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GenZ 246Gen Z: Rethinking Culture 

From research by Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ has recently released a report ‘Gen Z: Rethinking Culture’. It looks at Generation Z (Gen Z) youth culture to help to understand how to connect effectively with today’s young people and share the good news of Jesus.

In taking the Good News relevantly to young people we need to be able to assess whether our assumptions about their behaviours, values and beliefs are correct and this research can help.

YfC commissioned a blind survey of 1001 11-18 year olds across England, Scotland and Wales to get as broad a picture as possible of youth culture in Britain. They sought answers to questions not just about religion and faith but also about what young people enjoyed doing and what they are being influenced by.

What were some of the top findings?

Hobbies and activities in spare time?  
Watching Youtube videos 81%
Watching TV/Films 77%
Using Social Media 74%
Spending time with friends 73%
Gaming 61%
Favourite place to spend time?  
Outside with friends 32%
Inside with friends 31%
On internet 24%
Non-school related clubs were only 6%.  
Who do you most enjoy spending time with?  
Friends from school 63%
Friends from outside school 17%
Family 9%
Positive influences?  
Friends 93%
Family 92%
Negative influences?  
Social Media 67%
Friends 41%
Youtubers 40%
Important priorities?  
Making my family proud of me 82%
Feeling I've achieved something that matters 76%
Becoming a better person 65%
Becoming successful 64%
Helping others 64%
Money 62%
Making a difference in the world 51%
Concerns - Life?  
School and exams 54%
Concerns - World?  
War and terrorism 51%
One thing you would change?  
War and terrorism 54%
Poverty 41%
Homelessness 28%
Believe in a God 32%
Believe in ghosts/spirits 22%
Don't believe in either 47%
59% of those who believe in a God consider themselves to be a follower of Jesus  
Influences regarding faith?  
Family 73%
Teachers 36%
Friends 36%
TV and Media 23%
What might make you think about God?  
Thinking about life 24%
People talk about their experiences 22%
Kind gestures 18%
People I know 17%
Answered prayer 15%
When things don't turn out as expected 15%

The report then goes on to discuss the results and possible actions for Christians to reach Gen Z. You can buy the report or access an electronic copy at the Youth for Christ website here.

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From research by Youth for Christ, 23/05/2017

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