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Pancakes 246Pancakes on the Porch

From a video by Forge

How do we start a micro-church or start being more missional? By building relationships. Here's a video about a couple who wanted to get to know people in their neighbourhood.

They moved into their house in 2013 and didn't know anybody. They loved the area.  When you move into a new place and you don't know anybody, initial contact is not deep at all. 

Talking with the neighbours, they realised that they had a kind of yearning to know people better. So they started offering pancakes on the front lawn on a Saturday. They made flyers and put them in people's mailboxes - 'Neighbourhood pancakes on Saturday - we'd love to get to know everyone'. It was as simple as that.

The hardest, scariest part is just taking the initiative. Maybe nobody shows up but maybe it turns into something fun. It's opened a lot of conversations. They've had some situations on their street where people were going through really hard stuff and they've been able to walk through that situation with a person which would not have happened had this not started.

The pancakes are an excuse to build relationships with people. Everyone has a need to have connection and community.  You're building relationships with a sphere of people you would never normally hang out with. If every street started doing something like this it would really start to change the culture.

Have the faith to say that if I take the first step I think that God will take take it further.

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From a video by Forge, 09/11/2021

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