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Diary 246Are you willing to give God your diary? 

From an article by Heaven in Business

Chris Gross is the CEO of Gross Profit LLC in Redding, California, USA. They help people advance their ideas, inventions and businesses in the marketplace. They place a significant emphasis on hearing God’s voice to see what is possible with each project.

He writes his personal experience of partnering with God in business:

For years I’ve had a deep desire to partner with God at work, but I didn’t know what that looked like or how to do it. I began by scheduling fifteen to thirty minutes at work each day to read my Bible and commune with God. As I started my day with God, I began to realize my days were more productive in less time. God was showing me that spending time with him each day (as a friend, not because I have to, or that it is something to check off my list) had tangible benefits.

One day I was spending time with God and reading Genesis 2:8-9 where He planted the garden and made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. As I was reading, I began to wonder what would be possible with my time if I asked Him to be my Chief Scheduling Officer. As I pondered what that meant and how that would look, I thought, the God of the universe wants to help me with my daily schedule.

I began to pray over my schedule, emails and phone every week and asked God to be my Chief Scheduling Officer. I identified my priorities (in prayer with God and discussion with my wife) and added them to my calendar. Then I asked God to coordinate the remainder of my schedule. I began to see the goodness of God in how my schedule seemed to align so specifically and detailed each week. I couldn’t help but recognize how seamlessly appointments fit precisely like a puzzle being put together before my eyes. I would take notice and thank Him.

It has now been more than 5 years of God being my Chief Scheduling Officer and my quality of life in terms of time is so much more abundant. He continues to schedule in even the slightest of ways. I have learned to turn down meetings that in the natural seem to make perfect sense, but I have then seen later down the road where that meeting wasn’t my assignment. I even had a couple months where I felt I was not supposed to work, but to spend intentional time with my family. It didn’t make sense from a financial perspective, and to me it didn’t feel “responsible”, but I knew it was what I was supposed to do. As I gave that needed time to my family, God took care of the rest!

I realized that following the Lord can be messy, unpredictable and risky, but the benefits outweigh it all. It really is quite freeing. Your journey will be unique, as God knows you so personally. Are you willing to experiment with God and give him your diary?

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Of course, this doesn't just apply to Christians in business but Christians everywhere...

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From an article by Heaven in Business, 16/10/2019

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