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"The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it." Psalm 24v1

For the last few years, the Everything Conference has been hosted in London by David and Philippa Stroud. The Conference is open to all who want to be equipped to use the resources they have to create a better world. 

David Stroud, who is the senior leader of ChristChurch London explains the vision behind the Conference, "Many Christians give their time and their energy to their own spiritual life and life in the church. The rest of life can be seen as stuff that you have to do, but if you’re really connected to God, you give your time to the church. However, the Bible says: 'The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it'. Not only does God own everything but when Jesus came and died, he reconciled all things to God. The Everything conference is a call to Christians not to forget the rest of life. And ask the question: ‘What should I be doing in my world to bring God’s redemptive love and power into it?’"

They encourage the professionals who attend Church not only to work hard but ask what it means to contribute to their industries, asking the question, "What difference should it make for us to be part of those structures and those industries?".

As well as holding the Everything Conference in London in November 2018, David and his team have organised 2 further events this year - both of them Retreats. 

The first event on June 23-24 near Reading is the Everything Culture Makers’ Retreat and aims to develop a community of like minded people who want to work for the renewal of culture. As well as having plenty of time to connect with others, attendees will clarify their own sense of call and hear from seasoned practitioners about the lessons they have learned from a lifetime on the front line of cultural renewal. There will also be opportunities to worship and pray together. The weekend is for anyone wants to use their gifts and abilities to work to build a better world. This includes those working in the arts, business, education, healthcare, media, science, government, non-profit and other sectors. Hosted by David and his wife, Philippa who is the CEO of the Legatum Institute and was made a life peer in 2015 in recognition of her work tackling poverty and social breakdown.

The second event on June 27-28 in north Hampshire is the Everything Church Leaders Retreat which is open to church leaders and their teams who want to explore what it means to work for the cultural, social and spiritual renewal of our communities. Attendees will come from a wide range of denominations and new church networks. Guest speakers include; Jon Tyson from Church of the City, in New York who will be skyping in to talk about some of his most recent lessons in building a church in New York that is committed to the renewal of the city and Rachel Gardner, founder of the Romance Academy and President of the Girls Brigade who will be talking about helping young people engage in healthy relationships, church, and spiritual and cultural renewal. Sessions will consider the foundations for cultural, social and spiritual renewal, provide case studies and practical application. There will also be plenty of opportunities to get to know others as well as to worship and pray together.

Opportunities to learn, reflect, be equipped and encouraged and meet others on the journey.

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