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Parent report 246What do parents hope and fear for their children? 

In July 2017, Spurgeons Childrens Charity produced 'The Parent Report' to mark their 150th anniversary. It asked over 1800 parents with children under 18 about their  hopes and aspirations for their children, as well as their concerns and where they turn for help.

Key hopes for their children?

  • 62% want their children to be satisfied with their life - much more important than have a steady income (17%) or own their own home (8%).
  • 38% want their children to be free from illness
  • 34% want their children to feel empowered
  • 30% want their children to care about other people
  • 28% want their children to know how to keep themselves safe

Key worries for their children either now or in future?

  • 46% worry about their children having low self-esteem & unhappiness
  • 46% worry about their children being bullied
  • 39% worry about their children having problems at school

The most important behaviours a parent should use for their children?

  • Listening to them - 68%
  • Being there for them - 64%
  • Being a positive role model - 47%

The most important factor for children to feel hopeful for the future?

  • 19% feel that this is a belief that anything is possible
  • 18% feel that this is emotional resilience & being able to manage frustrations
  • 15% feel that this is being able to ask for help when it is needed

Where would parents turn to for support on any issues affecting their children?

  • My partner - 69%
  • My family - 67%
  • A doctor/health services - 52%
  • My friend - 49%
  • Internet/Web forums - 31%
  • Children’s charity - 10%
  • Social services - 9%

Only 26% of parents think they would benefit from a support group, however 78% of parents who have attended a support group are positive about the benefits and in particular the opportunity to learn from other parents in a safe community space. As one might suspect, parents who are separated/divorced (34%) are more likely to see the benefits of using parental support groups than the total population.

Maybe the benefits of attending a parents and toddlers group and other groups where parents can share and learn is not being communicated well?

Download the report here.

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Geoff Knott, 23/08/2017

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