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Welcoming the stranger 246A guide: refugees, asylum seekers and migrants

Churches Together Merseyside region

A very comprehensive briefing paper and guide triggered by the international refugee crisis and inspired by the need to respond to the Gospel, to the injunction to ‘welcome the stranger’ and ‘care for our neighbour’.

Its purpose is primarily to provide broad information to Church communities about the nature of the refugee crisis: its international and UK context, the legislative and bureaucratic frameworks that are applied in the UK, and the challenge it presents to the Churches. Pointers are given to where people might find fuller information.

There is much scope for action. We can do many things, such as:

  • Helping new arrivals to integrate into local communities
  • Donating money to groups and charities who help asylum seekers and refugees
  • Donating clothes and goods to these organisations
  • Volunteering to develop skills, like teaching English to asylum seekers and refugees
  • Helping asylum seekers with transport costs, like buying saver tickets or travel passes
  • Campaigning and adding our Christian voices to the local and national picture
  • Praying and reflecting, and keeping the issue in the forefront of our minds
  • Supporting the places of welcome

Welcoming the stranger 100Download the paper here.

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Geoff Knott, 21/04/2016

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