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Tour 246A hidden history of women in the East End tour

From Beyond the Streets

Beyond the Streets is a UK charity working to end sexual exploitation by Creating Routes Out through working directly with women.

They offer a safe space to be heard, and a chance to talk with someone who ‘gets it’. They don’t focus on the past; instead they help women make a practical plan of bite size and achievable steps.

When someone is involved in prostitution, reliable information and support can change their life. That’s what Beyond the Streets do. They journey with women to understand their situation and the choices available to them. They are there for women as they take practical and manageable steps that lead to a genuine route out of prostitution. 

One of the ways they do this is via Door of Hope

The Door of Hope project offers hope, support and routes out of prostitution for women involved in on-street prostitution in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in east London. Door of Hope’s specialist team support women through a combination of on street outreach and follow up daytime support.

In order to raise awareness of the issues and funds for Door of Hope, Beyond the Streets have organised a walking tour of London's East End - A Hidden History of Women in the East End: The Alternative Jack the Ripper Tour. (There are several commercial Jack Ripper tours which focus on the murders). Join them to hear the untold story of Jack the Ripper’s victims. In this hidden history tour they celebrate the strength of women forced to sell sex for survival, not a serial killer. Visiting the streets where the women lived, they explore what we know about their lives and commemorate their deaths. Alongside the historic, you’ll hear the stories of women still affected by sexual exploitation in the area today and how you can take action on these issues.

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This idea could be adapted locally to highlight local history and issues and fundraise for a cause.

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From Beyond the Streets, 31/10/2017

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