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12 tips for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs
Three entrepreneurs, who have continued to grow their businesses in the pandemic, reveal their top tips for anyone out there looking to start a business.
An inner-city, gospel-centred, anti-trafficking initiative 
The Lord gave me a vision of a prostitute walking around the red light district in Cardiff. And I audibly heard the voice of God shouting at me, "Go and rescue her. Go and rescue her. Go and rescue her."
Kingland Global
Dennis Yandi runs a motor spare parts business in Nairobi, Kenya. He shares stories of how the Lord is giving him opportunities to serve Him through the business.
Integrating work and faith - 2
There are believers in every domain of work, in every single pathway that you can imagine, who are living out their faith in these really profound ways that they often don't even recognise as being particularly profound.
Integrating work and faith - 1
The experience of work is more positive for people who have strong faith commitment and who live that out in their life. Increased satisfaction with their job and commitment to the organisation that they're working for.
Business as ministry
Business people have not been affirmed in their gifting in the body of Christ. And business itself remains a largely untapped resource for global mission. How do we achieve the paradigm shift from where Sunday and Monday are disconnected?
Paul Polman: individual courage and leadership are missing pieces in shaping new economy 
Representing 60% of GDP, 80% of job creation, businesses had scale, expertise, resources, innovation to “make an outsized contribution” to addressing global problems.
Child mental/emotional health venture builder
Zinc have launched their 4th Venture Builder Programme, focused on "Ensuring that every child and young person can develop and maintain good mental and emotional health". Starts October 2021. Applications by July 31.
The Lantern Network
Imagine that friends got together, built out an ecosystem of microchurches, little businesses, not only to sustain livelihoods, but to engage culture and bless it. Someday they might say, "You're making it hard not to believe."
Recycling plastic waste to make bricks that are stronger than concrete 
Nairobi, Kenya-based, materials engineer Nzambi Matee is transforming plastic waste into bricks that are lighter and five to seven times stronger than concrete. A social enterprise recycling waste and creating jobs.
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Online - Faith in Business - Creating Sustainable Businesses
Global warming and a climate crisis. Pollution and waste. Ending poverty and ensuring human rights. These are some of the most serious issues facing humanity today - and for Christians we know this is a responsibility God has placed on us since creation (Genesis 2:15).

Continuing our series helping Christians to live and work with purpose, sustainability expert Duncan Gray will help us explore this crucial area, considering questions such as:
Is an ethical business approach always a sustainable business approach?
Can a purpose-led business be unsustainable?
Do Christians have a distinctive approach to creating more sustainable businesses?

Duncan will help us understand these questions biblically and practically, equipping us to build sustainable businesses that care for God's creation.
Webinar - how philanthropists & investors are bringing hope & transformation to lives in East Africa.
There is nothing quite like the dignity that comes with a good job. Join this online webinar to learn how philanthropists and investors are bringing hope and transformation to thousands of lives by supporting businesses that create and sustain jobs in East Africa.

From building deal flow by equipping early and growth stage entrepreneurs through Sinapis to impact investing in high potential businesses through Talanton, you can empower faith-driven entrepreneurs to help lift thousands of people out of poverty, stand against corruption, and boost the economy. Most importantly, entrepreneurs are making a measurable spiritual impact through evangelism, discipleship and social impact initiatives.

You’ll hear the story of how Sinapis and Talanton worked together to accelerate and invest in Rabboni, a profitable and scalable business in Uganda with 2,300 farmers plus 26 full-time employees and 41 seasonal workers.
Online - Faith Driven Investor Live
Faith Driven Investors are scattered all around the world. On top of that, a global pandemic has disconnected us even more. In a season that defaults to loneliness, we’re craving to bring people together again.

The day will represent the best content from leaders across all different asset classes of the Faith Driven Investor Movement—including Private Equity, Real Estate, Emerging Economies, Public Markets, and more.

Investors are gathering in 100 cities across the globe, and you're invited to join others who are on your same journey. Whether this conference serves as your first step or merely a rest stop, you are a part of a movement...and it's growing.

You’re busy, so we’ve made it easy. Find a screen. Find a space. Find a friend (or maybe two), and we'll bring the food. 
Online - Workplace Habits for Better Decisions
How can I make better decisions at work?

Many young professionals struggling with imposter syndrome would love to know the answer to just that question. But the answer isn’t simple, it’s not a formula, and it’s not a one-size fits all approach.

Effective and wise decisions are made by effective and wise people, who are able to adapt to new insights and critically evaluate their progress. So how do I become that kind of person?
Online - Startup Summit
Everything you need to start, grow and thrive in business.

Startup Summit invites specialists from globally celebrated brands to share their stories and insights with the ambitious founders of today and the business leaders of tomorrow. Speakers explore the fundamental aspects of running a business, including marketing, strategy, leadership, sales, investment and more.
Online - Undoing Inequality Through Business
How business can make the world a fairer place?

In the Bible, ‘jubilee’ points us to the God-given practice of undoing inequality. For Old Testament Israel, it meant slaves were freed, prisoners were released, and debts were cancelled every seven years. People got a fresh start, and the society of God’s chosen people was realigned with the kingdom of heaven.

How can we model that vision in the 21st-Century UK and beyond? And in a global society that often seems dominated by market forces, what role can businesses play in creating a fairer world?
Online - Building on the Rock: Christians in Construction
Glorifying God on the building site

As Christians in construction, what does it mean for our work to be distinctive and transformative? How can we showcase Christ – in what we do and say at work, and in our work itself?

Construction work mirrors the character of the creator God. When we build, we’re imitating our loving heavenly Father – the one who laid the foundations of the Earth. And we can find fulfilment and joy in the knowledge that God cares deeply about what we’re doing.
Online - Making Disciples for Today’s & Tomorrow’s Workplace
How do we empower God’s people for their workplaces?

Every week, hundreds of thousands of Christians go to work in the UK. It’s a huge mission field. How do we equip them in our churches to make the most of it for Christ? 

Ahead of the release of Mark Greene’s resource, Making Disciples for Today’s & Tomorrow’s Workplace, join us to explore key lessons on this urgent subject, drawn from 20 years of research and experience. Together with LICC’s Director of Church Relationships Ken Benjamin, Mark will share practical tips to help your church inspire people to see their day jobs through God’s eyes – and send them out ready to serve him in and through their work.

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