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A second chance company
Many employees who join Nehemiah Manufacturing just need a chance to prove themselves. "If I had to describe it in one word, it would be grace. When society deems that we are out of chances, Nehemiah gives us another chance."
Businesses as transformational agents for the common good 
Business has a higher purpose beyond mere sustenance or just financial returns. We seek holistic transformation of people and societies. A positive impact on multiple bottom lines for multiple stakeholders.
Edtech for good: using tech to navigate the impacts of Covid-19 
Education faces some fundamental shifts. There has been unprecedented demand on Edtech companies to help organisations in this uncertain period and adapt.
Building resilient, responsible, sustainable businesses in a post-Covid world 
How are personal and professional challenges experienced going to impact future? How will this reshape our economy and society? What does that mean for businesses that emerge?
Let's continue to create community - a wellbeing economy
Wellbeing is the outcome of a convergence of factors, including good human mental and physical health, greater equity and fairness, good social relationships and a flourishing natural environment.
Tech for good in the fight against coronavirus 
The emergence of technological solutions has been one light at the end of the tunnel. Details about some of the most innovative tech solutions that have sprung up throughout the world.
Olderpreneurs needed
Entrepreneurship has also never been a route just available to the young. A growing number of people over 50 are joining the start-up community, using skills, experience they have accrued in order to start a successful business.
My job is caring for people
Jamie was very task focused but now understands he has to lead in a relational way - praying "Lord, break my heart for my team." Result is an incredible workplace where people feel loved and supported.
One action can have a big impact
How can business support the most vulnerable in value chains and communities in the face of Covid-19? Examples of how businesses around the world are responding.
The world after Covid-19 - 1 
How does globalization create systemic risks and what can we do about it? What global responses are necessary now and in future? Will the world deglobalize? Impact on our societies and the world order?
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Online - Thrive Conference 2020
What is God saying to us about how we support those around us suffering from fear, anxiety & uncertainty? What are the tools that people need to thrive in these new realities? What are the tools and principles for leading well at work? We are seeking to focus on six key areas for the 2020 conference: T - teaching. Biblical truth for troubling times. What does the Bible teach about how to thrive in times of difficulty? H- harvest. What are we seeing, where is God at work? How do we partner with God in bringing in the kingdom harvest? R - refresh. Personally, collectively, nationally, ecologically - helping us to find pools of refreshment amidst the many challenges I - inclusion. How do we work shoulder to shoulder with non-Christians in our workplace and cities to bring kingdom blessing to our nation? V - vision. What lies ahead for the church, work, and Scotland? What are the key principles and playbook for thriving in the new normal? E - ecosystem. How can we build a gospel eco-system that blesses our communities, cities and workplaces?
Online - LICC - God, Your Work, & the Environmental Crisis
Our environment currently faces profound threats. Every kind of company and organisation will need to be involved in transforming our economy and society for a sustainable future. As workers, each of us is an integral part of a corporation or organisation that can hurt or help that goal. But do we have the conviction and influence to change things – and could it really work? Can our faith spur us on to the task? Where can we even begin to change our complicated systems? A guide through the theological and scriptural basis for care for creation. Three different approaches to this issue, including humanity’s stewardship mandate, the ongoing value of a world created by God, and our call to care for ‘the least of these’. There will be time for each of us to examine where we might fit, and questions for discussion and input on tables. With this theological basis established, the second half of the programme will cover how to make change in our interconnected and competing circumstances, including powerful stories of how others have influenced and changed their own companies.

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