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Infographic 246ACEs Infographic

From an infographic by the US Government's Center's for Disease Control and Prevention - Violence Prevention Unit

Below is an infographic produced by the US Government but a lot of this holds true for the UK, allowing for a smaller population.

For example, a National study in England projected that nearly half (47%) of individuals experienced at least one ACE (USA 61%) with 9% of the population having 4+ ACEs (USA 16%). Total annual costs attributable to ACEs were estimated to be US$581 billion in Europe (USA $748bn). A 10% reduction in ACE prevalence in Europe could equate to annual savings of $49 billion (USA $56bn).

The infographic gives a picture of the problems and potential actions for prevention, which are fairly universal.

Food for thought.

ACEs Infographic

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From an infographic by the US Government's Center', 03/11/2021

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