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From a video by Faith & Co.

How can a garbage-collection company in South Africa undo the legacy of Apartheid?

WastePlan starts by diverting the vast majority of customers’ waste-stream from landfills and converting it into valuable, recyclable resources. They do this by employing hundreds of local workers, caring for their families, and investing in local schools to educate the next generation of South African leaders.

Stewarding God’s creation has grown into giving God a majority ownership stake in the company.

"The Lord wants to bring reconciliation, He wants to bring this healing to the land and we are trying to make generational impact as a contributor to black empowerment. What I did was an act of obedience. God asked for shares in the business. I gave him shares and now the owner of this business is God. He wants to help people out of poverty and correct the wrongs of the past. And it starts with faith." Bertie Lourens, CEO of WastePlan.

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From a video by Faith & Co., 17/11/2021

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