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From a video by Faith & Co

Canlis is the 67-year-old, award-winning restaurant in Seattle that is pushing the envelope when it comes to employee development. By carefully selecting those whose core identity aligns with their involvement in the company, and then nurturing the process of self-discovery and development, Canlis has forged a world-class fine-dining experience.

For employees, they work really hard at trying to be a place that's worth spending a fraction of your life at. That's what the interview process is about - seeing if they can help a person figure out what they want, what they actually deeply, truly want and then helping them get it. They have 120 employees and the restaurant is the story of their lives and their becoming.

They feel the idea that discovering what your employee wants might be the most precious, most valuable thing you can do as a business owner.

Say you're interviewing to work at a company and the employer likes you but you are thinking that the interview is going well but this company is not for me. But the employer persuades you with benefits, etc.  The employer is convincing you about something that may not be right for you, because it is good for the employer. Do you see what's happening at the onset of this relationship? You're fooling one another. You are both coming into it in the most selfish way they can, which is, 'I don't really care about you, I'm just gonna do what's good for me'.

So when Canlis is interviewing, the sole operative question is, "How would working here help you become who you're hoping to become?" Not what, but who.

"It is an amazing opportunity for people to experience being truly cared for, and the way that we care for people here, it feels like the gospel fleshed out." Hannah Reid, former lead server, now a People and Culture Manager at a financial services company.

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From a video by Faith & Co, 15/12/2021

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