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Navigator Bible study about faith and work

A new Bible study resource from Navigators UK celebrates work as a crucial part of the life for which we were made. ‘Work.Life’ consists of eight studies, available as a booklet or eBook, will help people to form a biblical work ethic and put it into practice.

Work.Life is an opportunity to think deeply about the one thing that nearly all of us will do for nearly all of our lives. With the help of this booklet (or eBook) you could help people wrestle with the profound questions just beneath the surface of a normal working day. These eight studies will enable you to take your group deep into Scripture and their own heart responses to it, in order to help them form a biblical mindset and put it into practice in their workplace.

The questions for private study and group discussion are rooted both in the Bible and the everyday realities of work, encouraging real change. They cover issues such as: work ethic; work-life balance; success and failure; aspiration; work as worship; busyness and its causes; work’s inherent goodness; and work’s frustration. The studies are punctuated by quotes from people seeking to integrate their faith and work, pointers to supplementary video content, and homework tasks to help people engage with the topic throughout the week. The series begins and ends with a Work.Life audit to assess and evaluate how your group has been impacted by the studies.

It is designed for anyone engaged in disciple making (be it as small group leader/coordinator, mentor, Christian ministry leader or church leader) to use with anyone currently involved in employed or voluntary work, or for those in training and education. 

"Our work seems to have a built-in ability to crash us into the limitations of the world, others and even ourselves on an almost daily basis. There’s no escaping it – every job has its fair share of frustration and banality. So, how can we punch holes in the roof and light up our work with a different perspective? Belief in God can help us live well in each moment of our day, appreciating work as the gift it is. It will reveal possibilities we were blinkered to before." Tim Yearsley, author of Work.Life

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A Navigator Bible study about faith and work, 02/05/2017

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