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glass 246Becoming a trauma sensitive school 

From a resource from Beacon House

Beacon House have a great list of resources on their website. 

Among these is a pdf for school teachers on 'Becoming A Trauma Sensitive School'

It lists resources as recommended to them by teachers, parents and mental health professionals.

Examples are:

Books - such as 'A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma: Creative Techniques and
. Dr Karen Triesman 

Books for Children - such as 'Help I've got an Alarm Bell Going off in My Head!' KL Aspden

PDFs - such as 'Why are These Kids Different?' Helen Oakwater

as well as links to Blog Posts, Websites, Printables, Podcasts, Presentations, Advice and Films.

Download the resource pdf.

These resources do not just apply to a school. If you work with children, many can be used to help make you and your organisation trauma-informed.

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Geoff Knott, 02/05/2018

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