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Theology 246The Theology of Work Bible Commentary 

The Theology of Work Bible Commentary is a free, online resource that explores what the Bible says about faith and work, book by book through the Bible. For Christians in the workplace and for preachers/teachers who want to go deeper and be informed.

This robust commentary has been vetted by a team of scholars and practitioners committed to a creating a comprehensive, biblically accurate theology of work.  Readers can expect to find thoughtful insight from bible scholars and workplace Christians.

The material can be viewed/downloaded/printed for free or purchased in book and e-book form.

Here's a sample from Colossians 3:

When Paul writes, “Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Col. 3:17), we can understand this verse in two ways: a shallow way and a deeper way. The shallow way is to incorporate some Christian signs and gestures into our workplace, like a Bible verse posted on our cubicle or a Christian bumper sticker on our truck. Gestures like this can be meaningful, but in and of themselves they do not constitute a Christ-centered work-life. A deeper way to understand Paul’s challenge is to pray specifically for the work we are in the midst of doing: For example, a lawyer might pray, “God, please show me how to respect both the plaintiff and the defendant in the language I use in this brief.”

An even deeper way would be to begin the day by imagining what our daily goals would be if God were the owner of our workplace. With this understanding of Paul’s injunction, we would do all the day’s work in pursuit of goals that honor God. The apostle’s point is that in God’s kingdom, our work and prayer are integrated activities. We tend to see them as two separate activities that need to be balanced. But they are two aspects of the same activity—namely, working to accomplish what God wants accomplished in fellowship with other people and with God."

Why not let your church know about this resource? It may help them as they work day-to-day.

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Geoff Knott, 31/01/2017

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