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From a story sent out by Sinapis

Sinapis is a community of over 1000 faith driven entrepreneur alumni. Sinapis, which is Latin for mustard seed,  now operates in 11 countries. They empower entrepreneurs professionally and spiritually using training and a global support network so they can grow to the next level and transform the world around them. Their passion is small and growing businesses typically with 5 to 250 employees. These companies fuel the economy and account for 67-80% of new job growth. Their success goes far beyond the entrepreneur and brings employment and dignity to their community.

They recently sent me this story:

Dennis Yandi runs a motor spare parts business called Kingland Global, in Nairobi, Kenya. They source, supply, import, sell and market products to garages and individuals. It is expanding physically where it is located and has a network of sales reps in several towns of Kenya.

Some years ago, Dennis received a vision in the night from the Lord. He resigned from employment and took a step of faith to help companies and individuals source unique motor spare parts especially for motorbikes.

He also has been training young men from challenging backgrounds to learn how to start and run businesses in the spare parts industry. To do this, he has a Wisdom Room, labelled "Jesus is the Lord". Other than training the young men on business principles and his experience, Dennis shares the gospel and wisdom from scriptures. He prays with them in this same room.
Dennis joined the Sinapis programme after his business started to fail. He says, "I was failing in business. In fact, I closed shop for 1 year and that is when Sinapis happened. I heard about Sinapis from a friend at Nairobi Baptist. During the programme, I was reminded about why I needed to get back to business. Kingland belongs to God and I am His steward."

Dennis reconnected with his old suppliers and the business resumed operations.

During the programme the idea of the "Wisdom Room" came about. He retreats to the room when he feels overwhelmed. Dennis shares the gospel there with his clients and the community.

He tells how the Lord used him to restrain a previous client from committing suicide. The client was giving up on life and was about to take poison. However, he remembered Dennis and decided to call him. Dennis spoke to the client on the phone and then visited him late at night. The young man now works as a driver and the Lord has restored him. Dennis has had the opportunity to minister to a sex worker who ended up giving her life to Christ to the glory of God.

When sharing such stories, Dennis glows with joy, an indication that he believes that the Lord is giving him these opportunities to serve Him through the business.


Do you have a Wisdom Room in your business?

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From a story sent out by Sinapis, 30/06/2021

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