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Supporting young carers: a guide 
There are around 700,000 young carers in the UK. 80% miss out on childhood experiences, as they need to spend time caring for family or friends. A guide as to how you can help them.
What matters to you? - a new vital sign
We all have vital signs - heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature. However there is a new vital sign about compassion, about care.

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Online - Care under Covid-19: Providing spiritual and pastoral support at a distance
Among those on the front-line of the Covid crisis, there are people whose job it is to provide spiritual and pastoral care for anyone who needs it. Throughout the pandemic, chaplains, faith advisors and pastoral carers have been supporting the isolated, offering a listening ear to the anxious, and comforting the ill, dying and bereaved. 

Chaplains have been more needed than ever before, but the nature of their work has had to change dramatically. While some have remained in their workplace, many others have no longer been able to offer support in person. This raises important questions about the nature and future of spiritual and pastoral care. What does it look like when physical presence is restricted or lost? What should chaplains and others learn from the pandemic to develop their practice? And how can this sector, which involves a high proportion of volunteers, be given the support and recognition it deserves?

This event brings together a panel of chaplains and pastoral carers to discuss spiritual and pastoral care at a time of physical distance. It also marks the launch of new research by Theos, exploring the contributions of university chaplains during Covid, the challenges they have faced, and what can be learned from their experiences.

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