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Doors 246Opening Doors - creating a trauma informed workforce

From a video by NHS Scotland

NHS Scotland partnered by the Scottish Government have produced a short animation which is designed to be relevant to all workers within the Scottish workforce. It aims to support workers to know how to adapt the way they work to make a positive difference to people affected by trauma and adversity. Trauma is everybody’s business.

It is designed to help start discussion in the workplace about how interacting with people with adverse childhood experiences may mean changes in practices or changes to how people personally relate to others.

Many of us at work will have our own experiences of trauma in our own lives. Or we might witness or hear about it in the course of our work. So the same principles apply to all of us. We all need to take care of ourselves by making sure we're safe and connected to the people and activities that matter to us. Can you think of anyone you've met or worked with recently that a trauma-informed approach would have made a difference to? Are there any trauma-informed changes you might make that could make a difference?

If people feel valued and valuable, connected, and safe and that happens over and over again with everyone, people can learn that it's safe to make connections with people. It is those connections that we all need to access life chances and reach our full potential.

The 9 minute video is quite explicit and you can watch it here:

You may want to use it to open up discussions in your workplace.

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From a video by NHS Scotland, 22/05/2019

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