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Family 246Parents now spend twice as much time with their children as 50 years ago 

From an article in the Economist

With the exception of France, parents these days spend a lot more time with their offspring. An analysis of 11 rich countries estimates that the average mother spent 54 minutes a day caring for children in 1965 but 104 minutes in 2012. Men do less than women, but far more than men in the past: their child-caring time has jumped from 16 minutes a day to 59.

Britain is one of the leading countries especially for dads.

At the same time a small gap has opened between working-class and middle-class parents. In 1965 mothers with and without a university education spent about the same amount of time on child care. By 2012 the more educated ones were spending half an hour more per day.

Chart for mothers:

Time mothers 500

Chart for fathers:

Time fathers 500

Read the article here and the study is here.

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From an article in the Economist, 20/12/2017

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