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Clarissa 246Clarissa

A video by Groundswell

Clarissa is a film created to improve the health of people affected by homelessness, through better understanding of their experiences.

This important film aims to create change through insights within the storyline of the main character, Clarissa. Her story is one of trauma, the importance of trust, and how this impacts someone’s experiences of healthcare.

It has been woven together from real experiences of people trying to access the healthcare system while facing homelessness in the UK.

Clarissa is a fictional film created in collaboration people who have lived experience of homelessness. It is not intended to be viewed as best practice, but instead open up the conversation about the barriers to accessing healthcare faced by people who are experiencing homelessness, and potential solutions to these.

Content Warning: Clarissa explores themes relating to childhood abuse, drug taking and drug dependency. Should you need further support in relation to these issues, please see a list of organisations you can contact.

Watch the 23 min film:

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A film by Groundswell, 07/12/2021

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