscape
Prayer 492
Prayer signs 
Barry Schoder broke the Lord's Prayer down, part by part, posting it onto ten red and white signs that could be read progressively as one drove down the main avenue of his town.. More ...
From a blog by Transform our World
Maple 492
Participatory Budgeting - an example 
The Government of Ontario recently requested ideas from the public to help problems in one of 5 focus areas. These ideas were shortlisted and voted on by the public. The Government will now spend CAN$5M on 5 of them. More ...
Geoff Knott
Spear 492
The Spear programme helps 16-24-year-olds,who are not in education, employment or training, into work or training in partnership with employers. More ...
Geoff Knott
Neighbour 492
Empty-handed ministers - 2
Are You a Good Neighbour? is an online course designed to help you apply the principles of helping without hurting in everyday life—and take the first steps toward building personal relationships with people in poverty. More ...
Geoff Knott
Barber 492
The Barber helping men with dementia 
Lenny takes his pop-up barbershop to dementia care homes, providing a much-needed service to the men who reside there. But Lenny does more than cut their hair.. More ...
From a video by BBC3
Rings 492
Marriage is best for long-term happiness 
Those who marry are more satisfied than those who remain single. The benefits of marriage persist in the long-term. Marriage seems to be most important in middle age. Those who are best friends with their partners have the largest well-being benefits. More ...
From an article in the Journal of Happiness Studie
Dog 492
The effect of a dog in school 
A comfort dog is a counselling support. They possess the two most important qualities of an effective social worker or counsellor--unconditional acceptance and warmth. More ...
Geoff Knott
Recovery 492
Recovery space 
Policy recommendations to ensure that people receiving medical support for a mental health crisis are protected from financial harm, and given space to recover More ...
From a report by the Money and Mental Health Polic
hands 492
Empty-handed ministers - 1 
In stripping your team of their basic resources, Jesus is forcing you to rely completely on the local resources of those you visit due to your posture of dependence. More ...
From a blog by Fresh Expressions USA
compassion 492
Compassionate Communities
A “compassionate community” scheme in Frome aimed at tackling loneliness and associated ill health has helped cut emergency hospital admissions by 17%. More ...
From an article in Resurgence magazine
Walk 492
Discerning God in the local economy 
A ‘Retreat on the Street’ practice leads to an unexpected approach from some local businesses. More ...
From an article in Journal of Missional Practice
Mother 1 492
Community mothers 
How do you reach migrant families that stretched social services do not have time to relate to? Berlin trains unemployed mothers that are long-established in Germany but are themselves from immigrant backgrounds. More ...
From a blog by Apolitical
CAM 492
Trust in the Church 
The Charity Awareness Monitor includes a regular module on trust in public bodies and institutions. How is the Church perceived? More ...
From a report by nfpSynergy
Prison 1 492
Invisible Walls Wales 
Results of an initiative focused on supporting prisoners in maintaining strong bonds with their families, particularly their children and partners More ...
From a blog by Lemos&Crane
UTurn 492
U-Turn - a sustainable way to address the needs of the homeless 
A pathway out of homelessness which engages the community, links with specialist support services, develops life skills and gets people into employment whilst generating income from social enterprise. More ...
Geoff Knott
red flag 492
Relationship red flags 
Six warning signs that indicate a relationship is in trouble and that are particularly important to root out before they do permanent damage. More ...
From a blog by The Institute of Family Studies
Speaking 492
How can Christians effectively speak out through local and national media? 
The top ten tips based on advice given by journalists and those who engage with the media. More ...
From a blog by the Public Leader
Mental Health 4 492
Time to Change
Around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year yet the shame and silence can be as bad as the mental health problem itself. More ...
Geoff Knott
help 492
Who have we helped today? 
The practice of generosity. Watch this inspiring short video. More ...
An advert by a mobile phone company
Families 492
2018 Modern Families Index 
A significant proportion of UK’s working parents are struggling to cope with long work hours – and stalling and downshifting their careers for family life. More ...
From a report by Working Families and Bright Horiz
Social Action 492
Anglican church-based social action 
Responding to social issues and building community. Report on Church in Action 2017: A National Survey of Church Based Social Action. More ...
From a report by Church Urban Fund
Inequality 492
Insights into poverty and inequality - 4 
Since the early 1990s, inequality, as shown by the Gini coefficient, has stayed relatively level. In other words, although there is inequality there has not been a large increase in recent years. More ...
Geoff Knott
Bullying 492
Bullying insights
Early childhood settings provide an opportunity for educators to effectively prevent and stop the emergence of bullying behaviour and to foster the development of positive social interactions. More ...
From a report by PromotePrevent
CLH 492
Community-led housing - policy and case studies 
Why and how Councils are enabling and supporting community-led housing (CLH), together with case studies. More ...
From a report by The Commission on Community-Led H
Inequality 1 492
Insights into poverty and inequality - 3
Pay is not a strong satisfier but an employees’ perceived lack of pay or unfairly administered pay is a serious dissatisfier. More ...
Geoff Knott
Henry 492
Lifting spirits of those with dementia 
While music is known for lifting moods, rising evidence shows profound responses when favourite tunes are played to those with dementia. More ...
Geoff Knott
Yondr 492
Yondr - helping to live phone-free 
The effect on school campuses has been dramatic; increased attention, more socialising, better grades and lower number of discipline issues. More ...
Geoff Knott
GABV 492
Global Alliance for Banking on Values 
A network of banks, credit unions, microfinance institutions, etc from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector and society More ...
Geoff Knott
Beauty 492
Why beauty matters 
“At every level of the human experience, we are looking for the beautiful, something that gives priority to our souls, not just our physical needs.” More ...
From a TED talk
Measure 492
Insights into poverty and inequality - 2
What measures give a better indication of poverty and help focus attention on areas needing improvement as well as showing us what is working well? More ...
Geoff Knott
Faith at work 492
When you feel like you don't fit in because of your faith 
We know how to make our faith deeply personal. But we struggle to make it massively public. At times, we feel like we don’t really belong or fit in with our surroundings. How do we navigate this difficult tension? More ...
From a blog by Workmatters
Apprentice 492
Children’s or Youth Work Apprenticeships 
An option for children and youth workers? The Government part-fund costs and the apprentice must receive training towards vocational qualifications. More ...
Inequality 1 492
Insights into poverty and inequality - 1
The amount of money you have is not the main determinant of well-being; what matters is how you feel about it. People who feel relatively poor have behaviours which lead to poverty. More ...
From an article in the New Yorker magazine
Margins 492
Supporting those serving on the margins 
A report exploring how churches can support and equip their members whose work or ministry with those ‘on the margins’ takes place primarily outside of church walls. More ...
From a report by The Centre of Theology and Commun
Parents toddlers 492
Reasons to prioritise Early Years
Early Years development is at the heart of social mobility. The reasons underscore the importance of focusing on ideas and interventions that can impact child outcomes as soon as possible. More ...
From a blog by Nesta
community 1 492
Neighbourhood economics 
Why do we need to wait for government or authorities to steer money to local projects? Here's some ideas about getting the local community involved in action and funding. More ...
Geoff Knott
18-25s 492
Mission with young adults 
Not as difficult as you think. Research on successful, unsuccessful, and unproven mission with young adults (aged 18 to 30) in various church groups. More ...
From research by Church Army
time 492
Pressed for time? 
Is time scarcity because people simply have less free time today? There is little evidence for this. Instead, it may come from a surprising culprit.. More ...
From a blog by Behavioural Scientist
Window 492
Window of tolerance 
An insightful video by Beacon House which explains how a child with many adverse childhood experiences swings from fight/flight to freeze/collapse; and what adults can do to help More ...
A video from Beacon House
PSR 492
Beyond CSR - personal social responsibility 
With the PSR model, employees drive their own social good footprint and the employer follows their lead. More ...
Geoff Knott
Good News 492
The 99 best things that happened in 2017 
An incredible year for global health. Stunning victories for global conservation. Rising living standards for billions of people. An amazing year for clean energy. Breakthroughs in justice. The world got less violent. Hope for a living planet. More ...
From a blog by Angus Hervey
Lid 492
Lifting the Lid 
Livability has launched a new, free church Bible study resource regarding mental health. ‘Lifting the Lid’ helps churches engage with the mental health challenges faced by those in their communities. More ...
From a blog by Livability
Renewables 492
2017 - breakthrough year for renewable energy
9 milestones seen for renewable energy in 2017. Cost, capacity, phasing out of old ways. More ...
With thanks to Bulb Energy
Kindness 1 492
Can kindness be taught? 
Teaching kindness really does make a difference. Better behaviour, discipline rates down, inclusiveness up, grades up, student conflicts down, teacher-student relationship stronger. More ...
Geoff Knott
Emergency 492
Emergency Use Only: Update 2017  
Foodbank use update - what more had been learned, what initiatives were working locally, what policies had been changed and what still needs to be done. More ...
From a report by CPAG
blinker 492
Don't let facts get in the way
People have a tendency to seek information that confirms their existing beliefs. Providing people with accurate information doesn’t seem to help; they simply discount it. More ...
Geoff Knott
pantry 492
Local Pantry social franchise launched 
Churches and organisations across the UK can now get tools and support to set up a 'Local Pantry' community food store. More ...
touch 492
The power of touch
Touch sends a powerful message – it can do and say much more than words ever could. More ...
Geoff Knott
phone 492
What happens when we can't use our phones?
When we can’t access our devices, we learn what they provide for us and our social life. More ...
Geoff Knott
church stats 492
Where is the UK Church going? 
Latest research into UK Church trends. An overview of church life in the UK covering individual years between 2012-2017 and a forecast to 2022. More ...
From UK Church Stats 2018
2018 492
Three changes for 2018 
Relatively easy changes that businesses can make in 2018 that help people either avoid poverty or help them get out of poverty. More ...
Alike 492
The example we set for our children - how we choose to lead our lives - is much, much more important than what we say. More ...
From a video by Daniel Lara and Rafa Mendes
interdependence 492
Individualism says that it is someone else’s job to make the world better, and it’s my job to put some coins in their bucket. Interdependence says that it’s my job to make the world better. More ...
From a blog by James Perry
Banning 492
A life of impossibilities
We desire for transformation to come to those around us and the places we occupy. But what role do we really play in those results? How does God’s power intersect with our passion? More ...
From a talk by Banning Liebscher, founder of Jesus
Farm 492
Food security and jobs for unemployed 
On the rooftops of the tall buildings in Johannesburg, a green revolution is happening - an initiative to create urban gardening businesses on vacant roofs aimed at creating jobs for the unemployed whilst at the same time providing food. More ...
From a report by the Thomson Reuters Foundation
Family 492
Parents now spend twice as much time with their children as 50 years ago 
With the exception of France, parents these days spend a lot more time with their offspring - especially fathers. Britain is one of the leading countries. More ...
From an article in the Economist
Presence 492
Presence is better than presents 
A recent study suggests that small acts of kindness, not grand overtures, make people feel most loved and supported. More ...
From a study in the Journal of Social and Personal
Christianity 492
The Church and the World
Christians around the world today find themselves in very different contexts than they did 40 years ago - need to think differently about the people among whom they live and work. More ...
From a report by Lausanne Movement
Balance 492
Practical action for employers minded by the common good to help address the widening gap between top earners and lowest paid workers. More ...
Geoff Knott
Footprints 492
What makes families resilient? 
Children who know a lot about their family tend to be more resilient and therefore have better chances for good outcomes when faced with challenges. More ...
From research by Dr Marshall Duke
debt 2 492
In Too Deep: an investigation into debt and relationships 
Struggling with problem debt can lead to relationship distress, increased conflict, decreased positive communication, mistrust and relationship breakdown. More ...
From a report by Relate
Banquet 492
The banquet 
There was once a man who threw a great dinner party and invited many. When it was time for dinner, he sent out his servant to the invited guests, saying, ‘Come on in; the food’s on the table.’ More ...
A mural by Hyatt Moore
Unilever 492
Today's leaders need to commit to a purpose 
Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever, talks about his personal mission to be a force for good instead of just making a profit. More ...
From an article on Forbes
Divorce 2 492
Family breakdown - a major influence on teen mental health 
More than a third of children whose parents had split up reported poor mental health, compared to only a fifth with parents who were still together. More ...
From a report by The Marriage Foundation
Love 492
If you give a little love 
Little acts of kindness multiply... More ...
Geoff Knott
Birds 492
Society's excluded people ten times more likely to die early 
Research highlights the extreme rates of death and disease faced by excluded people and lays out clear evidence for interventions that can help save lives. More ...
From research by Pathway and UCL
St Anns 492
StART Haringey 
A community group In North London aims to build 800 homes on a former hospital site, 75% of which will be genuinely affordable to local residents. More ...
From a blog by New Economics Foundation
school 492
Making the case for new school designs 
Our model of schooling is more than 100 years old and has barely changed in that time. 10 questions to help thinking. More ...
From a blog by The Innovation Unit
Liverpool 492
City transformation - Liverpool 
15 years ago, a prayer group started firstly to meet with the police and pray about the city. They began to release the blessing of God. More ...
From a video from the World Prayer Centre
CHT Guide 492
How to help homeless people 
Church Housing Trust practical step by step guide for churches. Information on helping people at different stages of homelessness. More ...
From a booklet by Church Housing Trust
Teachers 492
Teachers - born to make a difference
Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. More ...
From a Tedx talk by Rita Pearson
Wealth 492
Wealth creation and the Church
What is the role of the Church and its leaders in enlightening, educating, equipping, and empowering God’s people for the service of wealth creation? More ...
From a report by the Lausanne Movement and BAM Glo
Knock 492
Stop the knock 
The use of bailiffs to collect council tax and other debts has risen 14% in two years. They should only ever be used as a last resort. More ...
From a report by Money Advice Trust
cafe 492
Café Church 
Two examples of church communities using high street cafés and the relationships that are formed. More ...
From material from Church of Scotland and Kahaila
legal 492
Legislating to become trauma-informed
Information on policies aimed at reducing trauma and toxic stress and promoting resiliency and trauma-informed practices in institutions. More ...
Geoff Knott
Religion 492
GB is one of the least religious nations in the world 
23% claimed their religion defined them as a person, while 62% agreed that religion did more harm than good More ...
From a global survey by Ipsos Mori
Bubbles 492
What bubble have you built around you?
People have a bias to hang out with people like themselves and keep separate from others. More ...
From a Tedx talk by Jon Yates
JLP 492
John Lewis Partnership 
The Partnership's ultimate purpose is the happiness of all its members, through their worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business. More ...
Geoff Knott
Bully 492
Bullying Junior 
Each year approximately 30% of students worldwide are the target of bullying.  Lives are lost or forever changed. How can we challenge such behaviour? More ...
From material by No Bully
commute 492
We need to talk 
What's most enjoyable - striking up conversations on a commute or just remaining solitary, alone with your smartphone? More ...
From a blog by Behavioural Scientist
Generation 492
Generation rising 
In an age of globalisation, rapid change and hyper-connectivity, what do aspiring young leaders want the future to look like? More ...
From a blog by Common Vision
SME 492
How entrepreneurial is your area? 
A report and mapping website which examines performance of small and medium-sized businesses across the UK by local authority. More ...
From a report by Nesta and Sage
Waves 492
Far beyond the waves 
Charlotte and Gavin wait in hope to be parents, but are also aware that it might not happen. They trust God regardless of their disappointments.  More ...
From a video by CV
Tour 492
A hidden history of women in the East End tour
Beyond the Streets have organised a walking tour of London's East End in connection with the East End Women: The Real Story Exhibition to raise awareness of sexual exploitation. More ...
From Beyond the Streets
Practice 492
Christians in Practice 
Research exploring how Christians connect their discipleship to their engagement in communities. Activities, motivation, connections to calling, growth, support. More ...
From a report by the Saltley Trust
realworld 492
School and community needs as real-world catalysts for learning
By using real-world problems as projects for children to solve, a primary school empowers, engages, and excites students. More ...
From an article by Edutopia
Nationwide 492
Leading for mutual value 
Joe Garner, CEO Nationwide talks on how mutuality in business - an inclusive, self-reliant form of capitalism where people help one another, is more relevant than ever today. More ...
From talk by Joe Garner, CEO Nationwide
Piggybank 492
Piggy Bank Friday 
An initiative in primary schools with 10-11 year olds to develop financial literacy. At one school. pupils saved over £24,000 in one year. More ...
From an article by Edutopia
covered 492
Is the social role of churches invisible? 
75% of UK adults cannot name any of the activities that take place inside their local church other than regular services and religious festivals. More ...
From research by Ecclesiastical
Remerge 492
Reducing reoffending by keeping mothers and children together 
Diverting women from prison and keeping families together can save money and help break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration. More ...
From a blog by Pew Research
Grid 492
Will your community be going off-grid? 
There's a global shift away from old utility models toward self-reliant, local generation and transmission. More ...
Geoff Knott
Success 492
The success sequence 
Divergent paths toward adulthood are associated with markedly different economic fortunes among Millennials. More ...
From a report by AEI and IFS
least 492
For the least of these 
Jesus calls on us to care for the poor. How do we do that when we live in a modern industrial society? More ...
12 contributors look at Biblical+economic answers
Language 492
Language as a child wellbeing indicator 
A report on how language development in early years links to social, emotional and learning outcomes in later years. More ...
Early Years Foundation
Planning 492
Community-Led Development
A look at community involvement in local planning which can then lead to self-build schemes as well as neighbourhood improvement. More ...
Geoff Knott
Keller 492
Justification and justice are joined at the hip 
Tim Keller speaks into possible polarisation between 'justification people' and 'justice people'. More ...
From a talk by Tim Keller at QIdeas
worksign 492
The dignity of work 
Inherent in who we are as humans is the need for a person to contribute to his or her family or neighbourhood or culture in a discernible way. More ...
Geoff Knott
Completing Capitalism 492
Completing capitalism 
A different way of doing business following research from Mars Inc on 'What is the right level of profit for its business activities?' More ...
Geoff Knott
Reading 2 492
Creating a love of reading 
Research into role of mothers and fathers - different impact on development? More ...
From a blog by the University of Wollongong, NSW,
estate 492
Lessons from churches in deprived areas 
Flourishing estate churches are right at the heart of what the gospel means, and if things work on an estate, then they can work anywhere. More ...
Geoff Knott
thrive 492
Factors which contribute to thriving 
Research has identified two lists of key factors, internal and external, that facilitate thriving. More ...
From a study by Dr Daniel Brown and others
Treasure 492
A Therapeutic Treasure Box 
A book packed with tools, methods and suggestions that will be indispensable to therapists, parents and anyone working with traumatised kids. More ...
Geoff Knott
Always 492
Always with us?  
Dr Liz Theoharis issues a strong theological call for ending systemic poverty in her book,  'Always with Us? What Jesus Really Said about the Poor'. More ...
From a book by Dr Liz Theoharis
Debt toolkit 492
Nudging tools for money advisers 
A toolkit, which uses behavioural science to better engage and support people with unmanageable debt. More ...
Geoff Knott
PB 2 492
Participatory Budgeting - 2  
Four Church of Scotland congregations had £5,000 each to distribute and a total of 28 community projects were funded. More ...
Geoff Knott
RJ 492
Restorative justice in schools 
Restorative justice programmes have had a measurable impact on school behaviour and educational outcomes. More ...
Geoff Knott
Light 492
Helping us to be human? 
The Light Phone is a very simple, credit card-sized cell phone designed to be used as little as possible. More ...
Geoff Knott
Community 492
Insights into community life
Results of the 2016-17 Community Life Survey exploring levels of community cohesion and engagement. More ...
From research Department of Digital, Culture, Medi
Stress 492
How the rich differ from the poor - 2 
The poor earn less, not out of incompetency, but because they must allocate mental capacity to problems that are more pressing to them than to the rich. More ...
From a blog by Adam Turville
Reading 492
Increasing the time parents read to their children 
Nudges increased parental engagement, doubling reading time and benefiting children. More ...
Geoff Knott
PEP 492
Prison entrepreneurship programme 
Groundbreaking results among graduates including an under 7% three-year recidivism rate vs national average of nearly 50%. More ...
Geoff Knott
Antenna 492
How the rich differ from the poor - 1
How does the division between the wealthy and the poor affect the social aspects of our society? Are the wealthy truly invested in the poor and do they care? More ...
From a blog by Adam Turville
Therapy 492
The Church as a therapeutic community 
Overcoming social isolation is really important to help people recover from addiction. Therapeutic communities are very powerful because of the interactions between people More ...
Geoff Knott
Trauma 492
Becoming a trauma informed environment 
Research into Adverse Childhood Experiences has meant trauma-informed practices are rising globally in schools, prisons, etc. More ...
Geoff Knott
StartSE 492
How to start your social enterprise 
If you are considering starting a social enterprise, there is an updated guide to help you consider all the steps. More ...
From a guide by SEUK and NatWest
Divorce 492
Adult children of divorce speak about their experiences 
Not only does the pain of divorce continue into adulthood, but the suffering is not lessened even if the child experienced a 'good divorce'. More ...
From a blog by Leila Miller
HBR 492
4 lessons from the longest-running study on happiness 
The Harvard Study of Adult Development has tracked the lives of 724 men for 78 years - one of the longest studies of adult life ever done. Some findings.. More ...
From a TED talk by psychiatrist Robert J. Waldinge
Selfbuild 492
Self-build housing - a win, win, win? 
With the housing shortage increasingly acute, groups and LAs around the UK are looking to community self-build as a potential solution. More ...
Geoff Knott
Parent report 492
What do parents hope and fear for their children? 
The Parent Report from Spurgeons Childrens Charity looks at parents’ hopes and concerns for their children and where they turn for help. More ...
Geoff Knott
Arts 492
Improving health and wellbeing through the Arts 
Arts therapies have been found to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress while increasing resilience and wellbeing. More ...
From a report by the APPG on Arts, Health and Well
Limbo 492
Living in Limbo - the life of a refused asylum seeker 
What is day-to-day life really like for refused asylum seekers? They tell their stories and voice their opinions on the way they are treated. More ...
From a report by NICRAS
debt 1 492
Opportunities and challenges in the debt advice sector 
Some highlights from a July 2017 report on research on the debt advice sector commissioned by the Money Advice Service. More ...
From a report commissioned by the Money Advice Ser
Start 492
Doing our common business for the love of God 
An event called 'Start:Stop' -enabling working people to start their day by stopping to reflect for 10 minutes. More ...
From a blog by Jonathan Evens, Priest-in-Charge of
Commission 492
Commission on Inequality in Education 
As well as factors including location, income, etc., the importance of parental engagement in education was assessed. More ...
Geoff Knott
Steps 492
7 steps to become a church of and for the poor 
In his talk at New Wine, Philip North, Bishop of Burnley, suggests the answer to Church decline is a straightforward one. It’s because we have forgotten the poor. More ...
From a talk by Philip North, Bishop of Burnley at 
PB 492
Participatory Budgeting - 1
Expanding the imagination about democracy could help to focus resources on the projects that are most meaningful to local communities. More ...
From an article by Jake Carlson, Participatory Bud
NUJ 492
NUJ guidelines on reporting poverty 
A film emphasises guidelines for journalists to use when reporting poverty. This builds on a pack launched in April 2016 More ...
From a pack and a film produced by National Union
XQ 492
Reimagining senior school 
In the USA, 13 schools in 11 cities are exploring new, innovative ways to engage students and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. More ...
Geoff Knott
Heart 492
Everybody's Business 
How do we as Christians approach the whole business of economic development? (Lord) Rowan Williams reflects on ethics and enterprise. More ...
From a talk by Rowan Williams
Hosting 492
Hosting Toolkit - migrants experiencing destitution 
A how-to guide helping members of the public provide spare rooms to migrants experiencing destitution. More ...
From an announcement by NACCOM
CFTP 492
A Church for the Poor 
A new book presents a vision for and practicalities of becoming a church where people from all sections of society can find a home and play a part. More ...
Geoff Knott
Chain 492
Working with young women in prison 
Young female offenders and ex-offenders in particular are in desperate need of positive role models, new skills, new opportunities and new aspirations. More ...
Geoff Knott
Rosario 492
Transformation Rosario Argentina 
In 2011, Barrio Las Flores in Rosario, Argentina, was overrun by battling drug cartels. Then Gregorio Avalos, a Christian, ran for president of the neighbourhood association and won by four votes. More ...
From a book Ekklesia by Ed Silvoso
Chan 492
Letting go of a megachurch - taking on a new adventure
I now want to gather people. Gatherings where they can actually use their gifts. Starting with just leading a small group, maybe I can just start multiplying that, teaching other people to lead and shepherd these groups. More ...
From a talk by Francis Chan
Thanks 492
Counting your blessings improves mental health  
Recent evidence suggests if the practice of gratitude is added to counselling, it shows great psychological benefits. More ...
From research by Joel Wong and Joshua Brown, India
change 492
Change the World Course 
The Evangelical Alliance have created a 4 week 'Change the World' course for small groups. This course is intended for anyone who is interested in playing a role in transforming society, More ...
A small group course from the Evangelical Alliance
thrive 492
Learning to Thrive - Beyond Inequality + Poverty 
Poverty is simply a symptom of what is going wrong. Rather than fixing what is going wrong, we have to imagine what we would want. More ...
From a talk by Barry Wright, Principal, Webb Memor
bsa34 246
British Social Attitudes Survey 34 
Every BSA survey seeks to look beyond the headlines to uncover the deeper attitudes and trends that shape our country. This year is no different. More ...
From Key Findings BSA 34
Lights 492
Beacons of light across the nation 
At a recent prayer day in Westminster Chapel, Terry Virgo was asked to talk about revival. These are some edited notes of his short talk. More ...
From a talk by Terry Virgo at a prayer day July 20
vocation 492
Marketplace vocation
How do we labour? Through the practise of vocation - using our gifts and our talents to contribute, to not only the flourishing for our own lives, but for the world around us. More ...
From a talk by Greg Thompson and Gabe Lyons
Streetplay 492
Street Play - communities brought together by kids playing in the road 
Closing a street for several hours, several times per year so that kids can play in the street and through that neighbours can meet each other. More ...
Geoff Knott
summer 492
Summer in the Forest 
This poetic film follows the life of the L’Arche community in France, where people have found what it truly means to be human. More ...
Geoff Knott
Debt 492
Credit Cards - the minimum payment trap 
In April 2017 the FCA estimated that there are four million credit card accounts in what they call long-term, persistent debt. More ...
Geoff Knott
TGIM 492
Thank God It's Monday 
How do you take a church focused on the few leaders to a church of the many helping people in the marketplace know Jesus? A pastor's story. More ...
Geoff Knott
PREP 492
Within My/Our Reach - an opportunity to improve relationships 
Workshops birthed out of 30 years of research in the field of relationship health given to over 300,000 people. Results; lower divorce rates, better communication skills, reduction in violence. More ...
Geoff Knott
HOTS 492
Healing on the Streets 
The story of the church powerfully expressing God’s love in the market place in Husby, Stockholm as they reached out to the lost and hurting on the streets. More ...
From a blog by Mark Marx, leader HOTS
poverty inc 492
Global poverty 2 - Poverty Inc. 
When a film wins 30 worldwide Film Festival honours and 11+ awards and it's about poverty, we should sit up and take notice. Such a film is Poverty Inc., drawn from over 200 interviews filmed in 20 countries. More ...
Geoff Knott
Buy Social 492
Buy Social Corporate Challenge 
A Challenge with an aim of getting businesses to spend £1 billion with social enterprises by 2020. Could your company participate? More ...
Geoff Knott
dads 492
Dads want to succeed as fathers but parent relationship needs to be strong
There is a narrative of absent fathers who had multiple children with different women and abandoned them. However, research on those fathers offers another, more uplifting story. More ...
Geoff Knott
Camel 492
Global poverty 1 - a test
How informed are you about global poverty? Answer 3 multi-choice questions and see how much you know. More ...
Geoff Knott
Action 492
Actions speak louder than words 
A study shows that the more that people were exposed to faith-based actions, the higher their religiosity and the more certain they were of God’s existence. More ...
Geoff Knott
shares 492
What is the purpose of business? 
Is it to 'maximise shareholder value' or something else? More ...
From a blog by Hugh Whelchel, Executive Director o
baby 492
Voice for the voiceless 
What you won’t find in the news each day Is that five hundred babies were aborted in the UK Their silence in death matches our silence in life An inconvenience kept out of sight More ...
Geoff Knott
Runners 492
The Race 
An encouraging and inspiring reminder of the race we are running as portrayed in Hebrews 12v1-3. More ...
From a video by Simon Guillebaud
Booth 492
Church for the poor - William Booth 
William Booth 1829-1912, revivalist, champion of social reform and friend of the poor and downtrodden, speaking on the importance of practical Christian action. More ...
A rare recording of William Booth, founder of the
Woodland 492
A community powered by its own renewable energy 
A small town in Austria became a net energy producer—generating more energy from renewables than it uses and this has brought prosperity. More ...
Geoff Knott
WillVDHart 492
A theology of mental health
A theology of mental health is an integrated biopsychosocial one. One that integrates mind, body, spirit, community, and family. More ...
From a talk at a CapitalMass event by Rev Will van
common good 492
Calling People of Goodwill 
A compact, pocket-sized booklet helping thoughtful Christians of all traditions to explore the common good in the Bible. More ...
Geoff Knott
Social Progress 492
UK in top 10 countries in world for social progress
The Index of Social Progress measures 160 countries on; Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing and Opportunity. More ...
Geoff Knott
Pregnancy 492
10 myths about parenthood and mental health
NCT have debunked popular myths and misconceptions about mental health as related to pregnancy and early years parenting. More ...
From an article by NCT
invisible 492
The largest part of the Church in the UK
We have been living through a period of exceptional change and transition in the Church in the UK resulting in a large invisible church. More ...
Geoff Knott
Disc 492
Top hits playlist
God seems to be at work through popular songs that either tap into the desire to worship that is in each of us or show something of God's love for us. More ...
Geoff Knott
GenZ 492
Gen Z: Rethinking Culture 
Research on youth culture to help to understand how to connect effectively with today’s young people and share the good news of Jesus. More ...
From research by Youth for Christ
Innovation 492
How could faith-based organisations do good, better? 
Theos report explores different aspects of religious social innovation. Organisations and individuals who are thinking and acting innovatively. More ...
From a report by Theos
holbeck 492
'Jesus is close to the poor and dwells among the broken hearted and down trodden' 
Christians moved into Holbeck - the most deprived area in Leeds 9 years ago. Their experience.. More ...
From a blog by Catalyst Network
Bowery 492
5 tips to help those on the street 
Lessons from The Bowery Mission, New York, established in 1879 and seeing lives changed every week. More ...
From an article by The Bowery Mission, New York
ollie 492
Ollie's story 
200,000 children are affected by parental imprisonment each year. Here is the story of one of them. More ...
From a video by PACT
pathways 492
Care farms 
Promoting mental and physical health by giving people the opportunity to spend time working on the land. More ...
Geoff Knott
housing first 1 492
Housing First - experience of a pilot 
In Manchester, Shelter are running a 2 year Housing First pilot working with people with complex needs. Some results are being seen. More ...
A blog by Sarah Walters who works for Shelter Manc
Vital 492
What matters to you? - a new vital sign
We all have vital signs - heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature. However there is a new vital sign about compassion, about care. More ...
From a talk by Jason Leitch, National Clinical Dir
raki 492
Random App of Kindness 
Is it possible, through an app, to teach children empathy? Early results promising.. More ...
Geoff Knott
Envisage 492
Preparing for the 100 year life 
Envisage - a social enterprise helping individuals, businesses and community harness benefits of an ageing society and change way we transition into later life. More ...
Geoff Knott
mental health 3 492
Mental health and the Church 
Difficult emotions and challenging experiences are part of normal life, and we'll probably all have them at some point. More ...
From an interview on Radio 4
Marriage 492
Marriage - a profound mystery 
A beautiful 3 minute film that reminds us of Jesus and his bride, the Church and the gospel. More ...
From a blog by Think Theology
kindness 492
Children's books that encourage kindness towards others 
Kindness is one of the most important character traits and books can help show the best ways to be kind to others or why kindness matters. More ...
Geoff Knott
worklife 492
A new Bible study resource from Navigators UK celebrates work as a crucial part of the life for which we were made. More ...
A Navigator Bible study about faith and work
Support tool 492
Web tool for advisers working with destitute migrant families 
Voluntary sector advisers and families can use the tool to find out if and when a family may be eligible to get help. More ...
From an article by NRPF Network
Fundraising 492
Fundraising toolkits 
The Diocese of London has produced a set of guides for churches to use to engage their congregations and communities or apply to trusts and foundations for support. More ...
From resources provided by The Diocese of London
8 things to remember about child development 
Harvard University's Centre for the Developing Child has published a list of key findings about aspects of early child development. More ...
From an article by Harvard University's Centre for
poverty premium 492
The poverty premium 
Research into eight types of poverty premium that households experience to varying degrees at an average of £490pa. More ...
From a report by Bristol University
SE 492
Changing the World, A Young Person's Guide to Social Entrepreneurship
UnLtd have published a guide covering the stages involved in setting up a social venture. More ...
From a guide by UnLtd
16-24s charities 492
Facts + Figures: Young People and Charities 
A quick overview of volunteering and charitable activities by 16-24 year olds in the UK from nfpSynergy More ...
From a report by nfpSynergy
Safe Families 492
Safe Families for Children 
Helps stop children being taken into care. Instead they are placed temporarily with volunteer Host Families, mostly from churches. More ...
Geoff Knott
wellness 492
Better lives, better businesses 
A sustainable social enterprise focused on improving the well-being of employees in local organisations? More ...
Geoff Knott
Snakes and Ladders 492
Snakes and Ladders 
A way of exploring the process of leaving prostitution in a workshop setting More ...
From a report by Beyond the Streets
activity 492
The impact of activity groups
How is resilience, health and well-being affected by membership of church groups such as lunch clubs, choirs, etc? More ...
From research by CUF
mens sheds 492
Men's Sheds 
A place where men feel at home and pursue practical interests with a high degree of autonomy. Considerable health benefits. More ...
Geoff Knott
Lets Talk 492
Let's Talk 
Short videos and education packs that encourage conversations about key mental health topics. More ...
Geoff Knott
Doing Good 492
Doing good does you good 
It’s often said that it’s better to give than receive but did you know that this is actually backed up by research? More ...
From a publication by The Mental Health Foundation
Home 492
A place to call home? 
A set of six bible studies for small group discussion focusing on a range of issues around housing. More ...
Joint Public Issues Team
Life 492
The Beginning of Life 
This beautiful film, supported by UNICEF, explores the impact of a child’s early environment on their cognitive, social and emotional development. More ...
Geoff Knott
Happiness 2 492
Does increasing income make you happier?
Occupations like publicans and members of the clergy, which have similar income levels, seem to have very different levels of wellbeing. More ...
Geoff Knott
wanderland 492
Window Wanderland 
Imagine your neighbourhood’s ordinary windows transformed into an outdoor gallery and all generations coming together in a fun, creative way. More ...
Geoff Knott
Housing First 492
An end to rough sleeping? 
Overwhelming evidence supports Housing First, which provides homes alongside support to homeless people with complex needs. More ...
Geoff Knott
Halftime 492
I feel like God’s called me to the mission field, which is here in this office
A dental practice but with an added dimension. “It’s restoration of lives.”  More ...
From an article by The Halftime Institute
CoS 492
Circle of Security 
An early intervention programme about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. More ...
Geoff Knott
JFTP 492
Justice for the Poor Bible study 
Poor families waited to come in for food. "Lord, we know that you will be coming through this line today, so help us to treat you well." More ...
From a video by Jim Wallis
Refresh 492
Refresh - Fresh Expressions
Church for people right where they are in the middle of everyday life. More ...
From a video by Fresh Expressions
Weifield 492
Business transforming a community
Electrical contractors, the Weifield Group are making a lasting impact on their community by giving ex-offenders and drug addicts a second chance. More ...
From a video by the American Enterprise Institute
selfharm 492
A Parent’s Guide to Self-harm 
Selfharm UK have published 'A Parent’s Guide to Self-harm' and an article 'Ten Top Tips for Parents of Children who Self-Harm'. More ...
From an article by Selfharm UK
faith 492
Faith in Dark Places 
The gospel may not only be good news to the poor but it may be good news from the poor. Through them God often chooses to show his creative love for the world. More ...
A book by David Rhodes
World Map 492
The World Family Map 2017 
Confirms family stability and marriage but it also contains some observations which run counter to media headlines. You may be surprised. More ...
From a report by The Institute for Family Studies
offices 492
Five ways church leaders can teach that work matters 
Communicating implicitly that they value the connection between faith and work as well as the validity of various callings. More ...
From a blog by Dr. Art Lindsley, Institute for Fai
father 492
Fatherhood: the impact of fathers on children’s mental health 
From pregnancy and early years through to adolescence, fathers are a major influence on a child’s emotional and behavioural health. More ...
From a report by the Centre for Mental Health
Turn 492
Want a long-lasting relationship? Turn towards one another 
Such kindness makes each partner feel cared for, understood, and validated—feel loved. More ...
Geoff Knott
Learning 492
Good practice for spiritual development with people with learning disabilities 
Practical steps to take to ensure that the spiritual aspirations of people with learning disabilities are met. More ...
From report by Caritas Westminster, St Joseph’s Pa
Grandparents 492
Grandparents and children - two-way benefits?
We intuitively know that grandparents contribute to children's wellbeing but what are those benefits and are there reciprocal ones to grandparents? More ...
Geoff Knott
Kammock 492
Kammock - moving people beyond a product into a deeper experience  
Encouraging and using adventure very strategically to help produce something greater in people - humility, curiosity and wonder. More ...
Geoff Knott
Assets 492
Assets not Burdens: using church property to accelerate mission  
A Centre for Theology and Community report on research into how  churches of all denominations use their buildings in one London Borough. More ...
From a Centre for Theology & Community report
Shopper 492
Shopper Stopper
Giving people control over the shops that never close.  More ...
Geoff Knott
Creativity 492
Encouraging creativity 
Creativity is very relevant to the way people work and also discovering who you are - what interests you and what could be your vocation. More ...
Geoff Knott
MacGregor 492
Rev. William MacGregor - champion of the poor
Sought to improve the lives of the poor in Tamworth in many ways and paid a price. More ...
Geoff Knott
Godbehindbars 492
God Behind Bars 
Churches are streaming services into prisons. Family members of prisoners can watch the same service at the same time - attend 'church' together. More ...
Freedom 492
Debt help buys financial freedom for years 
CAP's The Freedom Report - research on importance of debt advice in building financial capability, resilience to stay free of problem debt.  More ...
From The Freedom Report CAP UK
Shelter 492
Books that help children understand migrant and refugee experiences 
A great resource to help get children focusing on identity, belonging, conflict, migrant and refugee experiences - helping them make sense of the world around us and our place in it. More ...
From an article by The Centre for Literacy in Prim
Resilient Business 492
The Resilient Business 
How do we move from individually living out Christian values at work to embedding a Christian ethos at the heart of our organisations? More ...
From a publication by the Jubilee Centre
Ekklesia 492
Tradition - ballast for the voyage or an anchor? 
A radical break from tradition led to something on the order of an evangelistic tsunami so powerful that many Corinthians “were believing and were being baptised” (Acts 18:8). More ...
From an article by Ed Silvoso
Mechanic 492
Something exponential is possible when we release what we have been given to steward 
The story about how the church in Chicago came to be giving 200 cars away a year. More ...
From a video by Gospel Patrons
emotions 492
Teaching children about emotions 
Helping children to understand and manage their emotions is a key to their future health and development. More ...
Geoff Knott
Pay Compare 492
Pay Compare - helping make pay ratio reporting common practice 
The pay ratio enables employees, shareholders, consumers see how serious a company or organisation is about fair pay and equality. More ...
Geoff Knott
Andy and Nigel 492
Leading a church to minister with people experiencing poverty
Interviews with a church leader on changes in practice, identifying ministries, governance, partnership, money. More ...
From a series of blogs by Nigel Ring
bikehub 492
In London? Have you space for a Bike Hub? 
The Bike Project's mission is simple: to get refugees cycling. A bike can help them reach the many resources that London has to offer. More ...
Geoff Knott
Theology 492
The Theology of Work Bible Commentary 
A free, online resource that explores what the Bible says about faith and work, book by book through the Bible. More ...
Geoff Knott
mother 492
The things I would tell myself before I had children 
Emi Watson is a mum of two and a Digital Advertising Sales Manager. In this extract from her blog on the Mental Health Foundation website, she reflects on the changes she has experienced since becoming a mum. More ...
From the Mental Health Foundation
Diversity 492
How diversity makes us smarter 
Decades of research by organizational scientists, psychologists, etc show that socially diverse groups have better outcomes than homogeneous ones. Affects a church? More ...
From an article in Scientific American
20schemes 2 492
The rich history of gospel work among the poorest
Some people may wonder if the gospel really will work in places that are deprived by our world standards. History and scripture tell us otherwise. More ...
From an article by 20schemes
zeroto3 492
The 'Missing' First Year?
While parents have a general understanding that what happens in a child’s early years can last a lifetime, many don’t realize at what age babies and toddlers can begin to feel complex emotions. More ...
Geoff Knott
ortberg 492
Building a culture of justice in your church
Nancy Ortberg talks about how to build a culture in your church which attracts non-believers to Christ. More ...
From a talk by Nancy Ortberg
Fin Exclusion 2 492
The use of digital technologies to tackle financial exclusion
The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) hosted a roundtable discussion in July 2016 to discuss how digital skills and technology can help tackle the problem of financial exclusion. More ...
From a report by CSJ
Homelessness 492
Church and homelessness survey report
What are churches are doing for homeless people and what are the challenges they face in meeting the seemingly increasing demand? More ...
Geoff Knott
hair 492
More than hair
Whatever you do, wherever your work takes you, God has uniquely equipped you to serve and to meet people at their point of need. More ...
From an article from The High Calling
LearntoLead 492
Empowering the young to lead
Learn to Lead - a programme for youngsters that takes engagement to a new level. Applicable to church children and youthwork? More ...
Geoff Knott
relationship 1 492
Couples relationship quality higher if both or just man attends services
What is the association between regular religious attendance and relationship quality for married and unmarried couples? More ...
From research by The Institute of Family Studies U
MHF Facts 492
Fundamental Facts about mental health 2016 
The Mental Health Foundation have published a comprehensive summary of mental health research in November 2016. It provides a unique handbook of key facts and figures, covering all key areas of mental health. More ...
From a report by The Mental Health Foundation
Limited 492
Forecasting which children will cost society the most 
20% of the population accounts for the lion’s share of social costs such as crime and welfare dependence as adults. Can we predict at age 3 and intervene? More ...
From research by King’s College London, Duke Unive
business 492
Everyone’s Business: Making Business Work for All 
A CSJ report looking at what changes might be needed to help businesses increase the societal impact of their activities alongside their commercial returns. More ...
From a report by The Centre for Social Justice
pencils 492
Relationships and good health the key to happiness, not income 
Results of a study of the Origins of Happiness, analysing survey data from four countries. What were the findings? More ...
from an article by LSE
Funders 492
Christian funders and grant-making: an analysis
Who are the Christian funders who give to multiple organisations, what they are doing and what the future of the sector might look like? More ...
From a report by Theos
people 492
Higher levels of education do not mean higher levels of tolerance 
Education is said to make people more tolerant by enhancing their knowledge and reasoning skills. As the generations become better educated and enlightened, does society become more tolerant? More ...
From an article by Jan Janmaat, UCL
Ed Moy 492
The effect of purpose at work
Ed Moy connected the everyday work of the U.S. Mint to a larger narrative and experienced a dramatic turnaround in employee morale. More ...
From a blog by The Gospel Coalition
top10 492
Top 10 blog posts 2016
I've been looking at the tens of thousands of visits to the Word on the Streets website since starting in April 2016 and the number of visits to each blog. Which ones were of most interest across the site? More ...
Geoff Knott
memory 492
Memory Café
Memory Café is run by St Cuthbert's Church, Wembley and helps the elderly and lonely who live locally. By doing this, the church has been able to create a real presence in the community and has grown. More ...
From an article by the London Diocese
We are family 492
We are Family: the changing face of family ministry
How is the Church working with families today? What does this ministry look like? What training and resources are available for those working in this field? More ...
From research by CGMC and The Methodist Church
Hauge 492
Hans Hauge
Hans Hauge was born in 1771 in southeastern Norway into a farming family. Despite only having a primary school education, he read the Bible and devotional books daily. In April 1796, he was ploughing a field when.. More ...
From material from Hauge Institute
NPC Difference 492
What a difference a faith makes
New Philanthropy Capital published a report in November 2016 entitled, 'What a difference a faith makes: Insights on faith-based charities'. What were the key findings? More ...
From a report by NPC
Welcome 492
Clergy Hosting 
Clergy Hosting is clergy offering hospitality to homeless migrants or refugees. More ...
Initiative of CapitalMass, DioLondon. Housing Just
resilience 1 492
10 tips for building resilience in children and teens 
Building resilience — the ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even significant sources of stress — can help our children manage stress and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. More ...
From a guide by the American Psychological Associa
spotlight 492
Commissioning people for the workplace
Recognising and commissioning people for the work they do during the week is a powerful message that their work matters not just to them but to fellow Christians and, above all, to God himself. More ...
From an article by The Mockler Center
elderly 492
Cook an extra plate for a neighbour
Volunteers share extra portions of home-cooked food with people in their area who aren’t always able to cook for themselves. They share once a week, once a month, or whenever works best for them. More ...
Geoff Knott
easypeasy 492