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Mum and child playing 246Childlike faith… in business? 

From a blog by Heaven In Business

Lisa van den Berg, Director of ‘Heaven in Business Online’ lives in Redding, California and hails from South Africa, via the UK. She and her husband recently returned to South Africa on holiday and while they were there she met their little grandson for the first time. She learned valuable lessons that deepened her understanding of what God talks about when He says to come to Him as a child.

How does being childlike work out in the context of work? Being childlike in a business environment is surely exactly what we don’t want to be? She saw many correlations between when work is easy and the way she'd seen her grandson act. Childlike, worry free and totally dependent on someone bigger and stronger than yourself:

1. Delight
Every morning the grandson would come bounding into their room at around 5am – full of the anticipation at seeing us. His delight matched theirs as they heard his giggles approaching the door. The pure joy of seeing each other completely wiped out the fact that it was 5am!

God is delighted to see you. You’re His beloved child and He eagerly anticipates being able to go through your day with you.
Do you have a meeting you’re dreading? God is going with you, and will be present with you in the meeting. How does this change your perspective of the meeting? What is now possible? Pause and ask to feel His delight and hear His perspective on your meeting. (1 John 4:18)

2. Choice
Whenever the grandson was tired or wanted comfort, he would lift his arms and come sit in her lap. The tremendous feeling of love that overwhelmed her when I knew that he CHOSE to come sit by her was priceless. He chose because he knows he is adored and that she'd take the time to sit with him.

God loves it when we choose to be aware of Him. God isn’t only our ‘emergency help’. He is with us always. As you go through your day, choose to turn your attention to God and talk things through with Him. Choosing to go to Him warms His heart and releases Heaven’s blessings. (Acts 17:24-28)

3. Guidance
On a walk, when he decided to try to navigate a trickier part, she moved closer so that she was within reach of him should he need her. Depending on the obstacle, she moved very close or prevented him falling.

God’s got you. His attention is always on you and He will navigate you through obstacles and challenges that you can’t even see. He is truly working everything out for your good, so keep your hope anchored in that truth when you face rocky circumstances at work. When you’re facing a difficult decision or don’t know how to move forward, go for a walk and talk to Him about the issue. Sooner or later a thought or solution will pop into your head that you can act on (Rom 8:28)

4. Provision
He didn’t even think about where provision was coming from, he simply trusted that it was coming. From that provision, they didn’t just give him what would sustain him, they gave him what would be good for him. When he wanted food, he didn’t hesitate to ask.

God is our source, and everything else is simply a resource. This is typically a difficult one – especially in business. His promises are clear and true – He is a good Dad and will provide. Take communion and remind yourself of the promises in the Word, previous testimonies of how He has provided in your own life and stories you’ve heard from others too. All of these steps build faith that he’ll do it again! (Jer 29:11)

5. Being carefree
The grandson approached each day as a new adventure, unburdened by yesterday’s worries. What was in front of him in this new day was what he wanted to investigate.

God’s promises fill us with hope. Learning lessons from our past and focusing on looking forward to what God promises, helps us to have a hope-filled view of our work. We see influencing people and our industries with good. We see imposing situations that are way too big for us to handle – sorted out by God. We see possibility…everywhere. (Phi 3:13-14)

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From a blog by Heaven In Business, 12/06/2019

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