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The effects of pro-family policies in Hungary 
"Hungary's ever increasing support for families by the government is creating an environment where marriages and families are flourishing and abortion numbers are dropping"
Voice for the voiceless 
What you won’t find in the news each day Is that five hundred babies were aborted in the UK Their silence in death matches our silence in life An inconvenience kept out of sight

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Churches that Change Communities 2019 - Bristol
@St Michael's Centre, North Rd, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8PD
Since our conference, poverty has increased in tandem with a national sense of uncertainty and even chaos. Our society, including those who lead our nation, are more aware than ever that the future is unknown. In many of our communities, life is getting harder for those on the margins. We are told that work is the main route out of poverty, yet in-work poverty is increasing faster than employment rates. The old things our country relied on seem to be crumbling all around us. It sounds bleak, but against this backdrop, churches are regaining a belief that care for the poorest isn’t an optional extra for Christians, but is vital to the gospel. Between us, we’re giving millions of hours and millions of pounds to alleviating poverty – both seen and unseen – in our towns and cities, to speaking up against injustice and to championing the cause of the vulnerable and oppressed. I’m delighted to invite you to our national conference, now in its ninth year. It will envision, equip and encourage you to increase your impact on those around you and prepare for future austerity that we believe may be around the corner. The day will include prophetic teaching, seminars, networking with one another and social action franchises, and worship with an opportunity for prayer. I very much hope you will join us!

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