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From a course by Relational Mission

Being witnesses for Jesus, by pointing to him with words, works and wonders and inviting others into relationship with him… This is what we are all called to be and to do as his people.

But for most of us it can seem so daunting; leading us to comparing ourselves to those that appear to find it "easy", and we lose even more confidence as a result!

Relational Mission has come up with something that they believe all of us can have a go at, and see ourselves start to grow as a result.

Take a step

Over recent years, "Couch to 5K" has become a popular running programme for beginners. Relational Mission were inspired to come up with an evangelism equivalent, the "Take A Step" Initiative: ten weekly sessions made up of a short video alongside steps that anyone can attempt, that fits around your schedule and applies to your context.

The free course has been designed to cover subjects like our identity in Christ, being people of peace, offering prayer - all the while learning simple, practical tools for sharing what Jesus has done for us.

It’s a way to get started on the journey to sharing your faith regularly. There's no expectation to keep up the pace if you'd like to linger on one segment for longer. And once you’ve completed ten sessions, there will be resources for discipleship to help you continue the journey.

You can join in as individuals, as small groups or even do it as a family.

Join in, enjoy the journey and see what God does!

See course details here.

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From a course by Relational Mission, 05/08/2020

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