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Cotton 246Homeless shelter plus - the Cotton Street Project

The Cotton Street Project has helped improve the lives of homeless people in Liverpool. Signature Living launched The Cotton Street Project in 2018. It is a homeless shelter designed with a difference.

They have created a centre that gives the guests a home, with a bed and their own clothes behind a lockable door, a community are where they can eat whenever they wish through out the day and a joinery and upholstery workshop, that has given them hope - so much so that several individuals now have their own accommodation and a real job.

"I found myself homeless last year for the first time in me life at nearly sixty years of age. I had a drug problem. I had never been on the street and it broke me. In two weeks being here, I put 12 pounds and not taken drugs. It has saved me." A guest.

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From a video by Cotton Street Project, 24/03/2020

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