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Situated in Coventry, Proof Bakery was founded as a social enterprise to help refugee women learn professional baking skills and find steady employment. They run regular training courses for refugees and employ as many as they can and coach and mentor the others to find opportunities to use their skills elsewhere..

Their specialties are sourdough bread, focaccia and Middle Eastern-inspired bakes. They are deeply rooted in their local community and operate a subscription model, delivering to businesses and collection points in Coventry, Warwick, Leamington Spa weekly.

They also run very popular sourdough and Middle Eastern baking classes for the general public.

OK - just to get the taste buds going, here are some of the range of bakery products they make; simple, white, multi-seeded sourdough boules and loaves, ciabatta, sea salt and rosemary sourdough focaccia, Sun-dried tomato, garlic and oregano focaccia, brownies, almond coconut cake, cinnamon buns, baklava buns.

They also offer a Sourdough baking kit for delivery in UK. It contains equipment, recipes and a jar of their home-grown sourdough starter to start baking your own sourdough loaves and boules at home.

Why not order some bread for someone you know in Coventry or donate this to their local foodbank (option to do this is on website). Get in touch with them as well if you are interested in replicating the Proof Bakery model and/or would like to learn about training and employment schemes for refugees.

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Geoff Knott, 28/07/2021

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