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From a video on TED-Ed

Spending time in nature allows for a deep connection to the natural world and exposure to a learning environment full of imagination, challenge, inspiration, awe and wonder. Why and how to use forests instead of classrooms for learning environments.

In one generation alone the proportion of children playing in the wild has fallen from just over half to now only one in ten playing regularly in wild spaces outside. As David Attenborough said nobody is going to protect the natural world unless they understand it and playing in a little forest gives children that understanding of the natural world. It engenders a love and respect and understanding of it and therefore will be protected. 

Children have a right to a deep and regular connection with nature and they have the right to experience the freedom and the adventure that only playing outdoors in nature can provide. Our forest environments are precious to us. They are a learning environment and an inspiration.

Watch this 6 minute video about the concept.

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From a video on TED-Ed, 13/02/2019

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