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Are businesses ditching purpose post-Covid? 
What impact will the crisis have on organisational purpose? Will SMEs continue to embrace it, or deem it a luxury they can no longer afford? Research uncovers the answers..
Saving the high street: community takeover? 
The number of community businesses has been growing, with many in high street locations. Research shows how these have created more vibrant and resilient high streets.
Helping small businesses to grow - a story
Clyne started a company in 2019 with just one van which supported the family and repayments on the van. He needed funding to expand to the next level but found it difficult to get money. He now has 3 vans and...
Time to reset capitalism
To build a future where all people can work with dignity, care for themselves and loved ones, where our planet is healthy, our economy thrives, we must reimagine our economic system so it works for all of us today and long-term.
What workers want from their local church 
Working Christians want their churches to provide encouragement and support for their work, provide guidance for how to engage faith at work and have more empathy with respect to the demands of their work.
Best practices
Victor Ho's start-up hit a rough patch and needed to lay off 50 people. Best practices suggested handling this with surgical precision. Victor felt compelled to take a different approach that was consistent with the company’s values.
Time for a plastic paradigm shift 
Plastic pollution is getting worse, and fast. Solving this growing problem requires creating a plastics economy that is smart, sustainable, and circular. 10 critical findings re actions..
Change agents: why entrepreneurs are uniquely equipped to tackle poverty
The story of Waweru Kuria, a Kenyan entrepreneur. In this challenging time, the need for Kingdom entrepreneurs in emerging markets is at an all time high. We need the impact job creators can make in the lives of countless individuals.
CEO blueprint for achieving racial equity
Ideas on themes; Designing HR practices that are actively anti-racist, Expanding worker power, Designing products and services, operations and supply chains that ensure racial equity.
From outsourcing to ethical sourcing 
Every employer has the power to effect significant social change right now – through their purchasing and outsourcing decisions. Three key tests..
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Online - Building Kingdom Culture: Lessons from a $6 Billion Company
How can we create a kingdom culture in our team, in our organisation? And how can we sustain it? A former senior Boeing executive and workplace ministry pioneer, Al Erisman will plunge us into the story of ServiceMaster, a cleaning company with a remarkable culture sustained through five successive leaders over 70 years.

Founded in the US in 1929, ServiceMaster found success against multiple measures, and by 2000 it was a multinational, publicly-traded company valued at $6 billion, with profit increasing year after year. The Financial Times rated it in the top 20 companies in the world. David Heskett of Harvard Business School described it as having ‘cracked the code’ in the service business by helping workers find a sense of purpose and meaning in their work. In an industry plagued by 500% annual staff turnover, ServiceMaster became known for employees finding a career, giving dignity and honour to work and workers who usually don’t get it.

So how did they do it? ServiceMaster’s focus, with a corporate objective ‘To Honor God in All We Do’, and deeply rooted in the Christian faith of those five leaders, provides lessons for any organisation. Their practices echoed the principles many of us have learnt through Covid: the vital role of essential workers, the importance of ethics, the need for purpose beyond profit, and the call for a new kind of servant leadership

It is possible to run a business or organisation, large or small, this way in a competitive world.  Illustrated  how through stories, practices, and principles.

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