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Carpets 246That Night, I Had A Dream 

From an article by Unreached Network

A story from the 10:40 Window. Identities have been disguised to protect contributors.

"I had a feeling when I was young, that I wanted to get closer to God. My friends were becoming fanatical about Islam and they were trying to take me with them on their extremist path. These friends were the kind of people who would want to kill anyone who had ideas different from Islam. 

But I had a depression. I thought this was Satan attacking me because I had a strong faith. I kept praying to God, “I want to know you more, I want to know you more”. The closer I tried to get to God, the more depression in my life increased.

Years later in my work. I got to know someone who was a Christian. I thought everything he was saying was wrong, but I thought if I listened to him, he might listen to me.  Over the years, we became friends. What he said sounded right, but I also thought it was from Satan. 

I asked God to show me who is right, me or him. 

I started getting closer to my Christian friend because I wanted to hear him more. My friend started reading the Bible out loud so I could hear. I started to love hearing about Jesus Christ. 

I said to God, “Jesus if you’re real, I need to see you”. 

That night when I was sleeping, I had a dream. I was standing in a courtroom and I was waiting to be judged. The judge came into the room and He was beautiful. He sat next to me and gave me a piece of paper. 

Sobbing, I read the paper. On this paper was a list of all the worst sins in my life. This was the kind of paper you don’t want anyone else to see. I was crying. He took the paper from me and said,“I forgive you.“

After this dream, I had a love for Jesus and faith in him.  I started experiencing love and happiness in my life.”

Why not pray for your neighbours and contacts to have an encounter with Jesus...

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From an article by Unreached Network, 09/05/2023

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