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Neighbourhood 246"The reason he's still alive is because you've been praying over us as a family" 

From a video by Transform Our World

Jeff Brawley is the leader of Encounter Ministries in Missouri, USA. Recently, the Holy Spirit began to convict him that he have never really prayed for his neighbours. He decided to spend intentional time praying and blessing them. He tells the story:

I was listening to a message by Bill Johnson and he mentioned the Ekklesia book and the Holy Spirit said, "Order the book." and so I did. Then I kept hearing about Transformation training and the Holy Spirit said, "This is for you."

Leaders from our Encounter Ministry are now taking this and it is taken us farther than we ever dreamed possible.

Maybe in one of the first sessions we had, someone said something about adopting our neighbours. I live in a rural area so my neighbours are scattered but I realised that, although we minister to many others, I'm driving past neighbours that I've lived basically on the same road for the last 46 years.

So three, four weeks ago, I just started calling them by name and praying over them in my prayer time. About three weeks into my prayer, something amazing happened. One of my neighbours called me and she said, "I need to ask for prayer. My son was in an altercation and got shot. He's in the hospital."

I don't know her son well at all. And so I told her about the Ekklesia book, and how that God had been having me over the past three, four weeks, praying over my neighbours.  She almost lost it. She said, "That's the reason he's still alive because you've been praying over us as a family. Please don't ever stop!"

So I prayed with her on the phone and have been checking with her about her son. It's so amazing.

And so I just want to encourage everyone if you haven't started praying for your neighbours. Or maybe you haven't seen anything happening yet - It will happen...
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From a video by Transform Our World, 02/08/2022

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