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supply 246Redirecting procurement to social enterprise suppliers 

From an impact report by Supply Change

Supply Change is trying to create better supply chains by adding impact to procurement.

Social procurement creates better outcomes for society, the environment and a business. It prioritises social and environmental outcomes alongside financial factors. Social supply chains include suppliers who deliver services and impact. Social procurement is now part of UK Government legislation. £300 billion of expenditure must now include a social value evaluation. Leaders in the private sector are also adopting a similar strategy.

Supply Change is trying to make social procurement easier, faster and more impactful for any organisation. They offer a platform which makes finding pre-vetted suppliers easier and quicker. There are now over 700 suppliers in the database. They also offer research on opportunities to build out a social procurement strategy, along with training for staff.

Just 4 years old and coming out of Covid, their impact in 2022 was that 115 social enterprises were supported by 16 buyers engaged with their services and £500k+ was redirected to social suppliers.

In addition, they hold an online social procurement festival in March each year which welcomes attendees and speakers from Central Government, local authorities, housing associations, built environment organisations and corporates. They expect to gather 200-250 attendees to discuss best practice, celebrate social enterprise procurement and foster connections.

Read the full impact report here.

If you represent a social enterprise, why not register with Supply Change? If you represent a corporate, why not ask buyers to re-examine your procurement supply chain to increase social value?

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From an impact report by Supply Change, 01/03/2023

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