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The Church Urban Fund has published some great resources on 'Working Well With Volunteers' to help guide churches and church-based organisations.

"Churches vary enormously in resources - human and otherwise - but they all rely on volunteers.  In many churches the word volunteer is not specifically used and people see what they are doing simply as Christian service.  The resources offer a range of suggestions and templates to help make working with volunteers as effective as possible, without trying to pretend that one size fits all.

"The guidance is divided into 7 broad sections, each with a guidance sheet, supported by adaptable samples or templates:

  • Clarifying Tasks
  • Taking On Volunteers
  • Building Good Relationships
  • Encouraging Development
  • Tackling Difficulties
  • Agreeing Principles
  • Managing Formalities
  • Further Information
  • Specific Topics

CUF are very open to receiving your thoughts as well in order to improve the material for everyone.

Well done to CUF for pulling all this together. I hope it helps you.

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Information presented by the Church Urban Fund, 10/05/2016

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