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Illuminate is a mission to young people in the UK and beyond.

They have roots in the Message Trust and as Light, they are an independent charitable organisation that is maintaining the DNA of the heritage of schools work and fusing this with a presence and platform to speak to more young people than ever.

They have been face to face with almost a million young people in 4 years across the globe in high schools, tours and festivals and have seen some phenomenal changes in young people's lives as a result.

They want to see millions of young people connected to Jesus in our generation. They do this nationwide, through music, mainstream presence, schools tours, using music to connect with young people & effective follow up. They have been face to face with thousands of young people in high schools all the way from top to the bottom of the UK, connecting them to Jesus and seeing them respond to the gospel. Journeying with them in the first steps of their faith.

As part of their time in a town or city, they communicate the message that these young people have a purpose, a hope, a destiny and a future.

Why not sign them up for your town?

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From an article by Illuminate, 10/07/2018

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