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The miracle of the dirt
The site that needed levelling was solid rock in every direction, the dirt/gravel needed would bankrupt him. John turned to prayer and the Lord revealed that something big was going to happen that day...
21st Century Pioneers: Faith, enterprise + social purpose 
Christians are playing a key role in purpose-driven businesses, social enterprises of all sizes, across the UK and a wide range of sectors. Working in business is a vocation for many. Renewal is happening today and needs to be encouraged.
Developing commercial farmers - creating path to land ownership for the poor
Agros purchases large tracts of land and invites landless families to join a village, where members buy for their land by building agri-businesses and working cooperatively.
If I led Levelling Up – local changemakers speak
"We know that at hyper-local level, people understand what causes of concern are. They are careful with public funds, are prepared to work together to get best impact. Levelling Up needs to build on this."
The 5 vital signs of a scalable idea  
Some ideas that initially seem so promising fail to work on a bigger scale - voltage drops. There are five specific and universal causes of voltage drops and how to avoid them. If these can be overcome then...
Being a witness at work 
God determines where we live, where we work, and who we work with. And he has given you a unique set of workplace relationships. As a Christian, the best chance your colleagues have of hearing the gospel is probably through you.
Global economic inequality: what matters most is not who you are, but where you are 
A person’s knowledge, skills, and how hard they work all matter for whether they are poor or not but together far less than being born into a large, productive economy.
Faith changes everything about your work - 2
You need to be preaching in ways that talk about their work, thinking about city impact from their work, what work suffering does in their hearts, blogging about their work, visiting them at their workplaces.
Charity resilience and volunteering trends
Charity leaders report their biggest challenge is organisational resilience. How to address? Volunteering trends in pandemic have changed. Are these permanent or temporary?
Faith changes everything about your work - 1
By seeing something broken and trying to care for people impacted by that brokenness, an act of love in the workplace led to natural evangelism conversation about how it all began because of Christian beliefs.
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Events (3 found)

Online - Impact Summit 2022
Values-led business isn’t a trend; it is the future.
Impact Summit is Europe’s leading purpose-led business event - an annual gathering for those who dream of a thriving global economy that puts people and planet at its very heart.
From entrepreneurs, to executives, to educators, we provide a platform to the people shaking things up, changing the status quo, and using purpose-driven business models as a means of tackling global challenges.
In-Person - Sustainable Leader Conference - London
@Central Hall, Westminster
Whether it's the global covid-19 pandemic, the cost of living crisis, climate change or the war in Ukraine, recent history has shown us that investing in the future sustainability of our businesses, communities and climate is essential.
Future sustainability requires innovative thinking now. That’s why this year, the Salt Network Conference is bringing together leading voices from business, policy, finance and development for a day of keynotes, networking and workshops so that together we can build impact driven businesses that last.
The Salt Network Sustainable Leader Conference is creating an opportunity for leaders from across sectors to engage with the key issues of sustainable leadership, sustainable organisations, sustainable finance and sustainable planet, and hear from those pioneering the way forward. ?? 
Online - Quakers and Business Conference 2022: Coping Ethically with the Challenges of the New Workplace
Focusing on ways of improving business both for workers in the business and business owners where relevant. The event includes high quality guest speakers, workshops and opportunities to talk to other attendees. 
In the wake of the pandemic we have the cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine and the deepening climate emergency. How can we face these challenges with faith and hope for the future of our workplace? 
We face a plethora of practical, moral and ethical dilemmas. Are resilience, adaptability, and the ability to pivot in a new direction the ways to a new future?
If we can survive and cope - can we profit from the new workplace? 
Is a new ethical approach the route to sustainable prosperity?
How do we respond to these challenges?

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