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From an article by Mind Your Own Business

Launching your own business or social enterprise is a big leap of faith. MYOB have launched a “Mind your own business” business start up workbook which can be used by individuals but is best used by a small group working together. It is available as a free download.

Part 1 of the workbook includes inspiration stories and looks at personal qualities needed; Part 2 is the core start up programme including what business to start, market research, marketing, planning, costs, cash flow, profits, structure, name and funding sources; and Part 3 gives further vital information on running a business including online presence, sales development, promotion, reporting, compliance, information security, growth strategy, exporting and how to sell the business.

The Mind Your Own Business workbook has is origins in a programme developed by Mike Clargo and members of Transformational Business Network for Uganda and beyond, which was massively successful in helping people create real jobs for themselves. It was then redeveloped by Jerry Marshall and Susie Romney as Germinate Enterprise, to be a UK rural resource. The programme has now been improved, updated and extended as Mind Your Own Business, for use in any context.

The hope is that anyone can simply pick up the material and work through it, ideally with a few friends. Or facilitate a small group in their community.

Comments from participants:
"I love the fact this course is for regular people to help them better themselves."
"I learned a lot and now I feel more confident in starting a business."
"This course really helped me think logically through the step-by-step of setting up a business for the first time."
"The structure of the course is excellent – succinct and easy to understand and implement."

Download the resource here.

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From an article by MYOB, 25/03/2020

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