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Waves 246Far beyond the waves 

From a video by CV

CV have recently published a moving video about a couple who wait in hope to be parents, but are also aware that it might not happen. They trust God regardless of their disappointments. 

When Charlotte married Gavin their hopes of starting a family were quickly dashed by news that they were unable to conceive. Miraculously, four years later, to their amazement Charlotte and Gavin found out they were expecting a baby. Life couldn’t get better.

At a routine check-up, the midwife was unable to find a heartbeat. Charlotte and Gavin found that the baby had died. Elation turned to despair as Charlotte came to terms that she would have to give birth to a still-born. Their dreams were shattered and they left the hospital without their baby.

There will be times when we don’t fully understand why life fails to materialise in the ways we hope. Charlotte eloquently reflects on the uncertainty of life by referring to the unpredictability of the ocean. There are times when tides and currents pull us from here-to-there, however if we keep our gaze on Jesus and keep His Word and promises in our heart, we will be able to transcend circumstance and stay faithful.

Watch their story in this 8 minute video:

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From a video by CV, 31/10/2017

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