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The BizMin Course equips Christian entrepreneurs to make business their ministry. Using the Bible's business wisdom, a 10 session course unpacks how a business run God's way can become a fruitful ministry and a deeply satisfying life’s work. BizMin's goal is to see a generation of Christian business leaders and owners transform the culture of business for the good of society and the glory of God.

The founder of BizMin, Paul Bulkeley, a leader of an architectural practice in the UK, introduces BizMin as follows, "It's all about the idea of discovering what is Kingdom business and that business can be your ministry."

"As a young man in my twenties, I was passionate to serve the Lord but really grappling with where and how the Lord wanted to use me. I struggled to see beyond quite a narrow understanding of what a full Christian life looks like. That was limited to full-time work in a church, whether it be a pastor or a missionary or something quite specific. This is very deeply ingrained in our Christian culture globally - people out in the world cannot really achieve higher levels of spirituality. Somewhere deep down, a lot of Christians find it difficult to reconcile that they want to do all they can with their lives for the Lord but there are only narrow opportunities. This leaves 95%+ of Christians feeling they're not quite delivering their full potential for God.

"It took about 15 years for God to begin to reveal to me why I was correct to have followed what I believed to be his calling into business. I sensed God speaking to me about going into business right from the beginning but it was only about 15 years later that I actually understood that this was okay and I stopped feeling a sense of, ... guilt would be too strong a word, but a sense of inadequacy, a sense of why am I doing this and what is really the purpose of this."

BizMin's mission is to ‘Masters’. They believe business owners and leaders, who they call Kingdom Entrepreneurs, have unique opportunities and responsibilities in the Kingdom of God. They are able to define the culture of their company, impacting all those who connect with them. They encourage and support anyone who is seeking to transform their business into their ministry. They also work in partnership with church leaders; whose five fold ministry is to ‘equip the saints for works of service.’

If it is your business, BizMin believe it is your ministry. The BizMin Course will help you to press on and take hold of all that God has prepared for you and your business.

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From resources by BizMin, 06/04/2022

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