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Mum and child playing 246Three resources for parents of toddlers

Free downloadable resources for you to give away in your community to parents of 1-5s and advertise your parent and toddler group.

In New Zealand, there is a community campaign originally called  SKIP (Strategies for Kids, Information for Parents) - and run by a small Government team. SKIP is now called Tākai and is independent.  Tākai's vision is for all children in New Zealand to be raised in a positive way by parents and caregivers who feel confident about managing children's behaviour as part of a loving, nurturing relationship.

Tākai works with national and local organisations to support New Zealand parents.  They do this by; providing free parenting resources for communities, organisations and parents, partnering with national organisations, to strengthen what they do and find new ways to work with parents and funding local organisations to support local parents. They have a community site as well and their Facebook site is looked after by busy parents themselves.

In a year they have over a million requests from communities and providers for their resources. 

It has a grassroots feel - even though it started as a small team Government initiative. They admit themselves,  "We rely so much on our champions around the country to support local action and share their expertise with us. Thank you for your patience with us as we sometimes scramble to keep up. And thank you to the kids, the parents, our community of partners and our friends for your generosity and passion for this work."

The campaign is structured around six core, research-based, distinct principles identified as being necessary for children to grow into happy, capable adults:

1. ‘Love and warmth’;
2. ‘Talking and listening’;
3. ‘Guidance and understanding’;
4. ‘Limits and boundaries’;
5. ‘Consistency and consequences’; and
6. ‘A structured and secure world’.

The 6-a-day for parents.

All this set me wondering about the Church, as part of the grassroots here, reaching out beyond your parents and toddlers' groups and the occasional parenting course (often with low attendance) to all parents of young children or soon-to-be parents in the community. 

Could the parents who attend your parents and toddler's group be advocates for spreading advice on parenting in the community? Could they also advertise the fact that your group exists and can be a support?

With kind permission from SKIP, I've developed 1 page leaflets containing simple advice for each age stage and also for parents themselves. These are Word documents so you can add your church details and print.

Could your parents distribute to other parents or soon-to-be parents they know?

Hope these help, not only parents locally but also your church to reach out.

Here are the resources for 1-5s:

SKIP 4Download Document 4 - Ages and stages - one to three years

SKIP 5Download Document 5 - Ages and stages - three to five years

SKIP 6Download Document 6 - Six things your kids need from you

For similar resources for expectant or new parents, see previous blog.

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Geoff Knott, 31/08/2016

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