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Kami 246Kinhub - personalised support for every parent 

Kinhub is a family wellness service aimed at companies. Their employees can access a wide range of parental wellness consultants, covering many specialties, via chat or video call, as well as a comprehensive range of parenting articles, guides, and tips. They have extended this service to support life's key journeys e.g. bereavement.

Their founder CEO, Erika Brodnock is a MBA & Visiting Research Fellow at Kings College London. Kami was born out of three founders' personal experiences with balancing family life, work and wellbeing. They each have their own unique stories and have spent hours chatting to hundreds of families in order to truly understand their needs and how to best support them.  

For example, they have found that 53% of fathers want to downshift their working role due to a lack of work-family balance. 77% of mothers report having a negative experience during their maternity leave and return to work. 80% of women say their employer has no menopause policy, with 10% leaving their company as a result.

Here are some example subjects of their guides for parents:

  • The importance of play in children's lives.
  • Women's health.
  • Sleeping routines for toddlers.
  • Baby sleep tips.
  • Postnatal depression in dads.

And for employers:

  • Why parental wellness is vital to a healthy workplace.
  • Managing employee grief after pregnancy loss.
  • Managing an employee who becomes pregnant again while on maternity leave.
  • How to support your employees after they return from parental leave.
  • Why employers should be working in partnership with parents.

Kinhub acts as an intelligent support assistant that helps working parents and their employers, by offering round-the-clock support and guidance, as well as personalized data insights. Specifically, they've focused on easing people through the journey of being new parents as they transition back into working environments. Traditionally, you either had to rely on other parents for advice or comb through forums and messaging boards to find answers to your questions. With Kinhub, parents get answers to common questions instantly and seamlessly connect with parenting experts. from midwives and doulas, to sleep consultants and psychologists.

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Geoff Knott, 25/01/2023

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