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Unshattered - ending the addiction relapse cycle
They save 3000+ lbs of fabrics, textiles from landfill yearly. Women with lived experience use reclaimed material to create unique, handcrafted handbags, etc - making a difference for planet and themselves.
Understanding gambling harm and ways to identify those at risk 
Harms relating to relationships, health, emotional/psychological wellbeing are most-reported gambling harms. Family members of those who gamble can experience gambling harms. How to identify..
Surveillance Capitalism: the hidden costs of the digital revolution 
An economic order built by aggregating human experience as free material to predict, manipulate behaviour and sell, resulting in great wealth, knowledge and power in private companies.
A second chance company
Many employees who join Nehemiah Manufacturing just need a chance to prove themselves. "If I had to describe it in one word, it would be grace. When society deems that we are out of chances, Nehemiah gives us another chance."
Homeless shelter plus - the Cotton Street Project
A centre that gives the guests a home, with a bed and their own clothes behind a lockable door, a community are where they can eat and a joinery and upholstery workshop, that has given them hope.
The repair of intergenerational trauma - James' story
How a childhood of trauma and adversity led James to feel despair, loneliness and rage. Walk with James as he begins to heal and create a new and hopeful future.
Stopping teen substance abuse in Iceland
The %age of 15-16-year-olds who had been drunk in a month fell from 42% in 1998 to 5% in 2016. The %age who have ever used cannabis is down from 17% to 7%. Those smoking cigarettes every day fell from 23% to just 3%.
The lasting effects of childhood trauma 
Have you ever met a person who woke up one morning and says, "My ambition is to become an addict." When people are in tremendous pain, their range of choices is limited and not only that their brains are affected by those early experiences.
U-Turn - a sustainable way to address the needs of the homeless 
A pathway out of homelessness which engages the community, links with specialist support services, develops life skills and gets people into employment whilst generating income from social enterprise.
The Church as a therapeutic community 
Overcoming social isolation is really important to help people recover from addiction. Therapeutic communities are very powerful because of the interactions between people
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In-Person - Compassion Prison Project Conference - Glasgow
@Crowne Plaza Glasgow, an IHG Hotel Congress Road Glasgow
Scotland is experiencing a significant shift in their approach to helping those in the justice system better understand the impacts of early childhood trauma.
They have an aim for Scotland to be the safest country in the world, and believe they can achieve this aim through Smart Justice. Smart Justice includes tackling the underlying causes of crime and offering people who have committed crime a programme of recovery and support, so that they are better able to contribute when they return to their families and communities. It also means a collaborative approach between health, education, social work, policing, and courts.

The conference will be an opportunity to hear about the work of Fritzi Hortsman, founder of Compassion Prison Project (CPP) in the USA. Since 2019, Fritzi has been engaging prison residents in her work to understand their own childhood trauma, and by sharing the scientific research that shows the impact of ACEs on the developing brain. CPP has launched their new 12-part video series and workbook programme, entitled Trauma Talks, in prisons across the U.S. and around the globe.

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