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Dirt 246The miracle of the dirt

From a video from the producers of The Chosen

John Hart is the CEO of HTX Dirt, a construction company located in Arlington, Texas. He was awarded the contract to create the groundworks for the set of The Chosen. Due to the topography of the site, it needed to be made level for the sets to be built. This meant John would normally grade the site i.e. shift top soil from one area to another and if necessary bring in further quantities of dirt (top soil/gravel) to adjust the levels.

He subsequently found that the site was solid rock in every direction and the amount of dirt needed was way above budget and that would bankrupt him. He turned to prayer. In his quiet time, he felt the Lord reveal that something big was going to happen that day. He had a vision of an area on site where there was dirt and in the quantities needed. Although he'd dug all over the site, he hadn't sampled this area before.

So he called his crew and got a drill to test the spot. There was no rock on the surface and the drill went down deep through dirt until it finally hit rock. The dirt turned out to be exactly the right amount - 15,000 yards! And not only that, it was the exact type of dirt that you would want to build on. In Texas, they have a lot of dirt that expands and contracts with water and this was not reactive to water and so provided a firm foundation.

And in addition, the rock underneath was at the exact angle to drain water from the site.

John says, "I did not come from a culture that recognized signs, miracles and wonders and so this particular miracle was the first that I was ever witness to. I would have been bankrupt."

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From a video from the producers of The Chosen, 20/07/2022

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