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Single mother Jack Monroe knows what life can be life without a job and living on benefits. Finding herself with a food budget of just £10 a week, she began to create nutritious recipes to feed herself and her son. Giving the recipes out to a local food bank, to help others in her situation, she then began to publish them online on her blog, 'A Girl Called Jack'.

After starting to blog, Penguin offered a cookbook deal. The result was a recipe book 'A Girl Called Jack' which has sold 60.000 copies. This was followed by 2 other similar recipe books - 'A Year in 120 Recipes' and recently 'Cooking on a Bootstrap'.

Each contains original recipes that she has created, carefully costed from major supermarkets, to encourage people to cook at home, and to cook simply, cheaply, and incorporate more veg and plant-based foods on a budget.

Her website is here. Books are available from the usual sources.

In a similar vein, there are 3 books in the 'One Pound Meals' series by Miguel Barclay who started on instagram and has amassed 280,000 followers.

His books as well are available from the usual sources.

Could someone you know benefit from any of these books? Could you take them through some of the recipes?

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Geoff Knott, 10/10/2018

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